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  1. Aldunis

    Journey To The West Ships Review?

    Wujing is a functional clone of Alsace. Sanzang is a functional clone of Saipan. Bajie is a slightly different Izumo. Wukong is a wildly different Charles Martel. Little White Mouse goes over the differences with Bajie and Wukong in her review. Links below. Little White Mouse's Review of Bajie: Little White Mouse's Review of Wukong:
  2. As some one who recently came back to the game after a few years (last time I played there were only three countries in the game), is there anywhere I can find out if a commander has a special voice or which commanders have special voices? This particular example felt very bait and switch, especially since all three of these commanders had voice acting done for the YouTube video/trailer. To a new/returning player, it just made sense that the commander would have the same voice acting. I didn't even realize that the other 20 (older?) Halloween commanders would have standard voice lines.