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  1. Holy forum change batman!

    Here I thought I drank something bad. This change was unexpected.
  2. Turn off autosteering

    Go to settings. Click "Controls" Look on the lower left side of the screen. Click on the drop down menu next to "Collision Avoidance System" and click on off. That should help Edit: Well, got beaten by too ninjas.
  3. idea on how to aquire doubloons

    Participate in forum events hosted by WG staff. That's one way to get a chance in getting doubloons. Like so many online free-to-play games, you are free to play the game, but you can't get everything so easily without spending money. Also as said by many above, containers have a chance to reward port slots, doubloons, captain slots, and even premium ships.
  4. Northern Dragon ship??

    Of course. Well, better pray that it's not. Not like we need more Myouko ships in the game.
  5. Spee is life

    The Graf Spee is an amazing ship. I have fairly good games with her even if I'm uptiered. Spee is definitely hard to get use to at first.
  6. I can't help but laugh after reading that statement.
  7. Who have you seen in game

    We'll see. It was a fun match.
  8. Who have you seen in game

    Ran torps into RiverTheRoyal in his Alabama with my Takao last week.
  9. Bismarck and the prem camo

    What mmfullen said. Plus the rust doesn't help in making it look good either.
  10. I guess it will be that way. Now to wait until those ships come to shop.
  11. Increased AFK?

    To add to Brushwolf's post. The highlighted ones can result in a person to be "Away From Keyboard."
  12. Does anyone know if the HSF Graf Spee will belong to the German faction? I don't know if they'll do a plot twist and put it in the IJN.
  13. Those are challenging words. Be prepared.
  14. No victories, all defeats today

    Being on a loosing streak means you should take a break. Streaks do happen and it can get frustrating. Whenever that happens I always take a break and not stress myself on a game.