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  1. Corpen_November

    Pikohan's Kwality Kontent Korner v2

    Nice art revive thread, Piko, I appreciate the work you put into it. I hope your art thread remains active in this forum. I will follow your example and try to post a new art thread. But if it goes down, I will give up on posting art here. Wargaming responded to my request to return the art box threads but never restored them. I re-scanned the forum and our old art threads are not visible from the user end. In my opinion posting a new art thread in this forum is a great idea, but I no longer have the time to setup and upload everything from 2015. I wait with dread to have it removed in the future. This is telling me that not alot of users care about game-supporting artwork, it is a waist of time and energy. I have enough time these days to play for an hour, then draw art for another hour, and that's my week. Should I draw art for Warships and get 1x feedback, or draw art for Twitch streams and get 3x feedback? I can tell ya, the twitch art streams are less toxic, something to think about. I sent a transmission to the support team, this issue is back on their radar. For those who post art, recommend creation of your own .com page and post a link in the forum to all of your work pieces there. I am concerned about the copyright clause in the Wargaming EULA and the contest rules that mentioned all original artwork you post in the forum becomes property of Wargaming. With the .com page, you have copyright and deletion control, you can always post a link in the forum that points to your .com page, and links to that page can get more exposure to art fans outside the game-people who like your work and ask for commissions or special events art. I say post what you want here in the forum, know it will be deleted tomorrow, and be able to re-post your art or give up.
  2. Corpen_November

    Racial Slurs in Chat

    I saw player in a game chat using the word "Jap". It is a racial slur and if you use it be prepared for the consequences. Some players don't heed the warnings in chat and keep on going, so that's report time. Reporting a player in-game after the battle for misbehavior in chat may not be enough due to spam without proof. Recommend following up with a support ticket explaining the rule violation, citing the replay time and exact words said (in quotations, as spelled), with attached replay. Recommend typing JPN or IJN, it's the same effort to type 3 characters that mean Japan and is not racial. I dislike submitting reports on players that violate the EULA, but I continue to report the ones that do in my games. I have gone a month without a report until this month. So much for my good-game nice-guy streak. Players type alot of anger when their ships are destroyed. Get angry, but don't get racial. Sometimes it takes a report to slap them in the face about being professional in any game. Creating a report on a player takes on average forty-five minutes, to get the wording professional, to find the facts, the words said, the time said, and replaying the replay three times. Nobody has time for that. Take a step back. The world is watching all players. Twitch streamers and YouTubers are recording their games, players are broadcasting racial slurs across the planet.
  3. Corpen_November

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Why is the kanji 艦 omitted from the cards?
  4. Corpen_November

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Kancolle help. The dictionary has 3 kanji 駆逐艦,but the kancolle cards only have 2 kanji 駆逐. Where did the last kanji go?
  5. Corpen_November

    arpeggio of blue steel backpacks

    Recommend black. Black is more stylish for men. Black can fit with any clothing combination.
  6. Corpen_November

    Ship of the Week: T5 Texas - 15th to 23rd

    I am not even close to top 10. How do you get 400,000 points? Does the enemy line up every ship and open their citadels up like Transformers on the battle map for you? Submit the image anyway for posterity. 'Merica!
  7. Corpen_November

    Take This Survey: No Incentive For You

    We answer another survey of course. Hey, how much for that survey monkey? He's cute.
  8. Corpen_November

