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  1. Cleveland AA (or lack there-of)

    WOW! I could not disagree more with the OP. The Cleveland AA is EXTREMELY effective for tier VI. The only way i can possibly concieve of what you are referng to is if you are going against tier 8-9 carrier planes. Still, the Cleveland is an AA machine! As a carrier player I try to avoid them at all costs. I usually loose half my squadron or more near them. If i have to attack a cleveland i only do it with all squadrons at once. No single ship AA is going to prevent a swarm, but i still loose several planes. Playing as Cleveland I stat near BBs and hunt the planes going after them when i can. I love chasing TBs circling for a drop on a BB wearing their squadron down to almost nothing. I really do not know where you are coming from. The Cleveland AA is exceptional and possibly a little OP for its tier.
  2. My Thoughts on CV's

    I agree that the tiers have a big gap between carriers compared to surface ships, would be nice if this is addressed. One time I got dropped in a match on my VI Independence vs 2 VIII carriers, miserable match. 2 vs 1 This is not a big problem in my opinion as long as 2 CVs are equal or lesser tier to 1 CV. If you are facing 2 carriers, you need to be a team player... do what ever you can to keep the other 2 carriers occupied with you therefore taking both of them out of the fight. If they are chasing after you then they are not attacking your team and therefore you have a 1 ship advantage. This applies to most cases but if you are single carrier against 2 Jap Ships and they are hunting you then you WILL need 1 or 2 Cruisers to support you with AA. It doesn't make for a fun match usually but I have gotten "Clear Skies" achievement before going 1 vs 2 so you can still be effective. Learning to adapt strategies to different situations is part of the game. I doubt the US carrier skippers at Midway were saying "No fair, they have 2 to 1 advantage!"
  3. I hate it when the mount fails.
  4. Invisible adversaries?

    I think it is possible that a Destroyer can shoot you with out being detected. Some mid and upper tier US destroyers can actually shoot "invisible". Just inside their max range and outside of I think its 11km as long as no other ships are close enough to detect them.
  5. Thanks Cheesehead! Someday we will have a quarterback and then.... See ya in game.
  6. Some directly hit and can penetrate (seen it, done it). DBs purpose are to HIT the ship from above where the armor is weak. Hits frequently result in crits or setting the ship on fire. There IS still a chance to do splash damage on a near miss, but that is not the goal. In regards to my OP: There is no splash, no explosion, nothing... so no "splash damage" occurs either.
  7. Currently I have a maxed USS Independence Standard loadout (1 FF 1 TB 1 DB). I have all the Captain perks relevant to CVs and all modules for fighters are maxed. I have been noticing that on Manual Drops for DBs that sometimes no bombs drop. Many times I have had a "perfect" bracket of a target ship and then Zoom in to watch... and nothing.. DB returns to ship. I do not see bombs miss, I do not see them hit, nothing. When bombs miss you see water splashes near the ship or explosions if they hit. I am seeing nothing. Planes simply take their run, and return. I have been primarily noticing this occurring when I have a perfect or near perfect run on the target ship (when yellow circle is perfectly around ship at drop point) because that's when I tend to zoom in and watch the fireworks, but no fireworks! I understand misses happen, but misses shouldn't be occurring on a perfect bracketing of enemy ship. Furthermore, I'm not even seeing the "miss" splash! It seems as if there is simply no bomb drop in these occurrences. Wonder if anyone else has been seeing this happen. Hope this issue is looked into.
  8. Bogue Aircraft Loadout Tips

    I still like the 1 Fighter and 1 TB loadout the best. you have fighters to help clear the skies and TB for the Damage and EXP grind. Also you have a decent reserve which I think is 8 reserve per squadron so you get a complete 2nd wave +2