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  1. Agreed, especially in high tier matches. I've had a fun time with the Abruzzi but it is not for everyone.
  2. I purchased the Abruzzi on Friday and I have been playing it most of the weekend. I believe a few points about the ship need to be made- (1) LWM has it generally correct in that the Abruzzi requires a lot of patience to be successful. (2) It needs to be stressed that tier 7 cruisers are not in a great place with the exception of the Belfast and Fiji. I do believe comparing any ship to the Belfast is inappropriate b/c the Belfast is near, if not actually, OP. (3) I found most of my success with the Abruzzi on the flanks. (4) The Abruzzi is fast. So, in some maps, the Abruzzi can place herself in a good position to fire on enemy DDs trying to cap. Paired with a gunboat DD, the Abruzzi can do a lot despite the lack of a radar. (5) Abuse the concealment. Being a HE spammer is going to get you killed. These are just my thoughts. In Random, I believe the Abruzzi is a fine ship and it is closer to the "good boat" rating LWM uses when writing her reviews. In competitive, the best ships still remain Fiji and Belfast.
  3. The Yasan class may be good, but there is only one in active service. The remaining ships in the class have either been launched or still under construction. As for the CV refit, remember, the question was whether at this time (not in the future) can any European navy stand up to the Russian navy. As of now, the Russian CV has reliability issues. Whether a modernization/refit will solve those problems will remain to be seen.
  4. The age of a naval vessel is not the only factor to consider in this situation. The USN generally keeps their ships more up to date in relation to other navies. Further, US navy has more resources to conduct naval exercises than other nations. Russia's naval woes are well known. Sure, can Russia build and field a fairly modern naval ship? Yes. But can they do so at a large scale to wipe out a European navy? I have my doubts. Moreover, your example that Russia did not have a problem in Georgia misses the fact that that was generally a land war. The USN has yet to struggle in any conflict in obtaining dominance of the ocean or coastal areas.
  5. No European nation can match the Russian navy in size on paper. However, capability and readiness are entirely different question. Russia subs that are holdovers from the cold war are generally in poor repair. In addition, Russian's only CV notoriously breaks down to such a consistent degree that the ship rarely leaves port without a tug boat near by to assist in case of emergency. France and England, combined, do possess a generally well rounded Navy that could keep Russian naval forces at bay.
  6. I used the Kidd and NC and got to Rank 10 quickly. With regard to the Kidd, keep in mind she is a cap control/DD hunter. Unlike other DDs, her ability to deal with BBs is very weak. In addition, you have to be careful on how you handle a Lo Yang. Essentially, you have to bait it to (1) smoke up, and (2) engage it's hydro. A bad Lo Yang driver will get cocky and try to hunt you, which is what you want. The Kidd can trade hits with a Lo Yang and come out on top. If a Lo Yang beats you to the cap, then you have to be patient and wait fort it's Hydro to end.
  7. Asashio Incoming!

    What is the deal with this ship? It looks like a steaming turd. All it can do is torp BBs that sail in a straight line. It can't do crap against a cruiser and it cannot contest a cap without a lot of support. When this steaming turd is released, I'm going to run my best DD killing ships and make any player that buys this barge regret the $40 plus dollars they paid.
  8. Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    Thanks for the review. I’ll run my Kidd to hunt this turd down.
  9. I'm a BB main but I've only played the RN line up to KGV. I find spamming HE neither fun nor interesting.
  10. Premium Ship Preview: Asashio 0.7.2

    I never understood WG's issue with the BB population. First, BBs were always going to be destined to be a popular branch. Despite many BBs having "meh" wartime careers, BBs were capital ships and tend to be relatively famous compared to their cruiser and DD counterparts. Even carriers, which did the bulk of work in WWII, were not as well-known as many BBs (e.g., Arizona v. Enterprise). Second, the other classes are sometimes just downright punitive to play at certain points in the tier progression. Playing a cruiser in the tier 5 to 8 range can be a struggle given that many cruisers can be one shot by a BB. The only cruisers I can recall playing between tier 5 and 8 that I thoroughly enjoyed was the Fiji, Belfast, Prinz Eugen (I don't know why b/c I hated the Hipper), Cleveland, and the French premium. If WG wants to attract players from BBs, then giving cruisers some love might help. And let's not talk about CVs...
  11. French BB most in need of a buff???

    It has taken me awhile to adopt my play style, but I find the Gascogne okay as is without any need for a buff. In any event, the developers are going to want a lot more data before adjusting the Gascogne. The ship has only been out for a week.
  12. MM Power Spreads

  13. Premium Ship Review: Gascogne

    I'm going to have to get in a training room and test this out. I've driven my Roma in 200 plus games and I do not remember getting wrecked by DD AP. The closest experience I have is getting chewed up by Des Moines AP when I was broadside at less than 8 k. I blame myself more than Roma's armor because I was out of position. I ended the engagement by ramming the Des Moines. :) I find Roma to be one of the better tier 8 BBs in Random despite a lot of Roma complaints I've seen. The only time I feel completely out of place are in games where a tier 9 or 10 cv or present. In those games, I can't flank and have to stick close to strong AA ships to just survive the first 5 minutes.
  14. Premium Ship Review: Gascogne

    Thanks Mouse for the review. I especially like the material concerning shell flight time and penetration values.
  15. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Wow. I didn't realize I was the top Roma player. That'll change, I'm sure. For what's it's worth, my WR in the Roma is now 67%. I do not believe Roma needs a buff. She is competitive at tier 8. For those struggling with the Roma, I would keep this one principle in mind: Concealment is life for Roma. Roma can utilize its concealment as both an offensive and defensive weapon. Roma's excellent concealment allows you to flank opponents and it allows you to disengage when the battle turns against you. Constantly watch the mini map to determine if any ship is able to detect you under 11 km. If there is a ship that is able to detect you, you need to then assess whether you should (a) engage; or (b) move out a little past 11.1 km to ensure you will be and to disengage once you fire your guns. Now, let's address Roma's alleged weaknesses, namely her guns and armor. First off, you must understand that concealment is how Roma gets out of trouble, which is different than other tier 8 BBs. For example. USN BBs can get out trouble by "bow tanking" and utilizing their hard hitting guns. German BBs depend on their turtle back armor to get out of trouble. You cannot rely on Roma's armor or guns to save you if you are out of position and broadside to an enemy. Roma can "bow tank" somewhat, but fires will chew you down in short order. Further, when you start bow tanking with the Roma, you are giving up it's best advantage if the enemy is within 11.1 km of your ship. Roma's guns and armor is best used with her concealment, i.e., fire from concealment at a point when you are angling into the target. Once you go dark, repeat. I've turned tier 10 games by chipping away at tier X BBs because they cannot turn their guns around to fire at me before I go "dark." If you dislike using concealment on a BB, Roma is not for you. Do not play the Roma if you like to constantly engage opponents at 16-18k. Do not play the Roma if you like to charge into a cap with your secondary's blazing. I'm not the best WOWS player and make no representations that my way is the best way. I've had bad games in the Roma, but when I do, it is not because of the ship. Rather it is because my concealment was taken away and I could not disengage, usually because a DD or plane was keeping me spotted. Roma's an excellent ship and one of my most successful tier 8 BBs. I do not believe she needs a buff in the slightest.