    Take This Survey: No Incentive For You

    Issue: Wargaming got my data, thanked me for giving them vital gamer information, and I got nothing for filling out their survey. A survey window popped up in my harbor after I logged on. I like surveys. Click. I spent a half hour and thoughtfully filled out the Wargaming World of Warships survey. Done. At the end of the survey was a thank you note, "Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your feedback is very important for us." That's it. My gamer data in exchange for...thirty minutes of game time. No other tangible incentive. I think I filled out four of these surveys since I started playing this game. In Japan, almost every survey clipboard girl or guy I saw standing outside the train station or game center thanked anyone who took the time to fill out their surveys, and handed those survey people a small incentive item (a pack of tissue, a little keychain-chan, a mini notepad, a thin cloth handkerchief, something useful, that the survey person would appreciate). In the US, people give their survey data away for free, that's what companies are counting on to sell you a better product. Recommendation: Here is how I would market surveys. ☐ Don't take the survey. That's thirty minutes of game time, two battles. Honestly, I would rather play two games and live with the xp from the victories/defeats, than fill out a survey that has a 5% chance of being reviewed with no xp at the end of it. Well, +1% real world survey xp. ☐ Look for an incentive note, somewhere on the page, mentioning a tangible/intangible incentive that would be given for completing the survey. or ""Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your feedback is very important for us. As an incentive for completely filling out our survey, please select one item from the following list: ☐ an official survey monkey pennant/gold star. A gold star is added to this pennant for every World of Warships survey you complete. This is a permanent in-game item tied to your user account. Fly it smartly into battle! ☐ an online coupon good for 10% off any online purchase, on top of anything we have on sale! ☐ a survey monkey that runs around your ship's main deck while it is in port. This is a permanent in-game item tied to your user account. Look at him go! ☐ a survey monkey commander. This is a permanent in-game item tied to your user account. Admiral Survey Monkey! ☐ an online coupon good for 10% off a Kancolle survey ship (10% bottom detection accuracy on shoal water battle maps). Don't run aground! *limit one survey regarding this current patch per user account. Coupon expires 30 days after survey submission date. Action stations!"
  9. Corpen_November

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Pigeon, I will gladly trade all of my Total Arena War paid items in exchange for a Total Arena War permanent ship's flag. The redeeming process for the cancelled game was too complex, I sighed and thought, "Just give me a permanent ship's flag for all those elephants and catapults I bought, a flag with a roaring elephant, or a catapult, or a gladius, or an arcus." Life is simple, make in-game trading simple. One-button options and an OK button.
  10. Corpen_November

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

  11. Corpen_November

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer 2

    I'll go if there is like a local WoWs community gathering to watch movies, wouldn't that be cool? We can all share popcorn and cry, "Torpedoes!" whenever torpedoes are seen in the movie.
  12. Corpen_November

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer 2

    I am saving up for the Alaska open purchase. Once the library gets the DVD the waiting time is about two months. That’s fleet time. Torpedoes in the water. Honestly, I thought the Japanese would capture the heart of all Godzilla movies. This one has too much...America in it. Wait and see. I will watch it probably when it comes out on DVD.
  13. Corpen_November

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Hello Pigeon, If funding were available in the aesthetics department, recommend adding the ship's mottos to the game. -Have the ship's motto added to the description popup. -Have the ship's motto spoken when the ship is selected in the ship selection menu (Like the commanders in Arena Total War) -Have the ship's motto spoken at the start of the battle -Have the ship's motto spoken from a CTRL+9+V hotkey. I am not sure that all ships in the current release version have their own historical motto from each country, something for the historians. The Arpeggio ships are covered. The Fujin will definitely have to be created from scratch, as long as its a thoughtful motto, not as blunt as, "ex nusquam torpedoes" in Japanese. I like the ship's horn soundings-they are fun. I think it would be hilarious to hear a fleet order during the battle, followed by someone's ship motto. An example budget from FIVERR voice over services charge $5 for 30 seconds: ≈ 300 warships in the game ≈ $1500 voice recording budget. ≈ 50 hours developer integration ≈ $2500 developer budget Players listen and learn a little history and foreign language before sinking.
  14. Corpen_November

    How could you pay for USS Alaska (CB-1)?

    I drew an Alaska Bravo variant for a World of Warships art contest a few years ago. My idea of modifying the gun mounts with four turrets was sunk by toxic player comments. Here we are, three years later, ready to steam forward with an Alaska in the US fleet. Times are changing. $69.00 for the ship as a Premium offer $25.00 for a WoWs Alaska challenge coin, coffee mug, ball cap $25.00 for permanent historical dazzle paint job $25.00 for a permanent Alaskan Husky painted on the Kingfishers and Seahawks wingspan $25.00 for an in-game Alaskan Husky howl sound file for the ship's fog horn $50.00 for a permanent Alaskan Husky ship flag $100.00 for a permanent Kancolle custom ship girl captain $319.00 Paypal. Take my money before I find another game to invest it in.