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  1. ok so is the draw range the same for all ships or different? Is there some data I can see on this? Just curious
  2. so what's the difference between spotting range and drawing range?
  3. I believe if the target is the only one in your gun bloom range only he can target you and not other ships outside of your gun bloom.
  4. The gun bloom is 10km for a dd that shoots at a target within 10km. The gun bloom is actual target distance (up to max range) for a dd that shoots a target at a distance greater than 10km. That way, the target will always spot you and can shoot back at you, but at the same time the dd gun bloom is not automatically max gun range. Let me know.
  5. pmgaudio, i read the patch notes but it wasn't specific on the xp transfer from my udaloi to tashkent
  6. Hello, I currently have a tier 9 Udaloi with 150k xp on it. In the new patch, will I get the new tier 9 Tashkent with 150k xp on it (in addition to my Udaloi) as well?
  7. What happened to my Arizona?

    Chicken little chicken whiners lol
  8. What happened to my Arizona?

    Sucks to be you lol RNG
  9. Nice this is like 100 years worth of whiner tears lol
  10. yeah I saw that crapon Reddit already you [edited]Wargaming already responded lol
  11. What happened to my Arizona?

    I think it's hilarious these whiners are like chickens running with no heads
  12. This Reddit rumor is like reverse placebo lol. People start imagining all kinds of nerfs without any evidence lol.
  13. What happened to my Arizona?

    You better sue Wargaming go ahead and get a lawyer quick.
  14. No he just doesn't believe everything he reads on reddit like you do lol.
  15. The rage is strong because people believe everything they read on reddit lol.