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  1. Epic_Baller

    Azuma or Friesland?

    Out of all the ships I've played, I think Azuma is the least capable of influencing the outcome of a match.
  2. Epic_Baller

    "Toto, we ain't in... oh wait."

    I really like the boat. She's currently my third highest average damage boat at 85k behind Yamato and Jean Bart. I tend to play her fairly aggressively and basically always angle to fire all 12 guns. I find you can get away with showing a fair amount of broadside because it seems like the torpedo bulge absorbs a lot of potential damage. My main battery hit ratio is 32%, which isn't bad considering the number of barrels. She really drops the hammer on people at 8-12km.
  3. Epic_Baller

    Kansas - Awful -

    You perform better in the Kansas both for tier and in raw damage numbers than you do in the Iowa. Your win rate and damage are both substantially higher in Kansas than they are in the NC. Your numbers are *barely* worse in Kansas than they are in Alabama. Maybe the ship is fine?
  4. Epic_Baller

    Kansas - Awful -

    I still like it.
  5. Epic_Baller

    Win rate, skill, and random MM modeling

    If you're a 90th percentile player and one other 90th percentile player is in the match, there's a ~48% chance that he'll be on your team. Statistics are so unintuitive that even statisticians have lousy intuitions about them. It's usually not "just really plain to see" which is why people like the OP try to make a thorough analysis.
  6. Epic_Baller

    Kansas - Awful -

    So I got it tonight and I found it surprisingly pleasant to play. Nothing about the boat was as bad as I feared it was going to be. Feels like a super Colorado to me, and I don't consider that to be a bad thing.
  7. Epic_Baller

    Kansas - Awful -

    I'm not expecting much of Kansas, 1.5 sigma sounds pretty awful and it's very poorly armored. One of my regular div mates had the Minnesota available for his first bundle and grabbed it, and he's been brutalizing people with it for the last few weeks. That's a boat I'm looking forward to.
  8. Epic_Baller

    Need help understanding

    This is the most incredibly confused, misinformed, muddled, and just outright wrong thread I have seen on this forum in 5 years. And that's a really high bar to clear.
  9. I'll use cover as appropriate in any class of ship no matter how many sub 50% WR players it upsets. Trying to justify good tactics to someone who's looking for a source of blame for their losses is a waste of energy.
  10. Epic_Baller

    What typically goes on sale for Black Friday?

    JB-B, Smolensk-B, Musashi-B, Missouri-B. I bet they could price the crates at $50 and they'd still sell.
  11. Epic_Baller

    The Most Under-rated Ships in WOWS

  12. Nope. I was taking pains to avoid exactly that - I spent the whole match avoiding you and the Sinop while bullying everyone else. Towards the end I risked taking a moderately angled shot from you to close with that Texas and get to cover. By the time you engaged the Iron Duke I was free to have my way with that Texas and the Ryujo while being masked from you and Sinop. They were doomed and the win was already a sure thing at that point. Even if you had chosen to focus me exclusively I don't think you'd have gotten another effective volley off at me, and you'd have been at the mercy of 3 of my teammates while trying to engage me as I pretended to be a 60k HP cruiser While it's always good to break down and critique your own performance, I think even if you had avoided the few minor mistakes you made a win was probably still out of reach - or would have required a major misplay by more than one of our remaining ships.
  13. I'm not really sure you made an error there at the end - you were absolutely in a race to get another kill to strip enough red points to keep the match going. Had you turned out to the northwest with the Sinop you would have survived, but your Texas badly misplayed by pushing out to where I could get at him alone and once he was down your CV was caught in the open like 7km right past him. If you hadn't died going after the Iron Duke, the Ryujo would have only been a few seconds behind you which would have ended the match anyway. Your Hawkins and Nurnberg threw their ships away in the first 5 minutes, and your DD could have contested the center cap a lot better. Your Fiji kinda died stupidly, too. That would have been a very tough match to carry. Well played match regardless!
  14. Epic_Baller

    Quickest way to get OHIO

    Can confirm. I've gotten both Ohio and Sigfried stacking bonuses on ships.