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  1. Longknife27

    Premium Ship Review: Molotov

    Definitely noticing the up tier, very few matches where a 6 isn't surrounded by 7 and 8's. Think the tier 5 matches are as bad or worse, but having fun even with the steep learning curve of the Kirov and Molly, why I was asking. Appreciate the tips and working on the Buddy now but will likely keep the Kirov and Molotov, love the guns just not sure I'm setting up my Captains well. Reworked them with the helpful hints here, hopefully with better results. Danke folks Nice match there GA!
  2. Longknife27

    Premium Ship Review: Molotov

    Just picked up the Molotov and was wondering why the AA has such a poor rating, It has 3 more 37mm's then the Kirov and quite a few smaller 12.7's plus the array of 45mm's. Is this more paper redux because of tier or is their performance reduced from that of the Kirov? As an example from my experience (not a rock star in any vehicle and lacking in overall XP compared to any in this forum) I noted that the Emden has a fairly poor paper gun rating but performs very much on par with my Dresden, just wondering about stats over actual performance. Question 2 if I may, is the CE or radio location better as my first 4 point skill for my Molotov? Many Thanks for the reviews, tips and help from the community - LK