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  1. Captain_Doll

    Earl Grey (Shame on You!)

    You know Kirk is a fictional character, right?
  2. Captain_Doll


    I thought it would have been releases around Dec 7 in honor of Pearl Harbor. Who knows with WG anymore.
  3. Captain_Doll

    Earl Grey (Shame on You!)

    Wow. Grey's comments were less than...inspired.
  4. Captain_Doll


    Out of that list, isn’t fair to say the Slava, Siegfried, and Indomitable have been shelved indefinitely?
  5. Captain_Doll

    Pan-European destroyer tech tree inbound.

    I don’t understand why Dutch, Polish, or Spanish units were not considered. This looks like a Swedish line. Just call it so instead of pan European.
  6. Captain_Doll

    Which russian ships are OP?

    (1) Kremlin pre-nerf (it remains to be seen if the nerf affected it's performance); (2) Sinop (3) Vlad pre-nerf (it remains to be seen if the nerf affected it's performance); (4) Smolensk (I can't decide if it is OP are just annoying as hell); (5) high tier cruisers are strong but I don't know if you can say they are OP.
  7. Captain_Doll

    Russian BB Win Rates and Russian Bias

    Win rate can correlate with a ship being OP. If a ship is OP, then the chances of it having a higher win rate is greater. Furthermore, the win rate coincides with what some members of the community are observing, i.e., the RU BBs are OP and more competitive than other ship lines. I wasn't using it as a end all be all mythology but looking at one specific stat (win rate) and looking toward whether it coincides with the communities perception. What the win rates reveal is: 1) Not a single RU BB is below a win rate of 50% 2) RU BBs have some of the highest win rates of the tiers. Does that show Russian bias? Well, there is no statistic that you can pull that will confirm bias because WG will dismiss it outright. But what the win rate does show is the RU BBs are winning, and winning on average more than other ship lines. I disagree that win rate can be outright dismissed. The first assertion is that you have to examine the community members actually playing the ship. The argument goes that less skilled players are playing the other lines. Maybe. But that assertion assumes less skilled players would not naturally gravitate to the ship that gave them the greatest chance of winning a match. The second assertion that win rate statistics will even out after years of playing ignores prior OP ships. I played this game when the Yamato dumped on Montana all day long and Yamato's win rate was always higher than Montana's. It wasn't until Yamato was nerfed (lost extra heal) and Montana was buffed that the win rate equalized.
  8. Captain_Doll

    Russian BB Win Rates and Russian Bias

    Yep. It's all there at wows-numbers.
  9. Hi All: Russian bias has been a recent topic as of late. So I thought we should look at the publicly available information to help guide the discussion. I used statistics at https://na.wows-numbers.com/. I also focused only on battleships between tier 6 and 10. These numbers relate only to the NA server; thus, other servers may have different statistics. Finally, I looked only at win rates. Because of the limitations in information, some ships such Izumo does not reflect recent buffs. So, lets dive into it. Tier X Kremlin has a win rate of 53.44%. The only two tier X battleships that have a better win rate are Ohio and Bourgogne. The Ohio does not have a lot of games to draw conclusions as to whether it is OP. Bourgogne appears OP, but it is a steel ship and one can assume only really good players have it. The weakest ship of the bunch is Montana ( 48.1%) and Yamato (48.9%). Thus it appears Kremlin is over performing and the recent nerf was justified. Tier IX Soyuz has a win rate of 51.75%. This seems inline with the other tier 9 BBs. Missouri leads the way with a win rate of 52.85%. Izumo brings up the rear at 48.38%. Missouri was pulled for being OP. There does not appear to be any Russian bias at Tier 9. Tier VIII Vlad has a win rate of 54.1%. Other than Mass B and Alabama ST, Vlad has the highest win rate. Interestingly, Mass is 53.8%. Thus, to the extent Vlad is OP, Mass should also be in the same conversation. However, Vlad is OP for tier 8 and its recent sigma nerf was justified. Tier VII Sinop has the highest win rate of 54.44% in tier 7. Nelson is next with 54.04% (which has been removed from the shop). It appears to me that Sinop is OP, especially since Colorado is in the same tier. Tier VI Izmail has a win rate of 52.78%. This tier is dominated by USN premium ships, specifically Arizona and West Virginia. Izmail does not appear OP. Conclusion- What is striking is that it does not appear Russia has any terrible weak BBs between tier 6 and 10. The BBs are either average or OP. The line does not have any duds like other lines (e.g, Colorado and Izumo). It seems WG ensured that Russian BBs are all very competitive between tier 6 and 10. It should be concerning to WG that between tier 6 and 10, Russian tech tree BBs have one of the highest win rates at tier 7, tier 8, and tier 10. Only premium steel ships can claim higher win rates for tier 8 and 10. Is there Russian bias? The statistics at least give some support to the notion that WG gave Russian BBs a slight advantage over the other lines.
  10. Captain_Doll

    Really what's wrong with Russian bias?

    To be fair, large scale airpower was an untested weapon system prior to WWII. The IJN was the first nation that able to launch a large scale and coordinated air attack with multiple carriers and air groups, and that was in 1941. Arguable, the USN air doctrine and capabilities would not match the IJN until 1943. Only in hindsight can the black shoe admirals be blamed for sticking to their tried and true battleships. Back the original topic, I dislike any national basis in WOWS. I don't know if I would call Georgia OP. I don't have it, but I am comfortable fighting it (it's armor just doesn't seem to hold up). I also think the German BB and cruiser line have been all but forgotten by the developers and need a hard look to bring them up to bar with the other lines. I'd like to see the Russian BBs nerfed and take more HE damage.
  11. Captain_Doll

    Russian Bias? Seems an Accurate Description to Me

    Wait until you get to the Zara. Some Tier 8 battleships can out spot you...
  12. Captain_Doll

    Russian Bias? Seems an Accurate Description to Me

    I’m not normally one to jump on the Russian bias bandwagon. But the new Russian ships leave me with the conclusion that there is a bias at WG, specifically in regard to high tier Russian ships. The italian ship line is a separate issue. The line does not feel complete. I think there should have been more testing after the SAP nerf. I also think the line needs it’s concealment lowered.
  13. Captain_Doll

    Ranked out in an Underated ship

    USS Sims. I ranked out in 20 games. She is an old premium but she can still contest a cap better than most DDs.
  14. I get your point. But I like my premium ships to have some history to them.