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  1. b101uk

    ZF-6 Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I get the feeling the two person games are a bug with the MM, went for a couple of hours today with nothing but two person games even though the MM page was suggestive that the population was there to have more than two people, s I quit the game and restarted it immediately and now have full games.
  2. b101uk

    ZF-6 Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    My main motive for getting her with doubloons was the steel, if I do all the stages it will give me the exact amount of steel I need for Bourgogne by the time the next coupon drops in June, which is a ship I have wanted since she arrived in the armoury, and I want to make sure I get her before she goes the way of some others that were in there, as I fear her leaving before xmas which will probably be the next time I will get steel.
  3. b101uk

    Lets take a look at CV's together.

    I am well aware and long have been, as many are, now ask yourself why they seek to make CV harder or to be nerfed, could it be they wish to cement their position still further, so they can be even more of an edge-case, or perhaps they just have a distorted view of how easy CV are because they do so well in them they just cannot fathom how far the majority are away form them n the bell curve of CV skills.
  4. b101uk

    Lets take a look at CV's together.

    you can find the numbers yourself, you know where to look now, and should be able to make your own mind up by looking across all servers and the historic record of past going back months or more. When i said "your personal KPM maters not" I was talking of players as a whole looking at their KPM form some other resource, rather than you directly in this instance.
  5. b101uk

    Lets take a look at CV's together.

    individual ships don't matter, what matters is the average performance week on week, or 2 month period for both high tier and low tier BB vs CV etc across ALL servers, which gives the average performance for ALL players in respective ship classes as a whole. as such most of the time across most server high tier and low tier BB are out performing high tier and low tier CV on average most often, and when you look at the top 100 players in each class for a given period the average damage for BB is higher than for CV as a function of average damage across all their games. see Average (pl based) ship class and Average (un based) ship class, and ship class (hi) and ship class (lo) in both the 1week and 2 month, including historic preceding weeks across all servers. your personal KPM maters not, which is why you can have the most kills and still be near the bottom of the score board on your team or why you can have zero kills and be near or at the top of the score board of your team, given you have facilitated others in achieving their kills etc.
  6. yes, you need to 38,150 doubloons upfront (the two booster packs and the remainder stages of 2200 doubloons each), then proceed with the dockyard masons over this and the next update to get the 200 steel and 3000 coal per stage. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/hamburg-dockyard-zf-6/
  7. b101uk

    Lets take a look at CV's together.

    I would say it is YOU that doesn't know how to read a table, go try again with your glasses and maybe wipe your screen and move closer to it, as I didn't use the Agro damage value. yes a kill removes a ship, BUT a BB's job is about doing large amount of damage which aids other ships with faster firing guns or aircraft to finish it off by being presented with a ship with much diminished health that they can capitalise on killing when that BB's next salvo is better spent on taking chunks of health from some other ship with large amount of health if there is one available, so it too can be dealt with by ships with faster firing guns more easily, remember it is a team effort and the fact that someone else gets the kill is neither here nor there if the BB aids them in reaching that by making it easer for them.
  8. b101uk

    Lets take a look at CV's together.

    Generally speaking, as a function of both high and low tier, BB's mostly top CV via any of the averaging methods or the top 100 per class across all servers in the main. KPM is an erroneous stat, CV have a higher KPM simply because they in the main are the longest surviving ship that get to mop up significantly damaged ships that other ships like BB etc have done the principle damage to which aids the CV et al in finishing them off, in principle you can have a high number of kills in a game and STILL come near the bottom of the team score, on the other hand you can have zero kills and still come near the top of the team score, because you have done large amounts of damage that others with faster firing guns or CV's etc get to capitalise upon in delivering the coup de grâce. am NOT wrong, and you are the one being deliberately disingenuous as you are well known for being on this subject in your quest to sow misinformation, given you have been called out on it many times for being disingenuous by other than myself, as I can only guess you want change in CV's so you can further cement your position as being one of the top CV players on the EU server by playing on the anti CV rhetoric of the great unwashed masses.
  9. b101uk


    I use to have a Neptune manual secondary build before the skills rework just for the lols in co-op.
  10. you definitely don't need an SSD for WoWs, believe my I have 6 x SSD in my PC and WoWs lives on a HDD as I found little need to have it on SSD.
  11. b101uk

    ZF-6: A Solid Dockyard DD

    I have been enjoying my ZF-6 in co-op as someone who is a BB & CL/CA main and doesn't play DD that often. My first game in her yesterday in co-op just after the servers were up after the update, so if I can do it, I am sure others can do it much better and more often. 20210414_133021_PGSD529-ZF-6_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay
  12. b101uk

    ZF-6 Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    you can also do the 5.5mil in operations and leverage flags for both credits and XP's, if its the last remaining one to be done.
  13. b101uk

    Ship picks for operations

    VI: CL/CA: London, Leander, Perth, Huanghe, Graf Spee. BB: Mutsu, Warspite/QE, Arizona, VII: CL/CA: Fiji, Atlanta/Flint, Boise. BB: Nelson, KGV/DoY, Scharnhorst, Sinop, Lyon, Florida, Poltava
  14. b101uk

    Where is the Vampire II?

    23rd she will arrive
  15. b101uk

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    thought I would drop this in here, my first outing in tier IX ZF-6 - keeping in mind I am not a DD main and mistakes were made 20210414_133021_PGSD529-ZF-6_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay