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  1. and according to you there is nothing ambiguous about using British English spelling from a specific source but using some other meaning for that word that differs from that specific source descriptions meaning, that is some real head up [edited] logic there. some exception to rules do NOT prove the absence of an overarching rule, in every set of rules there are derogations to which the rule doesn't apply or are excepted, like the meaning of billion being short scale meaning and not long scale meaning, likewise a couple of thousand exceptions like there are do not outweigh the entire number of words in British English that also happen to have common meaning in all forms of English. International schools, are NOT indicative of national schools, likewise you bring Europe into it, and in the EU British English is the mandated form of English, while in India where English is used as an official second language of government etc the meaning is that of British English, likewise you seam to forget that many places that have inherited English by one means or another and where it forms part of Government workings and law making have laws enshrining which English and its meaning that take precedent to avoid ambiguity. Yes American companies dominate web hosting etc, but they have NOTHING to do with the creation of 99% of the stuff they host, likewise the most common icon for the English language page used around the world is a diagonal hybridisation of the US and UK flags, while the most common URL form for English specific pages is /en, with /us appearing most often in URL associated with the NA market, due to the products being NA market area specific and having their own web portal from other parts of the world were the products have to conform to different standards thus the specification differ, now if you live in America is it really any wander that most often when you search for a product be it large of small you end up on the NA specific portal with URL with /us or /na in it, while I end up most often at portal with /eu and /en or /en-gb or /gb in it, while /uk tends to be avoided because of it .uk being a TLD, ccTLD, or SLD DNS form.
  2. you do realise the absolute absurdity of you proposing they using British English spelling (The Concise Oxford English Dictionary, twelfth edition) but not the meaning contained therein, given British English is the mandated English working language of the UN. likewise clawing at the few exceptions to that don't NOT disprove the very well documented working of the UN and their use of British English spelling and meaning, for instance, the US meaning of Billion is short scale (1,000,000,000) while the British meaning of Billion was long scale (1,000,000,000,000), and short scale is now what most governments use for financial etc use, ergo the US short scale meaning is the predominant now, hence the exception. as for the NA portal and global events (rather than server specific event run specifically by the NA arm of WG) you would expect much the same English text used in all the web portals that have English pages, as for more people speaking American English than all other English dialects combined, you do realise English taught in much of the world and used by people who speak English as a second language are taught British English and meaning, likewise ALL the other forms of English users exceed the total population of the US and Canada given there are alone estimated to be somewhere between 450 million and 2 billion (US short scale meaning) second language speakers, many of which attribute British meaning.
  3. b101uk

    iChase.. opens the door.. to leave?

    you are clearly a very deluded individual who thinks everyone should shirk their personally responsibility for the things they have said , and if CC want there freedom to say what they want within reason then they should accept ALL that come with that, like the buck stopping with them for there own words, and the ONLY time it would be solely WG fault would be if CC were paid shills who were told by WG what to say, and as they weren't told what to say by WG then the buck stops with the CC for their own comments. people like you typify some of the ills of society today in shirking personal responsibility.
  4. you could have let the 3 boosters run their course into Jan 2020, then before the cut-off point purchased it for a reduced doubloon value once more of the build was done.
  5. b101uk

    iChase.. opens the door.. to leave?

    I am sorry, but it is NOT for WG to have people watching and looking at every bit of speculation or to correct erroneous info from third parties, and if CC's etc want the ability to speak in an unfettered manner then they should accept all that comes with that, like the buck stops with them for their own comments just like for anyone else.
  6. b101uk

    iChase.. opens the door.. to leave?

    when people are not part of the chain of command, the buck stops with them for their OWN errors.
  7. b101uk

    iChase.. opens the door.. to leave?

    that works BOTH ways, but then some of us are not hoodwinked by popular opinion of others based on their own speculation that ended up being wrong.
  8. b101uk

    iChase.. opens the door.. to leave?

    I didn't say WG is 100% innocent, but they are getting significantly more flack than is due that should also be spread to some CC's and others who were in essence intrinsically wrong in their speculation and have thus contributed significantly to the misinformation of a significant portion of the player base via their media platform and/or this very forum.
  9. b101uk

    Not enough CVs per match...

    I got the Ocean map in the cycle for the first time in ages the other day, and there was no CV's and people were commenting about it, I then reminded then Subs are coming
  10. b101uk

    iChase.. opens the door.. to leave?

    says the person who has spent the past week at every opportunity blaming WG for everything, I am surprised you haven't blamed WG for global warming, famine and poverty.....
  11. b101uk

    iChase.. opens the door.. to leave?

    All correct, but it would be fair to assume a notable % of Gorizia sold are to help with the initial PR grind, obtain doubloons for the duplicate upon completion of directive No3, then potentially putting them doubloons towards a PR booster, else saving the doubloons for use later in the year.
  12. b101uk

    iChase.. opens the door.. to leave?

    if your a victim of your own ignorance and a victim of listening to CC, and like playing the victim card because it obfuscates blame from yourself in you own mind it doesn't mean it obfuscates in the eyes of others, you own it, man-up and accept it, rather than twisting it to others.
  13. b101uk

    iChase.. opens the door.. to leave?

    and what about all the doubloon boosters for people who are doing part of the grind, and all the Gorizia sold, after all the number of PR in battles now is NOT indicative of the total spend with WG by players.
  14. b101uk

    iChase.. opens the door.. to leave?

    1: sorry but I have been on the PTS in the past and have done events on there that have taken less than a day that have amounted to multiple days on live, due to the shortening and placeholder values used for the purpose of testing in a short space of time that the PTS is ran. as for being "locked behind a stupid non-standard game mode that many of us didn't have any interest in", so you're calling Random and Coop "non-standard game mode", given every mission in every directive has at least them as modes you can complete them in, lol its shows your scraping the bottom of the barrel in your zest to blame WG for everything including your own ignorance. and again yours and others speculating is on YOU and THEM, YOU say something YOU OWN IT and if it is later shown to be wrong/erroneous that is on YOU. 2: sorry again, but I read all the public facing info as it was released and I wasn't left feeling (retrospectively) as if the info was misleading once we got our hands on the event, but then I don't hang on the opinion of CC and others, but then I do use British English meaning for things, likewise its for CC's to do their due diligence, and well they at least have contacts within WG to ask, fail to ask that's on them not WG, nor is its WG's job to have an employee diligently looking at every bit of CC commentary and speculation in order to correct it. the indefensible is YOU and CC not owning what you say when it transpires its' wrong and seeking to blame everybody else especially WG when it is pointed out to you.
  15. b101uk

    iChase.. opens the door.. to leave?

    The Gorizia grind is far easer than the Benham grind was, based on the amount of time it took me to do the Benham grind on two account relative to the directives so far and the scale of the third that starts tomorrow.