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  1. WG: hey if you buy this ship we can rebalance it you: ok sounds good WG: hey this thing is clearly way too strong so we're gonna nerf it you: wth
  2. This is not a good idea. It essentially runs into the same problem as a certain other game, where battleships would be nearly unkillable by most other ships. Plus, taking away the main reward for a well placed salvo is a great way to frustrate people
  3. Kingpin61

    So what hapened to Kitikami?

    Back into the Naughty Box for another few years. Hopefully
  4. Kingpin61

    Shame on you WG!

    insert a bunch of historically incorrect stuff that does nothing but disrespect the dead
  5. Well, if you see a player calling tactics at the start of the game, it helps to know if they're a 44% player or a 64% player. It helps to know who are the threatening players (if any) on the red team. Knowledge is power and all that
  6. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XOAWtfk60taSvNONtASD3vERW76vaAJo?usp=sharing Hey all - anyone familiar with me knows I keep a massive google drive full of primary and secondary documents in numerous different languages, on many different topics in the battleship era. Due to some of the secondary source material being in a legal gray area with copyright, I won't share the full drive here - buuuuuut of course, no such restrictions apply with the primary material. The primary material is sourced from digitized national archives, private collections, or research trips done by professional or amateur researchers. The most recent addition is the trove of blueprints released by the French government, which i have unzipped and sorted by date for ease of access - previously they were all kept in their own individual .zip files :). the french files are largely kept in .tiff format due to them being upwards of 18k x 10k pixels for some images! there's plenty of ability to zoom into these extremely high quality images if you have a viewer. Enjoy!
  7. He probably thinks that WG kickingzoup for breaking the rules violates free speech, but now he's in here trying to talk to the manager of wg about some volunteer mods on a different website saying things he doesn't like PepeLa
  8. Kingpin61

    Premium Ship Review - Tiger '59

    Excellent work as always. Tiger was always going to be a difficult beast to add, sadly it does appear *checks to make sure ship is actually released* that WG fell flat on their face with Tiger. A shame, really, but the ship really doesn't have a reason to exist. Plus, guh, she's so damn slow
  9. Kingpin61

    Is it true No Zoup no longer a CC?

    zoup repeatedly, blatantly, and explicitly broke the rules he agreed to after becoming a CC. that's it. It's not "muh cancel culture hate mob". He broke the rules that he agreed to and got punished. End of.
  10. Kingpin61

    Is it true No Zoup no longer a CC?

    "Here's the truth: *a bunch of objectively false statements*"
  11. Ah, no, that policy was (very publicly) reversed after a lot of internal discussion a few months back
  12. No, WG does not run the subreddit. That's done by a (strikingly attractive) team of volunteer moderators. Pretty funny that people now want WG to have more direct control over wows related discussion forums. Seems like a reversal of what I've been reading for the past 6 years.
  13. "mistake in announcement materials" btw
  14. Kingpin61

    T10 special ship proposal, Illinois

    As much as i'd love to see interesting USN paper designs in the game, this simply isn't one of them. It's not different from Iowa in ways that matter (in wows terms). Fast BB 38C (35kts, 3x3 16"/50, 320mm belt, 6x2 152mm, 67.3k tons) would be a much better proposal for an Iowa-like T10, although I'd prefer it in a fast BB split (which i was working on until WG announced the Vermont line, dammit)
  15. You could use Yavuz's 1945 fit for Moltke, and strike fear into T4 CVs. Zenker's design is new to me, and very interesting. The lines look excellent. Well done.