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  1. Another factor with higher velocity guns that is totally outside of gameplay is barrel life. Battleship guns were typically only good for around 300 to 350 rounds before the barrels or liners had to be replaced. Higher MV tends to mean shorter lifespan. The US 16/45 was good for about 395 rounds but the 16/50 was only expected to last 290-350.
  2. Actually they do point forward. From the link you provided. Unusually for a battleship Nelson and Rodney were armed with two torpedo tubes, one each side, right forwards firing at a slight outward angle to the fore and aft line, these were no normal torpedoes however, they were 24.5” monsters weighing no less than 5,628 lbs with a warhead of almost 750 lbs of TNT , they had a range of 30,000 yards at 30 knots or 15,000 yards at 35 knots, ten torpedoes were carried – Rodney used them against the Bismarck and is the only known case of one battleship torpedoing another. That being said submerged tubes on BB's caused damage and outright losses to ships equipped with them and were removed from most BB's for good reason.
  3. Not at all. The water was distilled before going into the feedwater tanks. About as clean and pure as possible.
  4. Pft ... In the end it is just a game. Nothing life altering happening here. Been ka-boomed and done it to others. If you need some sort of rationalization just think of it as an example that life isn't fair and sometimes will come along and [edited]slap you for no reason.