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  1. Indianapolis Need Buff

    I wouldn't mind slightly buffing the rate of fire up to 5-6 rpm, cue balling was a thing.
  2. All that work to simply lose to a lone DD that the team couldn't finish off. Replay Here
  3. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10 Download the media creation tool and follow the instructions for performing a clean installation. The tool will download the latest version of Win10 with all cumulative updates to that point. Be aware that if you do a clean install you will need a valid Windows 7 or 8/8.1 key handy.
  4. Honestly, it was so easy to disable all the tracking features and ads that I didn't bother clocking how long it took me. Maybe 5 minutes? It was only slightly more difficult to remove all the pre-loaded crapware than it was to safeguard my privacy.(Still annoyed that Cortana can't be completely removed, only disabled.) Bottom line is this: If it's free, you're the product. And that's perfectly fine. Just keep in mind that come summer the update stops being free. If anyone is on the fence about it I would only say that the privacy invasion concerns are a bit overblown. Win10 is not plagued with ads, it's perfectly stable after the November update and the future can only be avoided for so long.
  5. After hearing some of the silly arguments in this thread against Windows 10 I feel compelled to chime in on this particular ignorance. Win10 still offers backwards compatibility mode for programs as in all previous versions of Windows.(Right-click>Properties>Compatibility>Select OS from dropdown.) Another thing you're mistaken about is that once you upgrade to Win10 you have 30 days to revert to your previous OS before the required files to do so are auto-deleted. If you have concerns about a particular game then spend some time actually researching the issue. So far I haven't had any issues with any of mine and some of them predate Windows 7. The biggest issue I've had since upgrading is Chrome/Edge dropping support for Java in the browser. As for those who are anal snowflakes about their privacy: all that stuff can be disabled. Some are as simple as changing a setting from On to Off while others will require usage of the old command prompt. Hell, you can even remove crap like OneDrive, GrooveMusic or Xbox if you don't want them via some text commands. I personally held off on upgrading to Win10 Pro from my Win7 Ult install until the November update because I used to believe all the crap I was hearing about Win10. Haven't looked back since.
  6. Just piping up to second AFT on the Nurnberg...dat 19.8km range! And unlike AFT on a Cleveland, your shots are likely to actually hit something.
  7. Nurn Capt. 10 Points to respec.

    The Nürnberg doesn't get it's engines/steering knocked out as much anymore thanks to the buff in the last patch so Last Stand is no longer a must.(If you feel it still happens to often then grab the Prop Mod upgrade over DC.) Throw Advanced Firing Training on it instead and laugh your way to the insane asylum as you now have a 19.8km range. Seeing as the Nürn is NOT an AA platform you should always be running the German hydroacoustic consumable. With that in mind I would recommend Superintendent over High Alert.
  8. It's a reference to a line in The Hunt for the Red October.