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  1. Kingpin61

    USN Battleship Split and Friends (please support)

    I am not happy with this line split, but I would have been even less happy to get the split you suggested. In gameplay terms there is nothing to be gained by splitting the US BBs with existing ships and classes at high tier. Yeah, sure, new names can be added, great. Gameplay wise? Nah. Sorry, but even if I have massive issues with how WG did this split (and I do) it is still better than just "aDd aLl thE 1940s cLassEs bUt +1 tier". At least WG tried something different here with adding a line of standard BBs, even if I disagree with how they did it. For example, I see no reason not to extend this split below T8, but they didn't. Regardless, doing that is still better than trying to shove Washington into T9 and an Iowa class at T10, plus adding their sisters into the tech tree for no reason.
  2. Kingpin61

    German T10 Super Cruiser?

    KW-45, a 37 knot, 45k ton battlecruiser with 4x2 380mm and 200mm of belt armor could possibly work. https://wiki.wargaming.net/ru/Navy:Проект_линейного_крейсера_фирмы_Kriegsmarinewerft_1939_года
  3. Kingpin61

    The Ugliest Ship in the Navy

    Izumo. Maybe after the US DDs get their remodels, she'll get the redo (or replacement) she surely needs. That superstructure.... bleh.
  4. Kingpin61

    Pan-American Tree

    And now COLDOWN has dug out another Argentine design, the absolute madlad. Top armament is 16x1 OTO 90mm mountings, in simplified single turrets. Second armament envisions 7x2 4 inch (Likely British Mk. WVI) guns. each carries 6x2 20mm AA guns (Breda 20mm/65?) Extremely low superstructure to reduce visibility. 4000 tons, 35kts, with 2 inch side armor and a 1 inch deck. https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/threads/argentinian-never-were-warship-designs-and-proposals.32632/post-397736
  5. Plain text if the embed doesn't load:
  6. This is like a T12. The 406mm Schneider is the same gun as Slava had, and we can remember how much the community screamed about that...
  7. Kingpin61

    ST: Champagne Nerfs

    Champagne might still be too strong after this. You guys remember CCs screaming about Slava's guns? Guess what Slava's guns were based on.. the 406mm/50 Schneider gun. Which Champagne has, at T8, with better accuracy inside of 18km.
  8. Kingpin61

    Argentine Littorio!

    DD: yes with 100% real ships (check my bio CL: up to T9 comfortably when including export designs (Jianwei set precedent), T10 would be a stretch or an as yet undiscovered design (or a WG fake) BB: Real to T5. T6 ordered but not build. T7/T8 paper. T9/10 fake/undiscovered. I can expand on these when I get home.
  9. Kingpin61

    Argentine Littorio!

    Something has been dug out of the "Bolentines Navales Agentinos" in regards to an Argentine Battleship to be commissioned in 1943. The specifications for this seem very similar to the Ansaldo export Littorio that was proposed to Spain around the same time period. Very interesting from a historical perspective, and it means that a possible PanAm BB line could now be extended to tier 8 with real designs with very little stretching involved. https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/threads/argentinian-never-were-warship-designs-and-proposals.32632/post-393611
  10. No, it does not, in fact. Good luck beating Venezia spam and 25500 drops with your 16km range, 50k HP DM. In KOTS, randoms, and CV-less CB, DM is absurdly strong.
  11. Wows numbers stats show all time stats, and it should be noted that DM is available to everyone, whereas Stalingrad is decidedly not. That skews any numbers significantly. Since the IFHE/Plating changes last patch (ie, buffing DM when it was already insanely strong). DM is absolutely the stronger ship.
  12. Des Moines is possibly the most OP ship, tier for tier, in the entire game. And this legendary mod change will be a SIGNIFICANT BUFF to it's damage dealing ability. Either a straight up 12% DPM boost or the ability to be nearly immune from damage at 18km with the Legendary Mod's handling. You lose concealment, but 12.1km is workable for sure, and there are still going to be cap supporting/ambush situations available-except now you'll need to rely on your skill and positioning to make that work with LM, while still being more effective in the DPS role when you position well. The DM is insanely OP right now, and this legendary mod change will frankly make it stronger.
  13. Kingpin61

    Bias confirmed?

    so you're arguing for belfast buffs, gotcha
  14. oh, here's a reproduction of the blueprint for the ship, I'll let you guess what "35 knop" translates to in English Wikipedia is taking it's speed from Conway's, which is a good source but not infailable, especially when the actual design documents and numerous other sources disagree.
  15. because just about every other source claims 35 knots, and it was also planned for 35 knots, and also game balance.