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  1. Captain's skills?

    while I| would agree that AFT is a double edge sward and there is not much AA to improve to advocate it, the RN Jervis and Cossack have given me pause for thought, as I get the perceivable feeling that the mid-range gunnery sweet spot gets pushed out that extra 1km, meaning it coincides better with the range that you or other DD will be spotted. e.g. using the Dunkirk op as an example and alternating between Jervis and Cossack with my two RN commanders, one with AFT and one without, there was definitely more instances of first salvo kills of the boats at medium range with AFT than without, almost as if that very slightly tighter grouping was enough to tip the balance to a kill rather than 80% damage and having to take a second shot or shoot a second salvo. so I wouldn't drop AFT from all of your RN DD's commanders, but do some testing, especially if you get Jervis in a container, or can run two commanders in tandem one with and one without until the RN DD line drops on the 19th of next month, or you get Cossack in the meantime.
  2. What in the? Mutiny?

    see keyboard key ghosting, and keyboard Key jamming vs. key rollover number. when e.g. a combination of 3 or 4 keys are pressed at the same time that are on the same matrix of the keyboard can cause all or many other keys to ghost until that same combination is pressed again, else the 3rd key in the sequence is pressed again.
  3. Dynamo Bug?

    maybe there is or should be a hidden achievement, a bit like the "save commander Jenkins" achievement, and because something is not coded correctly, if Park's survives the achievement is not awarded and it causes a bug due to there being 1 extra ship than normal. i.e. if its erroneously coded so no more than 10 ships should survive, and if Parks makes 11 ships, what happens at the end when the value of ships falls outside the >1 <10 range that 11 ships would be, or for that matter the ship maths at the threshold of ><=7 and >10, or 0 other ships bar Parks.
  4. Dynamo Bug?

    cant say I have observed that when Parks gets to the end, but I will keep my eye out now.
  5. probably because they would be more prone to missing the ship all together and would be just as useless as hitting the belt unless you were at point blank range, which given we are talking US 5"/38, is not where your US BB should be in the main.
  6. then they would need multiple aim points, as it is they are best used at range to take advantage of the softer BB superstructure etc via the angle of fall, in essence if they are hitting the belt your not playing to their strengths of keeping above their medium range distance but instead their limitation when it comes to BB's. i.e. be within your secondary range BUT outside their secondary range in the main when it comes to other BB's which don't in-game have strong secondary's or have shorter range secondary's.
  7. with the exception of perhaps the ultimate frontier operation due to defeats being prevalent, it takes a lot to earn more XP in coop than operations, you could steamroll coop matches as 5min battles and you would still be hard pressed to achieve the XP of a 20min operations on average. add into that, flags and the gap between coop and operations in on-average XP gets much wider. In essence a PVE orientated division who worked well together in the best tier X ships in coop to pull off consistent 5min coop battles would get more XP steamrolling 20min operations in tier VI, VII and VIII ship operations.
  8. Patch?

    a reasonable excuse is, it is an experiment that is currently restricted to two tiers as part of a wider test, therefore its not necessary to apply the same things too it as established permanent game modes.
  9. 5" is not 38mm, the 38 is the barrel length in calibres
  10. the only problem I see, is that on week 3, Operation Dynamo will be out of rotation, meaning the only way you can play Operation Dynamo is with a division (much like any operation that is not the operation of the week), i.e. the currant rotation of Operation Dynamo is active until the 3rd Oct, and as there are 9 operations, it will be 9 weeks before it comes around again.
  11. so is this the full Bœuf Bourguignon rather than some vegetarian knockoff
  12. its meant for going after exclusively big things with large health pools, that will translate to significantly more damage per kill, unlike MOST other DD's whos kills a made up of lots of other DD's, CL/CA and some BB's/CV's.
  13. that's because its principle targets (BB & CV) have much bigger health pools, as it can ONLY go after BB or CV with torps, unlike most other DD's. if you look at average experience for Asashio on some servers its marginally lower than the top performers in average experience, and on other servers is marginally higher than the next top performers
  14. there are going to be some RN event missions that can be completed in scenarios. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/royal-navy/
  15. remember all the fuss from the CC's and alike over Asashio, sometimes they just don't know their [edited] from their elbow and just have to peddle controversy to make videos or try to be relevant.