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  1. I've saved 3 so far or do you think it doesn't matter?
  2. Ports and new lines

    better yet lets a get a drydock to inspect the whole ship
  3. Is the Mikhail Kutuzov a good cruiser?

    the cruiser is good and the armor is good against cruisers when angled, people see this ship and figure its like a Pensacola and try to get all guns on it citadel you but if you say calm and angled you can eat cruisers alive and DDs are happy meals pretty much and for battleships you have to be a support pretty much be a fly and annoy the BB and cause him to turn and shoot at you to allow your heavy hitters to deliver the citadels and if you get to close to a BB or cruiser hell man you have torpedoes with decent range
  4. i thought it was about the damage done but I've never hit this much on experience and credits before, now i know its a premium ship but even so I've never hit this high on the points and from capping, i think i;ll be getting defend points more often
  5. i mean i love this ship its the best support/dd killer and i love the smoke for the BB that spots you and the torps that punish rushers, i dont understand the hate , is it the price ? is it the armor i mean yeah its thin but i bounce CA ap rounds with angling and it helps you have the rubber of a DD for the epic wiggling ? i was looking forward to happy forums for this ship not mean ones
  6. it may be nothing , just saying

    have you DD captains been getting detonated in rank more then usual, i say this because in the 5 out of 10 ranked games i played i saw detonation in the chat and are DD in flames or was it crazy unlucky chance i saw this happen to my teammates.
  7. Teach me how to use stock Kongo

    if your default hull, try to free exp out of it but if you cant play around hills and play cat and mouse with your ship but once you got the range and the next hull upgrade, once you fired a salvo rudder toward the enemy ships just in case a BB is trying to snipe you and always change your speed, most players know that Kongo is fast so going to half speed can save you from a lot of hits and im sure you know this NEVER give up your broadside, unless you know you can kill the other BB in that salvo but hey enjoy the ship, and watch usn BB's fear you
  8. they've already addressed the BB "nerf" its a bug, they didnt want to nerf them all they wanted was to look over the CA armor layout
  9. Player levels

    i logged in and out and then came back on and had my 3 mil, try it
  10. battleship armor and questions

    wait wait okay, i love the diagrams but this is still an arcade game and i dont believe there is accurate with the armor layout, i mean just for game balancing shouldnt the nagato get more armor then the fuso , i mean have you read the ingame descriptions, from the myogi it says it has weak armor,the fuso has stronger armor like it improved and the nagato just says strong armor, yet the number is 305 mm of armor the Kawachi has the same amount of armor, do they have a way to make a weak 305, stronger 305 and a strong 305 armor belt and if they armor is like those diagrams then they should say us like in WOT you can inspec tank armor
  11. battleship armor and questions

    im not saying im always getting 10 hits every salvo but in a blue moon i get good dispersion, also i dont need OP DPM i need good citadel hits, and it is the game, if my fuso cant citadel a new mexicos belt at 5 to 10 km but new mexico can citadel the fuso, thats out of my hands i cant control armor but i will try to plunge shot to try and improve my gameplay
  12. real talk, BB

    love you then, seriously keep up the good work then
  13. battleship armor and questions

    through ijn tier 3 to 7 you have the same amount of armor for the belt 305 through the USN tier 3 to 5 they have 305 but tier 6 and 7 get 343 armor on the belt know your wondering whats my point well, before they showed the armor everyone said that the Nagato had more armor then the Fuso which made it more tank-y but they have the same armor so is there an armor number i don't see that's effecting it an other way? and my next inquiry, has anyone who owns a Fuso remember the last time you were able to citadel a new mexico because i cant and i even went to a training room and went broadside to a new mexico(if slightly angled don't even try lol) from 10, 5 and 3km to get the accuracy bonus and shot below the two front turrets and then under the smoke stake and got no citadels, my point is that 14" guns cant citadel 343 armor belts. ( and before you get on me about it can penetrate yes it can, if RNG kicks in and i get 8-10 hits in a salvo ill get maybe a 10k damage in, that's not the point have you hit citadels is)
  14. Is the Colorado worth getting??

    i dont have a colorado but ive been hit by it and it hurts, it hurts ALOT rng is a cruel mistress