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  1. Khabarovsk...That Can't be Legit

    Those were the days :')
  2. So These CV Boats

    Oh man, I know that guy. He's somehow WORSE than the beasty of war.
  3. Because someone has to stop the skycancer, by any means necessary. even without CVs, i would take FP, BoS, or RPF before SE.
  4. Corsair M65 Pro with CUE works juuuuust fine for me.
  5. Intel i5-6500 and GTX 1050Ti, With a lot of corsair peripherals all synced for a blue, watery theme :)
  6. Contest: Need a New Wiki Editor

    Overview: Des Moines is the T10 American Heavy Cruiser and is the pinnacle of 8 inch dakka in World of Warships. Her Anti-Air can fend off Tier 10 carriers even without Defensive Fire, but running Hydroacoustic Search on Des Moines is a waste as your anti-aircraft is one of your main strengths. Additionally, Des Moines is one of 3 Tier Ten cruisers that can equip radar, the others being the Russian Moskva and the British Minotaur. Des Moines' radar is identical to the Minotaur's, with a 9.9km range and 40 seconds. However, if you're lucky enough to have scored a Surveillance Radar Modification 1 in a supercontainer or in the Clash of the Elements, you can equip it to the Des Moines and give it an incredible 56 seconds of 9.9km radar. Pity the poor destroyer(s) caught in your radar range. Survivability: Des Moines had 50600 Hit Points, beating only the Minotaur and Zao when it comes to Tier 10 cruisers. Don't take the Tier 3 captain perk Survivability Expert; you only have 19 captain points at most, and doesn't give enough of a benefit compared to other perks in the same row. It has a large 152mm belt, but the citadel extends across the entire belt, from the frontmost part of the A turret past the rearmost part of the X turret. Additionally, the citadel extends far above the waterline, coming up about 1/4 of the way up to the deck. The Des Moines' survivability issue comes in it's less armored regions. Having 27mm of armor coating the ship means that all Battleships you will face except for the Bismarck and Tirpitz will punch through your armor like it isn't even there due to the overmatch mechanic. This means that you can't effectively angle against battleships; the only reason you would do so would be to increase the enemies' chance of hitting the belt armor or the 30mm plating above it. You do get access to the Repair Party consumable, restoring 253 HP per second for 28 seconds. Use the premium variant if you have the credits. Artillery: Main Battery: With 3 turrets in an A-B-X layout, firing at 99 rounds per minute stock, her incredible guns terrifies enemies out to 15.8 km. Since the Des Moines is a T10, It gains access to the sixth module slot, giving it access to either Main Battery Modification 3 for a 4.62 second reload if 15.8km gun range is enough for you, or you can equip Gun FIre Control System Modification 2 to extend your max range. These guns fire Superheavy AP rounds, with 762m per second muzzle velocity. These shells won't start to bounce until you hit a target angled at 30 degrees, unlike the 45 degrees for every other AP shell in the game. The HE shell is great, with a 15% fire chance and 2800 alpha damage. 15% fire chance may sound low, but remember you're throwing out 99 shells ever minute. This makes Des Moines the best firestarter in the game. Her high arcs mean you want to find an island that you can shoot over, preferably 14 to 18km away from an enemy, and BOOM you have the easiest Arsonist of your life..... provided the target doesn't manuever. You see, the downside of the Des Moines' arcs means that she has a very high shell travel time at range Secondary Armament: I mean..... it's there. The secondaries themselves are numerous, in a hexagonal pattern, with 6x2 127mm/38 guns. Unfortunatley, the 5 inch secondaries only fire once every 6 seconds, you can only have 8 of them on target at once, and they only have a 6km range. Unless you build for them-and you really, really shouldn't-they're useless as secondary weapons. AA Defense: oh baby. I could go in depth going over DPS and range and this and that, but I don't need to. Run Defensive Fire, Slot Auxillary Armaments Modification 1, and you kill every plane within 5km. Remember to ctrl-click on squads for a 30% DPS boost. You could select the Advanced Firing Training captain skill and slot AA Guns Mod 2 to boost your AA range to 7.2km, to kill more planes, but any smart carrier will see a Des Moines and run-well, fly-in the other direction. Maneuverability: You go 33 knots. Sure, it's not slow, but you're the second slowest cruiser at Tier 10. Add a Sierra Mike flag and you go 34.6 knots. Considering the Moskva's base speed is 34.5 knots, it's not great. Your turning circle is the second best at Tier 10 as well, coming in at 770 meters, only 10 meters behind the Moskva. Her rudder shift time is 8.6s, which is very good. Concealment: Her surface detection is 13.9km. You can bring this down to 10.6km with the Concealment Module and Concealment Expert captain skill. Your air detection is 9.9km which is brought down to 7.8km with the aforementioned module and skill. This is the 3rd best in T10 and you are quite stealthy, with only a 700 meter difference between your detection range and radar range. This means that you can wait about 10 seconds after being spotted to use your radar, and you will likely spot what's spotting you. RECOMMENDED MODULES AND CAPTAIN SKILLS You want to build the Des Moines around your AA and main guns. So I would recommend running these skills and modules: Auxillary Armaments Mod 1 Surveillance Radar Modification 1 (if you don't have one, use Damage Control System Modification 1) AA Guns Modification 2 Propulsion Modification 2 Concealment System Modification 1 Gun FIre Control System Modification 2 (Your rate of fire is already extreme. If you can master the gun arcs, the range mod is more useful than a 16% reload buff.) CAPTAIN SKILLS Take them in this order. 1. [1]Priority Target (Expert Loader if using Steven Seagal) 2. [3]Adrenaline Rush (Expert Marksman if using Steven Seagal) 3. [6]Superintendent (Basic Firing Training if you really hate planes) 4. [10]Concealment Expert 5. [14]Advanced Firing Training 6. [17] Your choice between Demolition Expert or whichever skill you didn't take as your 3rd choice. 7. [19] Jack Of All Trades TACTICS If you division with a Destroyer, have your DD buddy lay a smoke screen about 5km away from a cap and provide support to your friendly destroyer as they try to cap. If solo, then find an island that you can lob shells over and use your Radar and Defensive Fire to support capping teammates. If you've played the Baltimore, imagine what would happen if you gave the Baltimore steriods and boom, Des Moines.
  7. KillClub

