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  1. Out of interest, do you see the new type PR permanent camo available for your original PR (either free or at additional cost) in your PR permanent camo listing? or are just the original PR permanent camo shown? indicating the potential that there is in essence two instances of the PR ship (original and new), or that there is just one unified instance.
  2. b101uk

    PR Abuse

    But as per my statement you can tell the OLD from the NEW by the decretive plaques and the different camo pattern. nowhere did I say anything about there being multiple base modals. BUT the question of IF there is 2 or 1 base modal can only really be answered by looking through the files, or by someone who has unlocked the new one and set it in port without a camo on it, and if the decretive plaques are still in place, and\or by someone who has the original too and unlocked the new one, to see if they have available to preview the new type camo on the original PR. if the new type camo is not available for original PR who have unlocked the new PR for the certificate, then it would suggest that there are either two base 3d modals, or the single PR 3d modal is referenced by 2 intermedarery files that create a PR1 and PR2 that are separate to camo files, and the latter references the single PR 3d modal and a decretive plaques 3d modal and combines them, hence the decretive plaques are shown with no camo active, and why the old and new camo are not available to origanal PR owners who have also unlocked the new PR for the certificate. creating an additional notion of the PR1 in the form of "ship" file that combines the PR 3d modal and a decretive plaques 3d modal into a new PR2 would only be a couple of KB of extra file space, and would split the availability of camo's.
  3. b101uk

    PR Abuse

    I think you can actually tell the difference between the original PR and the new PR. The new PR if you look at the two funnels, they have decretive plaques on the side of both of them, the original PR doesn't have this, also the the permanent camo has a different pattern. Original PR (no decretive plaques on funnels and old type permanent camo) New PR (with decretive plaques on funnels and new type permanent camo)
  4. b101uk

    Rank Go To Ships

    the one and only time I did bronze, I used BB's, Duke of York seamed to be the stand-out BB for me, relatively low detectability and hydro, giving a 64% WR and 50% battle survival, but this was back in season 3.
  5. b101uk

    The Return of Puerto Rico

    In some ways I don't like that fact that its returning, as it cheapens/devalues the time and effort put into originally getting it, especially to those of us that did it on both our NA and EU accounts, and who disagreed with much of the criticism that was levelled at WG, when much of the misrepresentation came from the youtube/twitch crowd, who much overstated the ease. besides there is not much in the way of tier X left I want.
  6. b101uk

    Submarines Survey

    clearly you need to do more research on behaviour of people. clearly you need to do more research on why forum posts and polls etc should be taken with a grain of salt.
  7. b101uk

    Submarines Survey

    you would expect opinions voiced here to be the same as reflected on reddit, discords, youtube, in game chat, etc. BUT one also has to look at the bigger picture, ALL the people who entered the thread and choose not to vote on the poll, their indifference dose count, and indifference group are normally by far the biggest %. the other problem is it takes a much smaller negative reaction to something to encourage a post or vote than it takes to illicit a positive post or vote. basely threads and polls like this just end up as mass stroking and reinforcement of confirmation bias.
  8. if the were going to give them realistic speed, the would have to have a massive increase dive time, make them harder to detect, and start them further forward than other ships, the ping mechanic would have to be removed, and while slow they would become much more lethal.
  9. b101uk

    Submarines Survey

    I would say there is an inherent bias (submarines survey thread title), which will attract people more of a specific bias to respond. as opposed to say a general survey with a diverse range of questions and the odd sub question obfuscated within a mass of unrelated diverse questions to vote on, thus you are not pitching the survey to one bias or another.
  10. so what happens to perma camo that can be applied to any ship of a specific tier (e.g. New Year - tier VIII) that has yet to be applied to any ship? as on my EU A/C I have 6 x New Year - tier VIII that have yet to be applied to any ship. would that translate to (once the change is implemented): 6 x visual only camo permanent camo (tier VIII ship once applied to a specific ship) 6 x -10% post battle service cost (permanent bonus "tokens" tier VIII ship once applied to a specific ship) 6 x +50% XP per battle (permanent bonus "tokens" tier VIII ship once applied to a specific ship) and that the 6 x post battle service cost "tokens" and the 6 x +50% XP per battle "tokens" could be applied to up to 12 ships (six ships per type at tier VIII), now that the bonuses are all separate?
  11. Ah, just assumed there would be a service cost reduction and credit boost, much like a tier X camo.
  12. suppose a permanent camo would convert more games into break-even/profit by the reduction of service costs?
  13. homing torps were during WW2 and in the period up to the mid 50's either acoustic homing, wake homing. radio controlled and wire guided are manual control, and while radio controlled is ok for the above period, they have very limited range, as radio waves don't like passing through water, while wire guided torpedoes are a later development closer to the 60's and were most often the domain of subs and not surface ships.
  14. the problem is, homing torps were not much good if your launch platform was a conventional surface ship, due to your own ship being to noisy, in the era being depicted. i.e. you are pushing the notion of artistic licence far further equipping them to surface ships than subs torps or air-dropped torps.
  15. on my EU account which is my alt, i removed all the commanders off my seldom played ships to fill the vacant commander slots, thus every time a tier X, Y or Z sub rental ends, I end up with 2 extra slots filled with base commanders which is 6 slots per week, once its over I will delete them so I have an expanded amount of commander slots.