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  1. Desmopilot

    Best T9 cruiser -revisited

    I only have 500K FXP saved back up and was hoping to eventually get Alaska while it is still available. WOWS just sent me a 30% off coupon and a couple thousand free doubloons from crates, so I may just buy some doubloons on a discount and finally get the Alaska.
  2. Desmopilot

    Is the Anchorage worth getting?

    That was fun watching you outfox the pair of Minos. I've been of a mind to buy a ship lately. Haven't payed for a ship in quite a while. Love the look of the Alaska, but am intrigued by the gimmicks on the Anchorage. Would you say Alaska is the more enjoyable ship to play? I took a break from regular play and have been doing missions and co-op lately however. Not opposed to any of the game modes though.