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  1. b101uk

    Tier X Plans?

    I would like to see some tier IX/X operations (which could be hard mode for the tier VII/VIII operations, while the hard mode for the tier VI operations could be tier VIII/IX ships - enemy ship tiers and number of ships are raised in hard mode) which would mean each weekly operation would have normal and hard modes, the latter giving more use to tier IX/X in PvE
  2. b101uk

    Manual Secondaries Targeting

    there have been occasions in tier VII operations (Narai) of late since the last patch, that you cannot select ships and the curser icon will have "auto" text in the middle of it at all times the curser is visible, making it imposable to select ships. as a result your manual secondary commander/ship will be firing secondary's at the closest visible ship without a target being selected but with the accuracy of the manual secondary's commander skill. at the same time this is happening the F3 function to notify people to target a specific ship or structure doesn't work as it is permanently locked to a structure target (Duke if I recall), which is the last pillbox before you enter the harbour (not the pillbox in the harbour)
  3. I said and you quoted learn to read
  4. b101uk

    Another CV plea for iconic warplanes.

    if you look at the fly, strike win section in-game, one of the splash-screens that is shown when a new directive is available, is a "blueprint" of a Sea Fury FB11
  5. b101uk

    British Tier 8 Premium Cruiser Suggestions

    BUT and here is the crucial parts: YOU are NOT using Exeter as a training ship to train for Exeter specific skills, thus it makes no difference. YOU are NOT using Belfast as a training ship to train for Belfast specific skills, thus it makes no difference. as for Belfast needing IFHE to be effective or its AP being less effective, I don't find any notable difference regardless of if my 19pt Minotaur commander is in it or my 19pt Daring commander is in it, or for that mater my 19pt Conqueror commander is in it, because I don't set the skills as per the training ship I set them to the destination ship.
  6. b101uk

    British Tier 8 Premium Cruiser Suggestions

    the lack of smoke on Exeter or the fact is has HE too doesn't change its training potential for any of the RN CL line, that fact it is tier V is its biggest handicap making it no use for operations. the lack of torps on Belfast or the fact is has HE too doesn't change its training potential for any of the RN CL line, the fact it is no longer available to many people is its biggest handicap. spec for the destination ship not the training ship.
  7. I didn't say it was an 18-inch Iowa you should go back and read ALL my posts in this thread to understand what I was referring to, rather than jump in feet first without looking.
  8. b101uk

    Modern presidential yacht

    wasn't that because of his declining health in the main?
  9. b101uk

    Wows Nightly News 22: CV rumors

    the teleprompter wants a bit of a look at: rockets can dive bombs....
  10. b101uk

    British Tier 8 Premium Cruiser Suggestions

    As a trainer you want it for training and you WILL spec the commander for the destination ship and NOT the training ship, thus it doesn't matter if it has HE in addition to standard AP.
  11. b101uk

    British Tier 8 Premium Cruiser Suggestions

    The Bellona subclass was better at AA, a bit like what Flint is to Atlanta. the problem is, there is actual anecdotal information from multiple people who were stationed on them of the of achieving better than 10rpm per gun for periods of a couple of mins before fatigue started to lower the fire rate down to ~8rpm also keep in mind the shell that was fired was x1.45 the mass of the US 5"/38, so a single broadside was ~10kg heavier than Atlanta's (vs. a 10 gun Dido), or ~9kg lighter than Flint (vs. a 8 gun Bellona). add to that the comparative range differences of having x1.35 the range of US 5"/38, the extra range could make up for the slower firing rate vs. Flint/Atlanta, while the torps would put it in flints territory in that respect.
  12. b101uk

    British Tier 8 Premium Cruiser Suggestions

    I would like to see one of the latter Dido class or improved Dido (Bellona-class) at tier VII
  13. change the port to some other port. (blue/white anchor icon on top left)
  14. dude, look at South Dakota-class like Alabama or Massachusetts and compare them Iowa's et al placement. just because Georgia takes it to a greater extent doesn't mean what I said was wrong.
  15. b101uk

    Premium Minotaur Captain Trainer?

    on the ~27th the next patch should be putting ~50 ships in the arsenal (new name to be the Armoury), so there is a chance Nelson (tier VII BB) will be added and a small possibility that Belfast (tier VII CL) may though probably not, but you will probably need doubloons in the main. the only RN ships available in the premium shop today that have any use in currently available operations are tier VI Warspite (BB) and tier VI Gallant (DD) in tier VI operations [Killer whale, Aegis, Defence of naval station Newport] or tier VII Duke of York (BB) and tier VII Hood (BB) in tier VII operation [Narai] (operation in bold indicates it is the currant weekly operation, which is easy to join by selecting it as you would coop or random battle types, operation in italics can only be joined by getting together a division of players via the likes of the in-game "operations" chat room, which can be hit and miss dependent on the time of day and what is the currant weekly operation)