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  1. Wasn't that the test bed for reload booster Henri? I feel like i remember watching flamu play it before henri got MBRB
  2. Kingpin61

    What did WG do to USN CA AP?

    Nothing. Literally nothing has changed.
  3. Kingpin61

    Premium Proposal: HSMS Tre Kronor, T7 CL

    Linked it in the first paragraph but i guess i can post it again
  4. >henri dispersion suboptimal H4 has the same dispersion curve and sigma as all the other T10 cruisers not named zao.
  5. Kingpin61

    Premium Proposal: HSMS Tre Kronor, T7 CL

    Thanks again for your help <3
  6. Hello everyone. I occasionally write some ship proposals of ships i'd love to see in the game, and today i'm going to do over HSMS Tre Kronor, a late-war Swedish Light Cruiser. HP: 27,300 Armor: 20-25mm belt+70mm vitals (citadel) Turrets 125/30/80/50 F/S/B/R 130mm total deck (30mm outer) 127mm conning tower 16mm plating 13mm superstructure Source: Conway's fighting ships 1922-1948 27,300 is very low for T7 cruisers and isn’t great even against T6 cruisers either. The citadel does stick a fair bit above the waterline, according to this blueprint (7819x2906, had to photoshop 2 pages together), so you’ll have to use your rudder shift and to try and avoid incoming fire. The turrets themselves are quite well protected as well. Length 182m Beam 16.45m SHP 90,000 Speed 33kts Rudder Shift: 4.9s Turning Circle: est 670m With a maneuverable rudder, you should be able to bob and weave between enemy shells pretty well, considering you have a high effective range. Still, be wary of overmatch. WEAPONRY 1x3 152mm/53 Bofors model 1942 2x2 152mm/53 Bofors model 1942 10 rpm (70rpm from all guns) MV: 900mps TT: 20 deg/s IN GAME RANGE: 16.3 km (~10.5s shell travel) Firing Angles: 30 degrees front and rear, 360 degree traverse These guns are comfy. 360 degree traverse, and a very fast traverse speed, AND gun angles that allow you to stay in autobounce range should make a very comfortable experience. The 6s reload is also quite nice at this tier. AP 3200 AP Alpha Shell weight: 45.8kg AP Krupp: 2280 Drag: .348 224,000 (336,000) AP DPM Fuzes: Standard AP flight time and pen would be comparable to Duca Delgi Abruzzi (pen difference <15mm at nearly all distances, time to target within ~.7s to max range *note: couldn’t find an AP shell for this gun, so I played create-a-shell with supercontroller9 using the noted HE and AA muzzle velocities, and the similar characteristics to Italian cruisers, but Krupp and drag are values that are often used for balancing, rather than for historical performance. As you can see, the performance is very similar to the Italian 152mm guns currently in game. HE 2200 HE Alpha HE: 45.8kg *Similar weight to USN 152/47 HE shell* Fire Chance: 11% HE flight time would be better than USN at all ranges (11.3s to 16km compared to 14.1 for USN 152mm/47) 154,000 (231,000) HE DPM Krupp: 1100 Drag: .348 154,000 is on the low side for T7 cruisers- this is, after all, the tier with Boise and Helena. However, this is workable for one reason……. Well, I won’t spoil the surprise just yet. It’s coming though. This is the parabolic table for this gun (in Swedish). While these arcs aren't exactly what will be seen in game, they give a pretty good idea of the performance. 2x3 Torpedo Launchers Torped 14 12km range 62 knots 12,800 alpha Detect: 1.4km Flood Chance: 215% Reload: 69s Sweden really only used one torpedo throughout WWII, the Torped 14. The torpedo itself was quite nice, though it did have a small charge (248kg), which is similar to the Mahan’s Mk 15 mod 0 torpedo, which has a 224kg charge. Therefore, the torpedo would have just under 13k alpha, which is make up for by the competitive speed and quick reload. While I’m not certain of the exact angles the tubes would have, they should be quite good forward, but a bit lacking to the rear, due to the design having cranes on it. AA Weaponry 1x3 152mm/53 Bofors model 1942 30.9 dps @6km 2x2 152mm/53 Bofors model 1942 50.4 dps @6km 10x2 40mm/70 Bofors Model 1948 270 dps @4.2km 7x1 25 mm L/64 Bofors Model 1932 ~29.9 dps@2.0km I almost considered not doing this section considering it will be pointless before this ship will ever be in game, but i figured that I should add it in just so you could get an idea of how insane the AA is. The Bofors that litter most ships above tier 6 are the 40mm/60 caliber bofors, but the mounts on the Tre Kronor are the 40mm/70 cal model 1948. Well, so what? They’re a few years newer, sure, but that doesn’t explain the insane range and DPS boost compared to the standard. Well, the rate of fire of the 40mm/70 was double that of the standard 40mm/60 Bofors gun currently found in game (240 as opposed to 120rpm)-AND the range was also better than the predecessor. I estimated a bit for the 25mm gun, as the gun was said to be more effective than the 20mm oerlikon, so i estimated about 1.2x the dps of a single mount of that, but info about this specific gun is hard to find-not that it realistically matters, considering the insanity of the 40mms. Just be glad I’m not proposing the refitted version which saw those 25mm guns replaced with 7 more 40mm Bofors. Either way, you’re going to BULLY T6 Carriers, and you should be able to at least hurt the T8s. CONSUMABLES Slot 1: Damage Control (standard Slot 2: Hydro (standard Slot 3: Radar (25s, 8.49km) OR MBRB (-33% to reload speed, 45s duration, 180/120s cooldown, 1/2 charges) No DFAA. CVs are going to suffer enough trying to touch this thing. I’m not that evil. >T7 Premium CL >Late War I-think-we-all-know-where-this-is-going.jpg I know, I know, another T7 premium CL with Radar. But realistically, if Tre Kronor is going to survive at T7, she certainly needs the radar…..or does she? I’m also proposing that Tre Kronor have the option to fit a unique MBRB. Now, the 152mm gun that Tre Kronor has could fire 10 RPM at surface targets and 15 RPM in an AA function. What this unique MBRB does is allow Tre Kronor to have a 45 second period in which she has a 4 second reload against surface ships. In case you’re wondering why I had a second DPM number in parenthesis when discussing those numbers earlier, that’s why. Why does Tre Kronor need these powerful consumables? Well, you’ve probably noticed that I drew a lot of comparisons to Duca Delgi Abruzzi, another T7 cruiser. The issue with that is that the Duca is pretty underwhelming at T7, and is generally regarded as one of the worst T7 cruisers. However, Tre Kronor fixes major issues that the Duca has (mainly, range). The problem is that Tre Kronor is a perfect T6.5- it would need nerfs to fit into T6, and needs some help fitting into T7. I chose the latter option. The door is always open to giving it a heal. I didn’t want to make it more gimmicky than it already is, though. Thanks for reading. I look forward to and appreciate your feedback! ccccccc https://imgur.com/a/ZMN54AR https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/424389257818275843/534135447136239641/Tre_Kronor_Blueprint.jpg
  7. Hello, I'm Kingpin61 from the RUSHB Organization on NA! I am a part of the Clan Supertester or Closed Clan Testing (CST/CCT) Program, and I am one of the main streamers of the Wargames and Shipstorm Saturday events. Additionally, I have streamed KOTS and Hurricane level Clan Battles in past sessions, and in this current season I am working with a training clan and giving tips and comments that will help not only my clanmates but any viewers. Since my last application, I have quadrupled my viewer base, hosted several giveaways, and have averaged 14 viewers in the last month, over 50+ hours/. Additionally, I have created youtube video guides in the past (linked below), I am a very frequent commenter, especially for players with basic questions, and I have written multiple ship guides and suggestions, including a very recent one looking at the influence of Stalingrad on high tier clan battles. Additionally, I have over 15,000 games, and that means that I'm very knowledgeable about the game's basic components and more advanced parts, like competitive strategies and tactical awareness. Over my many games since joining this game at the start of OBT, I have noticed a massive skill gap open between the good players and the bad players-and I want to try and help close that gap by helping the bad players learn and improve their game. While I have noticed a large skill gap, I have also noticed a willingness to help educate some of the poorer players-and I believe I am one of those who helps. I intend to create more ship guide videos in the future for both randoms and clan battles, but due to being a double major in a college honors program, the time to edit and write those videos just isn't there yet. However, I wrote and edited the controversial “Stalingrad is not OP in Clan Battles” video that has been debated on reddit and many community discords,and i plan to produce similar quality videos in the future. These are the stats for one of my recent streams. As you can see, I stream very often-nearly every time i play the game-and have a consistent viewerbase that consists of players with varying skillsets. I appreciate your time and I hope you will accept my application into this program! As you can see, unlike Quad, I actually make content. Kappa A popular stream I did recently was my CB review stream, in which i tried to calmly review some lower level clans’ games that I was sent. Key word being tried. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/357363034 I want to join the CC program because I want to help educate the community to improve the average player and foster a more skilled, advanced playerbase to make the game better for everyone. I also already test the WIP ships as a member of the CST program, so another goal of mine is to publicly give input on these ships from a high level competitive player, in addition to adding another voice to help ensure the release of these ships in a way that is both fun and balanced in random and competitive play. LINKS DISCORD: Kingpin61#6100 https://www.twitch.tv/kingpin6100 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkuSdlWVv5ijxmQzJR-a5Og https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PW4NIr4Y1jU https://www.twitch.tv/videos/301853322 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/287458198 https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/8cqepi/hswms_halland_t10_swedish_destroyer_proposal/ https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/142808-contest-need-a-new-wiki-editor/?do=findComment&comment=3428917 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PW4NIr4Y1jU
  8. Kingpin61

