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  1. You're right, that characterization of the VMF would be delusional, if I made it, which I didn't. I'm 100% sure from that comment that you do not understand the very important distinction between paper and fake. Paper ships were designed by the navies at the time, whereas fake ships are WG creations based on what they think the navies would have done at the time. I don't know if you're confusing me with someone else, but I didn't criticize the USN in game as mostly paper, not would i, because that would be wrong. I also like how your "rebuttal" of the ships I call fake is 'well yeah they werent designed but they COULD HAVE BEEN' which is.... exactly what a fake ship is.
  2. Every single russian design in game was actually blueprinted or proposed in some other fashion by the Russian Navy at the time. Georgia and Ohio (as well as the refit B Hull of Monaghan, though the ship itself did exist) are fake, WG designed ships. Dallas is a based off of an actual design but is changed enough that it is fake as well. Georgia was an iowa prelim meant to mount 16"/45 guns and was never meant to have 18" guns, whereas the 18" gun was dropped for Montana development behind "hey should we use 18" guns? no? ok"
  3. ???? The only part of my comment that could possibly cause you to think I'm biased against the USN was my noting the (verifiably true) fact that the Russians have no fake ships in game whereas the USN do. If that counts as anti USN bias, then.... fine.
  4. I'm sorry? Are you saying there's anti-USN bias among the playerbase as a whole? That's laughable. This playerbase is hilariously biased against any Russian ships existing, and that's universal.
  5. Russian bias is not a thing. Every russian ship in game was an actual design to this point. Some more obscure than others, but all quite real- unlike some American ships that are outright fake.
  6. Kingpin61

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    As of right now... Nevsky: Probably OP Petro: Probably OP Riga: Fine Tallinn: pretty weak tbh Bagration: trash Ochakev: trash Russian split: very WIP Hotel: Trivago
  7. Kingpin61

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    Umbaretz has said that while they've considered adding Krasny Kravaz, balancing the ship's firepower and its other characteristics would be quite difficult, so it's something they don't want to attempt. Add that to the fact that lower tier ships make far less $ for the time put in and it really should not surprise anyone.
  8. Kingpin61

    Anyone else blocked on Twitter?

    I'm still banned from the official twitch for meming in chat during KOTS 6. Sometimes it be that way
  9. Kingpin61

    How big of a game changer is 510mm vs 460mm?

    Loaded up a quick chart on my phone. No extra overmatch that matters, and about 100mm extra penetration at pretty much all ranges. Yashima shells will be SLIGHTLY lower at pretty much all ranges, but the difference is basically negligible.
  10. Kingpin61

    ST, Soviet cruisers

  11. Kingpin61

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    You, you uh, you know that every single russian ship in game (including all of the new ones) were actual designs, right?
  12. Kingpin61

    Kleber is STILL a joke ....

    Hey, since more battles = better player, to you, I'm here to say that you're wrong about kleber
  13. Kingpin61

    The hype is real! It's underway!

    Is Lert going to post a Friesland daki?
  14. Kingpin61

    New steel ship: USS Johnston

    I predict this will be a rational thread full of reasonable discussion and level heads
  15. Kingpin61

    Kleber is STILL a joke ....

    I am going to quote this because when you realize how wrong it is and edit it, you can look back on the error of your ways and how far you've come :)