    the man, the myth, the legend....
  8. CONTEST: Bringing on New Players

    I think that players should have to complete a tutorial before even being allowed to enter co-op. give them a T6 BB, DD, CL and CV and have it go over the basics of each. autodropping for CVs, how to launch planes, explaining the consumables, explaining positioning and how to lead. Explain the difference between HE and AP and the general situations in which you should use them. explain the menu and different options. explain how to lead enemies, explain the economy and how XP works, and explain the different game modes. Provide links to the forum, the reddit, and iChases captain academy videos as well as Flamu and Notser's channel. additionally, have a button in the port with all these links in it. also, update the F1 screen, it still shows an Aoba with 10k HP, lol. also explain the strengths and weaknesses of each line, in game and preferably in the tech tree.
  9. Flavour of the Ocean

    You guys talk a big game, I guess we'll see who's best in supremacy leag- oh wait.
  10. If i can recognize the clan it usually means i'm happy to sail with them.
  11. uh, yes. I think that the cit should be 1/3 to half as high as it was before. right now it's too hard to punish poor play
  12. Open Letter to WG regarding Clans

    Idk. I like a lot of the ideas but posting it in this way comes off as a bit entitled to me. While i like the ideas, I don't know if pursuing them in this way is the best way to go about it
  13. The 1,000 Games Challange

    Jesus. I play 4+ hours a day almost every day and i'm not even at 500 in the past month....