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  1. Mr_Rey3

    Which lines to use AA mod...

    The Grozovoi has 100% AA accuracy. It means it spouts 8 flak burst all the time. With the module, it will go up to 12 flak burst. All the time, always. Accuracy module is great and all, but now you got a CV every game, I'm willing to sacrifice a little bit of accuracy for HUGE increase in AA damage.
  2. Mr_Rey3

    New Flooding mechanic, yet another nerf?

    Well, I'm blaming the dev a little. They nerfed the DDs when it was unasked for. Indirectly buffing BBs when it was also unasked for. Granted they are "testing" this new mechanic, but let's be honest, they won't go back to what flooding was, it's simply never the case.
  3. Mr_Rey3

    New Flooding mechanic, yet another nerf?

    Yeah but even with taking all that into account, it IS MUCH harder to apply a flood, but now it's treated the same way as a fire, which is NOT hard to apply. I fail to see the logic behind it. Applying is a flood is simply NOT rewarded. And applying multiple flood is just so damn rare in higher tiers.
  4. Mr_Rey3

    New Flooding mechanic, yet another nerf?

    Was it though? For it to last for its entire duration, you have so much stuff to do: start a fire, have him repair, and strike with a flood (which you can't guarantee) right then. And this supposes the enemy doesn't use the premium repair and has a captain with no skill to mitigate either the damage received by the flood, or the time it takes for the repair consumable to refresh. This can't happen a lot.
  5. Alright so the flooding mechanic is now very similar to the fire mechanic. To apply fire you must shoot the enemy, each and every of your HE shell can start a fire. With some ships, you can toss literally hundreds of shell and start many, many fires, let them repair, and then start MORE fires. With a good fire starter ship (worcester, haru, zao, etc.) you can expect to start anywhere from 10 to 20 fires or more depending on how many different targets are available to you, with anywhere between 100 to 600 shells hit. To apply flood, you must successfully hit the enemy with a torp to have a chance to trigger the flooding effect. To make significant damage, you must first make sure your target used his repair, before you trigger that flooding effect, or it's all lost. With a good torp boat (shima), you can expect to start anywhere from 1 to 4 floods, depending on your abilities, predictability of enemy ships, lack of radar or radio location, high number of BBs and unawareness of the enemy's captains. You'll hit from 2 to 8 torps, so the floodings are going to be rare, very. These very low numbers (compared to the fire ones) were once balanced by the fact that floods lasted way longer and did way more damage than fires. It was still quite rare to get the sought-after "perma flood", the one flood that you successfully triggered right after someone used his repair. In which case can you actually apply multiple floods to someone? When you surprise attack under the cover of an island/mountain? But that's usually an insta kill. So, in which case then? So, have the DDs been buffed? Can they apply more floods than before so as to justify this change? Can they hit more torps than before? I'd argue that it's in fact the opposite now, with pretty much every ship in the game having some form of radar or radio location consumable. No, DDs are hitting just as much torps as they used to, but with weaker result now thanks to this change. So, this new mechanics sounds to me to be yet another nerf to the DD class of warships. ... Nerfing DDs is an indirect buff to BBs...again. *sigh* Am I the only one tired of all this?