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  1. scotty_geturown

    Turkey Rewards got 2 where my other one

    Do the turkeys not get the reward for sinking turkeys while playing their main account? I sunk 2 and received nothing.
  2. scotty_geturown

    Daring issue with Last Stand skill

    I have had this issue loads of times, It just takes forever to move, i checked to see if i had last stand , got that, no module is available to help ,same on the Jutland ,just stopped playing them. Poor smoke and slow =too boring in this meta.
  3. 15 SEC RADAR BLOCKER comes to mind ,a new module for the dd's.
  4. scotty_geturown

    More about ranked:)

    Had enough, not a fun time being had
  5. scotty_geturown

    New upgrade for the Shima

    No mods , I am sure its not as 'intended ' Have since taken it off .
  6. scotty_geturown

    New upgrade for the Shima

    Everything is on target yet it refuses to fire for a slit second, Thanks for your replies,
  7. scotty_geturown

    New upgrade for the Shima

    I have been having problems with the new upgrade for the Shima , It is very laggy, i do know turret traverse is slow but even when your on a target it will not fire, it delays for a second or 2, anyone else been having probs with it ?
  8. NA server underwent service status i think. ships have been stuck in port for the last our, you need to re-join server to get ship back.