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  1. magnus392

    LWM resigns from the CC Program!

    I support LWM. Enjoy the exodus WG.
  2. magnus392

    Is Brawl a Joke?

    I think it is less of that in my limited experience and more that I don't have a div to play with and I have only been matched up against teams of complete Divs... That is some messed up MM. Div team vs Non-Div team, no contest and ship type imbalance to boot? WAWA WAAAAAAAAAA! GG WG, another feather in the cap of utter lunacy. Pass the vodka, you've had enough.
  3. magnus392

    Submarine Testing

    WG Russia is the only entity on the planet that thinks Submarines should be added to the game... I'm so glad I get to waste time filing out those survey's because you "care what I think." You obviously don't. Take a look at my spending history on this game. See the fall off and how it correlates to the CV re-work. Well you are about to finish the job.
  4. magnus392

    Is Brawl a Joke?

    Yes, this mode must be a total joke. Both matches I just endured were against 5 person div teams. The second, they had a CV and we did not. I done with the mode period and done with ships for the night after two absolute dumpster fire matches.
  5. You mean the long range sniping Meta that has dominated high tier play since the CV re-work? All this is has done is stagnated game play. I've played, I've watched the Youtuber's replays and like most of us feared the Commander Re-work is half baked.
  6. magnus392

    World of Face Rolls...

    WEEGEE is the only one with those kinds of numbers, and your definition is even more laughable than mine.
  7. magnus392

    World of Face Rolls...

    The weekend and holiday excuse is my favorite, comrade.
  8. magnus392

    World of Face Rolls...

    5 blowout losses 2 blowout wins 2 fairly even matches.
  9. magnus392

    World of Face Rolls...

    And so it begins. GJ. On the bright side, I found the ignore option.
  10. Perhaps we should rename World of Warships, World of Face Rollings... This getting old. Too many matches are just landslide beatings, win or lose they are seldom fun. But WG likes to insist that MM and team lineups are fine? I am sure there will be a litany of WG defenders and nay say'ers touting how great the blow outs are because they are wiz banging around in something that can actually move and reloads in less than a decade. I've been playing this game for several years. And while stealth fire was extremely frustrating, I have never been as frustrated by the state of the game and WG'ing direction than I am now. So flame away, just had to voice my discontent after yet another stupidly lop-sided blowout and a weekend of an obscenely long losing streak. It would be interesting to see how many old-timers like me are punching out because of crap like this. Blowout: Over in less than 10min and or Winning Team has three or less casualties.
  11. magnus392

    Special captains being nerfed to the ground.

    Kutozov was and always has been a MEME for Russian Bias Captain anyway, though he might (just maybe) not be as stupidly broken as Yamamoto fire rate increase when stuck on the Akizuki, KitaKaze or Haragumo... Gunter is the only other special commander that seems actually useable and that is pretty much only for secondary BBs. Halsey... Not worth... and the others, I glanced at, rolled my eyes and kept scrolling.
  12. magnus392

    How It Works: The Matchmaker

    I believe the old saying goes... Tell a lie long enough and loud enough it eventually becomes the truth? MM is broken, and WG refuses to acknowledge it. Landslide victories and defeats are not fun for anyone. The tiering is better but far from ideal still.
  13. magnus392

    Santa Crates

    Oh Wargaming... Rollback is unacceptable. You were called on a blatant misrepresentation. Refund is fine, Rollback is garbage.
  14. magnus392

    Flamu's Santa Crate Reality

    Yudachi and Makarov here... GG WG...WP. Were is my popcorn?
  15. Just got my Makarov and Yudachi... Yay... Zero Premium time... Welp, been a good ride.