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  1. Kingpin61

    Ohio? what is this?

    Highly debatable. This game isn't a sim. While I am not a huge fan of 'fakes' like Henri IV, it is a needed evil. However, the idea that a fully fleshed out blueprint ship is just as fake as a complete paper design a la Republique or Ohio is absurd. Basically just go play WoWs legends. AFAIK they only have real ships.
  2. Kingpin61

    Ohio reload

    This is apparently a bug that will be hotfixed.
  3. Kingpin61


    It's been changed to "earn any achievement". I finally managed to get that task done after the liquidator removal as well
  4. Kingpin61

    We’re going to India!

    Surely that means we're getting Delhi as she's pictured, or possible Mysore (sp?)
  5. You, uh, know that you can individually change audio levels, right?
  6. Kingpin61

    NA Clan Embassy Now Open!

    I know right? now the only thing I have left are my Huang He stats :/
  7. Kingpin61

    NA Clan Embassy Now Open!

    Bro how are you managing to be more self centered and unlikable than me? that's impressive
  8. Reading patch notes is hard. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-087-french-destroyers-part-2/ It's literally the first thing you see after the embedded video and the graphic of the ships of the line.
  9. Kingpin61

    Generic Title About Unbalanced CVs

    this post is clearly 100% serious
  10. Kingpin61

    Generic Title About Unbalanced CVs

    Forgive him lord for he knows not what he does
  11. Kingpin61

    Breaking the Game... again

    The problem isn't dodging the torps themselves. Guess what carries the torps? Planes. Planes that go about 4 or 5 times faster than your T4 BB and can turn far better.
  12. Kingpin61

    Breaking the Game... again

    Are you literally using just dodge as an actual argument....?
  13. Kingpin61

    Breaking the Game... again

    it's not an achievement if there is no counterplay. There is no wooster to hug at T4. Yubari's AA isn't good enough. there's nothing you can do except hope the enemy CV is bad/\.
  14. Kingpin61


    I'm not sure what's better, the people who are memeing, the people who are unironically trying to recruit, or the people who are actually angry, lul