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  1. Epic_Baller

    Zoup the feeling police

    Please explain the part where my clan's reputation should have any relevance or value to me or anybody else. You can't get me to buy in to some awkward shame-based ritual of social enforcement in service of something that provides no utility to anyone.
  2. Epic_Baller

    Suggestion: New Game Modes and Modern Era equipment

    How "modern" are we talking? There was a Midway class carrier still active in the late 80s. We're talking F/A-18s and F-14s here.
  3. Epic_Baller

    Making Femennenly a in-game captain.

    Punctuation goes inside quotes and extrapolate doesn't mean what you think it means. English, ya know.
  4. Epic_Baller

    Scharnhorst Located

    That is an ultra-bizarre wish.
  5. Epic_Baller

    Zoup the feeling police

    Of course. The reality is that there is basically nothing about my clan that should be noteworthy or interesting to outsiders. To the extent that we do garner any notice, the nature of the opinions people might form holds absolutely no value to me or my members. If it did, I'd consider it my problem to manage it.
  6. Epic_Baller

    Pan-European destroyer tech tree inbound.

    Your little hissy fit over this does not reflect well. You can't even sooth yourself by entertaining the possibility that you might get what you want and more at a later date and instead get upset that your niche interest wasn't personally addressed in the new ship line reveal?
  7. Epic_Baller

    What in the ever living hell, WG?

  8. Epic_Baller

    Event Update Proposal for Pan-Swedish DD Line

    It's actually kind of the perfect target audience - probably right age group, interest in history, etc etc. And Sabaton is much less obscure as a band than WoWS is as a video game.
  9. Epic_Baller

    Event Update Proposal for Pan-Swedish DD Line

    I feel another Sabaton collab coming on.
  10. Epic_Baller

    Pan-European destroyer tech tree inbound.

    Rest of Europe: "Oh boy, I hope my favorite DD will be in the pan-European line!" Sweden: ALL THAT'S THINE SHALL BE MINE, THERE'S NO STOPPING ME; ALL OVER EUROPE MY RULE SHALL BE QUESTIONED BY NONE!
  11. Epic_Baller

    Zoup the feeling police

    After watching the video in question I'm sorry I clicked through to it and sorry I wasted my time discussing it.
  12. Epic_Baller

    Your closest link to Ships we drive in WOW

    Spent 6 months embarked on the USS Cleveland (LPD-7). They had some artifacts on the boat from the CL-55 Cleveland we have in the game.
  13. Epic_Baller

    Zoup the feeling police

    I'll weigh in on this one. I'm the owner of YARRR!. I've been in leadership positions my entire life ranging from student organizations, sports teams, business leadership and ownership, industry associations, and to leadership of men in combat as a member of the military. One of my areas of business practice is leadership and management consulting. I take the responsibilities and duties of leadership very seriously; it's one of the defining aspects of my character and it's how I provide value in my work and in my community. All of that said: I assume zero, and I mean ZERO responsibility for policing the actions of my clan members towards the general population of the game. My role as a clan leader is to facilitate good gaming experiences for my members. My clan was created exclusively for their benefit and solely as a service to their enjoyment. My clan mates are people I've known for years (decades in many cases). These are people who I've shared countless gaming and life experiences with; they're people who would be welcome in my home if they showed up unannounced. We don't recruit, we're not interested cultivating an image, and I don't have a single ounce of concern for what anyone else thinks of us (thin-skinned Youtuber or not). If you, random person on the internet with hurt feelings, comes to me for recourse, remedy, or revenge against one of my clan mates who insulted or offended you - you have come to the wrong shop. I may have some questions for you - mostly relating to the suspect nature of your masculinity, parentage, fitness for reproduction, and general usefulness to society. If someone reported some particularly egregious example of toxicity or harassment to me, I'd probably be moved to check in on that particular member out of concern for how they might be doing and what's going on that was causing them to act out. WG's rules regarding clans are actually clear enough on this - internal matters for clans are not considered by WG. It is not my job to enforce WG's EULA; don't ask me to.
  14. OP is about to edit the OP again. My mind reading software tells me this is so.