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  1. b101uk

    Historical Scenarios, Your thoughts

    I would like to see something based around the arctic convoys, like convoy PQ 17 from Iceland to Archangel (Арха́нгельск) which had a good selection of ships for both sides, like DoY, Tirpitz, Admiral Hipper, USS Washington (NC class), USS Wichita, and various other ships that Fiji, Sims, New Orleans, Haida/Cossack, Z-23, Graf Spee could stand if for being of the same class, plenty of aircraft too, plenty of subs (if they arrive), and HMS Illustrious (CV) could stand in for HMS Victorious when the RN CV's arrive. from SE of Svalbard into the white sea to Archangel, it would be cool too if it was 30min to 45min long and was on a new 64km x 64km or larger size map.
  2. b101uk

    Constructive Feedback For WG RE: Events

    I think people are forgetting the free stuff you get along the way, and as the old say goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch, though in this case its a very reasonable $1 an you get to miss 8 directives.
  3. b101uk

    German Large Caliber BB Guns

    if your optical observation height is 30m above the sea, then the horizon is ~19.55km away, if another ship is 35km away the lower ~18.73m of it is hidden, and that's assuming a perfectly smooth sphere, add in waves where you are, the horizon is and where the other ship is, and both the horizon distance gets shortened and the other ship can be closer while hiding more of itself, likewise because the bottom half of the other ship is hidden, you will have trouble identifying it, its size and its distance beyond the horizon etc. which is why not much has been hit ship-wise much above 24km.
  4. I don think of it as a problem, just think of the extra XP.
  5. b101uk

    German Large Caliber BB Guns

    height of the target directors and other associated systems above the water level? most main guns can fire much further than they can target another ship due to the curvature of the earth, the extra range above that is only of use for in-land bombardment, as you can know your position if you have the coast in sight by accurate triangulation and because you are trying to hit a position on a map, you can establish a range and bearing without the need to optically sight it or later get a radar range and bearing.
  6. I got the Z-23 one too, yet to get Z-23 though
  7. @Lert you may have more of a leg to stand on if you got the Salem with your coal.
  8. there were more than enough people moaning about the rewards of sprints being lower than the regular ranking that finished not that long ago, and the sprint rewards are in keeping with the easer nature of the sprints. explain the logic behind removing the already weak rewards (vs regular ranked rewards) if the reality is, it's more setup for the newer player than seasoned players, even though the latter can enter. it would be easer if they just removed the seasoned players based on some number of PvP games, after all the seasoned PvP players have just had their ranked which excluded many newer players based on tier of ship.
  9. on the other hand they could just exclude ALL players with more than 1000 PvP battles from the sprints, and leave the sprints to the people who are newer else seldom play PvP
  10. I think its is still too early to change the ships wholesale, I think each ship should be in for 6 to 9 months, as people need time to collect resources, likewise some ships should be permanently (2 years) in the arsenal, however I do think for ships changing in a projected <1 year time they should have an expected date of removal shown which can only ever be extended and never shortened, so people have a target date, and there is less room for moaning at WG when its removed on that date, or prise for WG should it be extended with a new date. e.g. I got Salem ~24h ago, bit if it wasn't for the 45k coal I have got from SC over the past few months and the 25% discount off the full price, it would probably be Q1 2019 until I had got it, being as I almost exclusively play PvE now.
  11. or an automated grouping system formed automatically when 3 or more ships (DD/CL/CA) are in proximity which forms a "hotspot" type zone around the group which perturbs the XP given, and BB's can only be within the hotspot if they are keeping pace. the hotspot could be somewhat oval in shape with 3 transverse bands, the foremost band for DD, the middle band for CL/CA and the rearmost band for BB, BB's not within the hotspot get quite a big XP drop (unless BB's are the only ships left, win which case normal XP is applied), while DD, CL/CA get little in the way of XP boost per se as their boost is in the form of survivability due to support of other ships in the group and the BB's keeping pace, it also allows DD's and CL/CA to play outside of the hotspot without much XP penalty, likewise the more DD, CL/CA forming the automated group the bigger the hotspot gets.
  12. b101uk


    it can appear twice in the preferences.xml, if so you need to change both instances of "<isReplayEnabled> false </isReplayEnabled>" to "<isReplayEnabled> true </isReplayEnabled>" otherwise the latter false will cancel out the first true.
  13. you could always just delete them, then click on the WoWS properties in Steam and verify the files, and Steam will just replace any missing files, if you do it a few hours before you intend to play, then steam should have plenty of time to download the files without impinging on your play time, that assuming you have a >16mbps (>2MBps) download speed.
  14. my one finally arrived some time within the last 9 hours, I guess they fixed the cause in the backend, as I hadn't sent a ticket yet.
  15. b101uk

    halloween premium camos?

    I got one for the Z-23 (Steel Rat) yesterday from one of the RN event pumpkin drops at the completion of the 3rd directive, came with a 10pt commander too (James D. Breese), I just don't have Z-23 yet.