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  1. Psychopaths

    https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/using-windows-readyboost-to-increase-performance/ I think this link explains it well.
  2. CONTEST: Bringing on New Players

    I think the mentor method is a good (but not the only) option. Perhaps have a “Training Battle” PvE mode available, similar to the Training Room with no economic benefits/penalties. If a player opts for a training battle, available mentors could see what type and tier of ship they are bringing, and a player can be informed that they would be going into a training scenario with a mentor with the option to leave the que. A mentor could chose/join that player based on the choice of ship. If a player is bringing a DD, then a mentor that mains in DDs can take up the “challenge”, etc. The mentor could have the ability to “pause” certain portions of the battle to explain tactics, game mechanics, map features, etc. Possible Issues: 1. What tiers? Up to T4 for those wanting to CV? Higher tiers for dealing with radar? 2. Availability? Perhaps have a set time for availability, like Clan Battles have. 3. Prerequisites? Have at least 5 battles? View tutorial(s) first? 4. A limit on the player’s ability to pick a Training Battle, e.g. no longer available after a set number of battles or reaching a certain service record level? 5. Requirements for becoming a mentor and the reward, if any. Like I said, the mentor is not the only option. There have been a lot of good suggestions so far. I must admit I am not a programmer and maybe most of this would be difficult to implement. Just my two cents worth.
  3. I want to CV but..........

    Also, you might want to take a look at this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Wsa54TkSdQ&list=WL&index=117 I think he explains the basics very well.
  4. ​The Caine Mutiny. It's a classic.
  5. Battle of the Java Sea and subsequent actions (Sunda Strait and 2nd Java Sea battle with HMS Exeter).
  6. I had the same problem some time ago. I contacted WG Customer Support and received the following reply: "Thank you for contacting Wargaming America Customer Support! I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble making purchases using Amazon payments. According to the error code provided to us by Livegamer (AKA emergent payments), the billing partner that handles our Amazon Payments, your transactions were denied for the following reason: Limit Exceeded for number of transactions in 30 days As part of their fraud prevention program, any user that performs a certain number of transactions within a 30 day period is flagged by their systems." I also contacted Livegamer via their support system. They responded "Your account was flagged for review by our verification team. Access is now restored." Had no problems after that. Hope this helps.
  7. Gifted a friend and he got: Marblehead, Murmansk, Sims, Blys Gifted myself and received: Gremyaschy, Gremyaschy, Gremyaschy and... Gremyaschy.
  8. Bought ten $5 boxes. Four were Gremys with 10 pt captains. Rest were camo.
  9. Super Lag

    I am getting a lot of lag also, starting today. Never had this problem before. Used WG's Check tool v2.4.4. Extended network diagnostics showed a 40-100% packet loss on the tracert at ip address I submitted a ticket. (My internet connection is normal: 30mpbs down and 6mbps up.)
  10. EM on the Colorado and definitely DE on the Budy.
  11. Had this happen to me. When I contacted support I was informed that I reached my limit for number of purchase transactions for the month. Livegamer reset my purchase count and I was able to make a purchase.
  12. To participate in ranked battles one must reach Level 11 on their service record. Some or all of the above points can be considered to attain this level. Perhaps take it further, and make a level 13 required for ranked battles. Level 13 could require fully researched ships/modules, number of battles in the tiers for ranked (not just total battles), not being pink, etc.
  13. That's darn good with a fresh captain (I assume). How many skill points on your captain with that battle?