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  1. Hello all, I've recently received some interesting intelligence documents on the Novorossiysk through the Freedom of Information Act. Notably, document C02658621, which details the transfer of Z-11 (ex-Cesare), Z-12 (ex-Artigliere), Z-13 and Z-14 to the Soviets in 1949, as well as C05218707, which is an intelligence report on Odessa harbor, specifically pointing out Novorossiysk, which was distributed in October 1955- the same month of the ship's sinking. Given that another document specifically notes that all the Black Sea ports were cleared of mines, and the date of distribution on the latter document, it only further throws into question the leftover mine story of the ship's loss. Anyway, I believe this is a good place to upload these documents for anyone who wants to read through them. I scanned them all and made them searchable. C02705669 14 May 1951.pdf C05218707 3 October 1955.pdf C05698076 14 February 1950.pdf C02658621 3 March 1949.pdf
  2. Kingpin61

    The "slow" BB61 design scheme, April 1938

    100% certain it's supposed to be 13,464t. that puts the design at about 45.5k tons standard.
  3. please say this again but in comprehensible english please and thank you
  4. I think you'd be surprised how much WG lets us ____ on them in the feedback channels lol. just uh, don't get controversial on twitter lmbo
  5. Kingpin61

    Torpedos are OP

    I mean, I dunno if i'd say that WG is "anti torpedo as a company" but WoWs as a game has pretty clearly been made to focus more towards guns over torpedoes since it's what a certain segment of the playerbase wants out of their shooty boat game. the most notable example is how the IJN torpedo nerf of a half decade ago remains more or less in place despite it being made when WoWs was essentially a different game, with much, much less hydro, no radar, far more varied ship selection, etc.
  6. Kingpin61

    Canadian Representation

    As stated, HOI4 DLC does not equal historical documentation. The only actual Canadian battleship would be a QE class, which the canadians considered paying the costs for at least one ship (along the lines of HMS New Zealand). The RCN fielded many light cruisers and destroyers, including in many configurations what would make them unique ships if added, such as HMCS Ontario or any of the Tribal class in their unique Canadian configurations with 4x2 or 3x2 102mm Mk. XIX, or the elderly cruisers Rainbow or Niobe. This goes for all "multi nation" trees - PanAm, Pan Asia, Pan EU and of course the Commonwealth, just in case anyone doesn't know :)
  7. Kingpin61

    Primary Document trove - now with more baguettes!

    Sure - feel free to PM me on discord Kingpin6100#8294
  8. it's a kitbash of a baaaad drawing of Armstrong 782 (from 1969) with the design ideas of Armstrong 686 (Bacellar), then given a (reasonable!) early war US refit
  9. Kingpin61

    Random Thoughts and Comments: Pan Asian Cruisers

    Yes, the T9's 3rd superfiring gun in the back is a 76mm
  10. Kingpin61

    Random Thoughts and Comments: Pan Asian Cruisers

    was pinged, so i'll add my thoughts in.... T5: This is Chongqing as transferred. Obviously this is 100% real, and it's likely we see her under the Kuomintang flag rather than the PLAN one, especially since Huanghe exists. Also, side note - from what WG has told me, Huanghe is apparently representative of one of the actual refit proposals made by the Soviets to the PLAN. Although i'm fairly certain those 6" turrets would be splinter protection only, because, y'know, topweight. T9: S-511 is Naval Historical Lot number for Spring Styles book 3, not a program number. The T9 herself is lot # S-511-53-A, and is "5"/54 Cal. D.P. Cruiser - Design Study "A". Note that the hull itself is 11ft shorter than Atlanta herself, and with less draft. We're looking at about 25k ish HP here, until WG change it to suit muh gimmick.
  11. Kingpin61

    New line

  12. WG's facebook announcement for the 2 ships today accidentlly leaked the ship to be revealed on the Russian stream, the Novorossiysk (ex-Cesare). It better be the final planned refit which replaced the 120mm guns 1:1 with 130mm/58 twins and replaced all other AA with 8 quadruple 45mm., because if I can kitbash it, they sure can.
  13. Kingpin61

    List of all the 'Paper' Ships in game.

    Hull is wrong, tonnage is wrong, # and placement of directors and rangefinders is wrong, etc.
  14. Kingpin61

    List of all the 'Paper' Ships in game.

    Because it's not. It's "inspired" by 1047, but nothing about it is really close except the main armament.