    The Stalingrad

    Flambass and flamu have unfortunately given in to the circle jerk that their bases have about the Stalingrad. Like it or not. them going with their bases gets them clicks and views.
  9. Kingpin61

    The Stalingrad

    Elite guys like Mejash and notser? Mejash and Notser aren't elite. Also, you realize Stalingrad is literally the worst ship to stat pad in because the level of performance you need to have to raise PR in it is way higher than any other ship. Many players actually pad their PR in ships like Ognevoi or Izumo because of how bad the ships' average stats are.
  10. >3rd party site you realize google forms is run by google right?
  11. considering these are the inital results......... i'd say believing the 'overwhelmingly positive' line is probably foolish
  12. are you saying this is a poorly thought out, rushed rework that is nowhere near ready for live? crazy i say, absolutely crazy
  13. The idea is to get some hard data to see if wargaming's claims that the reception to the rework was 'overwhelmingly positive' hold any water.
  14. I've been polling people about this to try and gauge how the community likes this, so i figured the forums would be a good place to do it. here's the link: https://goo.gl/forms/LjGD3WFJErSTRtMo1
  15. Ignoring this entire post, i'm just going to touch on this part- if you don't have the time or willingness to participate in the game modes to get the rewards, you absolutely do not deserve them. Also, the entire idea that Azuma is weaker than Stalingrad is hilarious. You're comparing ships that fill two different roles. From all the CC footage it's obvious that Azuma is a bigger H4/Zao and fills a completely different role than Moskva or Stalingrad.