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  1. Friday night down?

    Okay, in retrospect, this was a bad comment on my part. I apologize for my stupidity.
  2. Friday night down?

    Got disconnected as I logged in with my friends..... The match started and I was booted, yay WG fails again!
  3. WG, Please! Your player base has asked for it, the math makes it work, please just do it already. Seriously. Playing my T10 CAs and losing 140K credits with a premium account after doing 70K damage in a fight is ridiculous. On top of that, in the aforementioned battle I could not advance. It was ocean and there were 5 enemy BBs and my team's BBs sat back to play sniper. So, no capping. This is a perfect example of why you need to change it. If a critical portion of the team decides to not be in the fight, then you cannot score enough points to make up for your ridiculous repair costs. So please, for this example and the 10,000,000 other requests/gripes/suggestions/reasons and common damned sense of having the player base play the high end ships we work towards, lower the repair cost PERMANENTLY.
  4. Just had a game in my Montana.....Did not sit back, 125K damage and I did die. Still should not have lost 23K. Yes, I do have premiums. I am not [edited]too much as I can play my lower tier ships and make money. However, it does sorta spoil the happy mood of a great battle to come out with 125K damage, 2 cap point captures and only die in the last minute, to then lose money. So, I guess I needed 150K damage. Just seems a bit off still. The repair cost is still too high. Just my opinion. Taiona
  5. FIX THE DD MM Imbalance!!!!

    Guys, Please read. I have no issue with DDs being stealthy. I understand that if they aren't they are dead. With no CVs, the teams need balance in the DDs or one team is hosed!
  6. Seriously WG, There is no point playing if one team is going to have 4 DDs, (3T10, and 1 T8) and the other team gets 2 DD (1 T10 and a T7). One of the T10 DDs could have easily been moved. Fix it. This is so simple a 6 year old can figure it out. Not teamed or anything. So simple swap. You made the DDs invisble and able to burn BBs completely to the waterline without being seen. At least match the DDs so that there is a chance to be able to see them!!!!
  7. Russian DDs need a nerf now. There is no reason to play anything, but a Russian DD. You want torpedos (admittedly not the best ones), check. You want speed and maneuverability, double check. You want fantastic guns, CHECK! You want to use them all from stealth, DOUBLE DRAGON TRIPLE MONKEY CHECK!