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  1. DasBootcamp

    [APOC] Task Force Apocalypse

    That's a very small mini-map. Perhaps a very... mini.... mini-map.
  2. Alright, I'll bite. APOC is probably a pretty good fit for you. We have a good group of guys that are competitive in Hurricane and look to do KotS. We are probably what you're looking for, in terms of personality, to hang out with. I'll send you a PM to follow up with.
  3. Yamato takes the term "bow on tanking" to the extreme. If you point your nose directly at the enemy, and I literally mean directly, it's not going to citadel jack. But if you give it enough room to hit your fat cheek you're going to take a citadel more often than anything else. The speed of the Henri and its reload consumable will deal with you quickly if you let it.
  4. DasBootcamp

    Thought Police In Action

    In the end, does it really even matter?
  5. DasBootcamp

    Lopsided Scores: What's up?

    Imbalances in MM have existed for a lot longer than a month. These types of scores have been active for a while and a variety of reasons can be thrown out as to why. In the end, WG is going to have to do some serious work to address the issues and it will be unlikely that it happens any time soon.
  6. DasBootcamp

    unicum looking for clan to get flag this season

    Sent you a PM.
  7. DasBootcamp

    Tier classifcations

    If you're talking about how it is recorded on your profile, it's as whatever tier ship you're in. So if you're playing in a Tier 8 your Tier 8 battle count goes up, regardless of what type of matchmaking you're thrown into.
  8. DasBootcamp

    Please help me Identify this ship

    My good sir, I found it. It is the Battlecruiser HMS Renown before its refit. In fact it has the very same photo on the Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Renown_(1916)
  9. DasBootcamp

    Clan Battles Match Making

    Morals don't really have anything to do with it. Two of those players were from the Alpha rating. The rest are just trying to get their steel like everyone else is. If we ran our entire full Alpha lineup in bravo just for the luls then you can throw words. And the best part is, some top clans are doing just that. These guys ran into our bravo rating and got mad because our clan tags are purple from the alpha rating. I'm sorry their promo series didn't go well but in the end, we were only one of their three losses. There is still time left to play and I'm sure they will be able to attempt it again.
  10. DasBootcamp

    Clan Battles Match Making

    As the others have already said, this is our Bravo rating. There are some players who play Alpha (specifically two) but I can also assure you that the atmosphere is far different. The surest way to tell is to see how many points you won/lost. If you only lose single digit points it's the Alpha rating. If you lost normal points as compared to teams in your rating then it was their Bravo team. This is applicable to all of the higher rated teams that run two teams. Our Bravo runs for steel. We have roughly 50 members that are trying to get their missions done. There isn't a major difference between this and having two clans like the previous seasons. Except now players can jump back and forth on a whim while before there was a 3-day cooldown to jump between clans. Kind of poor planning from WG but it was the pilot season of this new feature so I am sure there will be changes made.
  11. DasBootcamp

    "Unsporting" Activity

    I'm guessing you didn't go out with "ctrl+shift+esc" and instead went back to port. If you have a UI issue just force close the program in the future with the windows task manager. As for "unsporting", it's a pretty broad term man. Unsporting conduct can be seen as someone ramming you out of smoke or quitting the game and leaving a dead ship handicap. Three games aren't anything though. You'll forget about it in no time.
  12. DasBootcamp

    Do you feel this game is P2W?

    This is an extreme bias though. The people that have earned these ships have hit Rank 1 multiple times. They know what they're doing and therefore their random battle stats are going to be extremely inflated. If these ships were released to the entire public you would see those stats plummet to a more normal atmosphere.
  13. DasBootcamp

    Squad transfers and league missions for CB

    Bump for answer/info
  14. DasBootcamp

    Squad transfers and league missions for CB

    Typically we move up to new leagues before the 30 games are completed. Most of the time we start getting our completions in Typhoon 2. APOC currently has two Hurricane clans and it was like that in both. Typhoon is faster for clans with competitive experience than it is for other clans that are still Typhoon quality in the end. All in all, these 3 sentences seem to impact a LOT of rewards. This needs to be re-written.
  15. DasBootcamp

    Squad transfers and league missions for CB

    That's a good point too. I didn't think of that when I read it. This really needs to be clarified by WG before CB starts.