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  1. I have allways been disturbed by the lack of benches on I think it's Bretagne. At least I can't find any, and I have spent an obsessive amount of time looking.
  2. 24knots USS Texas

    An interesting read but one major flaw. The NY class used Vertical Triple Expansion engines. There were no reduction gears to change. The pistons were connected directly to the shafts.
  3. Had a 1 vs 1 several months ago in Random. Essex vs Essex.
  4. Is this a bug (penetration no damage)

    Have had this happen many times. From what I understand the shell has probably hit a module of some sort. Keep an eye out for the indication that a secondary or AA gun was knocked out.
  5. Had a 1v1 a few months ago. Essex v Essex. Was pretty fun actually.
  6. I have bought 2 lots of 20 of the $3 boxes. Wound up with 9 ships. 4 from the first 20 and 5 from the second 20 so thats been about a 22% return for me ship wise. Your millage may vary.
  7. 43K free XP bonus?

    I had made the grind all the way to Midway. Turns out that was worth around 11.7 mil in credits and 300 and something thousand free XP.
  8. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday US Navy. Fair winds and following seas.
  9. USS Texas

    @Lord_Slayer Thank you for the information. I knew that the Navy has the option to basically repo the memorial ship's but never knew that it had actually done so. I have heard that back in the 80's when the Iowa's were being refitted there was also some discussion about recalling North Carolina, Alabama, and Massachusetts for refit and service. In the end though they just raided them for parts.
  10. Uhhh....the heck is this?

    Ahhhhhhh........Hulk feel better now.
  11. USS Texas

    Does the government maintain HMS Victory? Here the state or organization the operates the ship is responsible and at least in the case of the fast BB's includes keeping the hull in a water tight condition. The Navy conducts inspections periodically but that is about all they do.
  12. USS Texas

    USS North Dakota BB29 was the first US battleship to have turbine propulsion. The Florida and Utah classes were also turbine. iirc the Navy went back to VTE for reasons of fuel economy and range as the early turbine installations were direct drive and not geared.
  13. The Kii and the Hood

    Hoods torps were above water but fixed. If you look at the model in port you can see the hatches right below the mainmast (thats the rear one) about a deck up from the waterline. If you look forwards from there you an see where the other pair were removed and sealed just a bit to the rear of the second funnel.
  14. Should I buy a Nelson?

    No disrespect to you or your clan but frankly I would fear that which is within a hotdog more.
  15. Another factor with higher velocity guns that is totally outside of gameplay is barrel life. Battleship guns were typically only good for around 300 to 350 rounds before the barrels or liners had to be replaced. Higher MV tends to mean shorter lifespan. The US 16/45 was good for about 395 rounds but the 16/50 was only expected to last 290-350.