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  1. Needs moar Supremacy League q8^)
  2. Task Force Apocalypse meets most of your requirements. While we are primarily based in the comp scene, we do have a continuous set of divs and scenarios going. We have players at all tiers grinding through to 10, so I am sure you can meet some guys to help you get there. If the comp bug does bite you, we have three teams in each of the different divisions which gives you a good chance of making a roster. We are also 100% discord. I will send you a PM with the link. I look forward to hearing from you! - Boot
  3. Looking for Casual but competitive

    Task Force Apocalypse is one of the premiere competitive teams for North America. But we are also large enough that we have quite a few casual divs going on at all times of the day. We can help you grind your trees, give you advice on how to spec your ships and captains, and then finally introduce you to a competitive team on one of our three rosters if you'd like. I will send you a PM with the discord link, feel free to drop by bud.
  4. Secondaries not firing(Bismark)

    Make sure you don't have AA turned off. If you hit P it disables both AA and Secondaries. If they were active and you did manually target them, it's probably a range issue. Max range is 10.6km iirc.
  5. Remembering the seven USS Fitzgerald sailors

    It really is tragic. I haven't read up on what caused this incident. As someone who has spent a lot of time at sea, I can confirm that ramming another vessel is only incredibly hard to avoid for massive ships because they take miles to stop or turn. But a more agile ship like the USS Fitzgerald should have avoided this. Especially since they should constantly have men on the bridge. From the photos it looked like the Fitzgerald was the ship that was hit. All in all an incredibly unfortunate event. :(
  6. Forum Game - Word Association

    Crippling depression.
  7. Solo Warrior

    In the GLORIOUS baby Shima too. Well done good sir.
  8. Looking for Supremacy League Clan

    All teams are welcome to register when the new season begins. A tournament is held to decide which teams are placed where in their initial season. You then compete against other teams of similar skill and hope to advance to the next division through playoffs.
  9. Searching for a competitive clan

    Task Force Apocalypse is recruiting for all 3 of our competitive teams. I will send a PM your way to add to your options. Best of luck and I look forward to getting in some trial games with you!
  10. Looking

    PM from APOC sent your way.
  11. Trip to the Developers Studio

    Update on Team Battles/Clan Battles Spectator Mode for the Training Room Roster increase on Clans before the actual release Ability to customize US DB's in the future (I.E. 2x AP 1x HE loadout) Ability to link clan social media in clan descriptions Are there going to be more challenge coins for NA? Will the next set ship internationally?
  12. I Own Two Typewriters Now

    Tom Hanks would be proud. I love that he still does all of his fan mail with type writers.
  13. Tora! Tora! Tora! (On now)

    Tora Tora Tora had a literal life size bow of a Japanese BB including the pagoda mast. It was massive and I immensely respect the movie for that.
  14. Oh... oh my..... Corgi's have nice rigs. I will have to update this with pics later: i7-6850 Gigabyte X99-Phoenix 32 GB of G Skillz ASUS 1080 GTX Strix Samsung 500 GB SSD w/ 6 TB of storage drives Soundblaster Z w/ Sennheiser GAME ZERO headset Razer Naga and Blackwidow peripherals, Cooler Master HAF chassis but I really want that 25th anniversary Cosmos case. My first build since my 480 GTX so I went to town with what was available haha. Boats be lookin' good on this thing. I just need a new monitor to get off my Samsung LED.
  15. Supremacy League Streaming

    Most of the larger streamers were contacted and had participated in past seasons. But getting ahold of them and getting them to work around any schedule other than their own is just flat out difficult. We are currently trying to grow our own in-house streamers and have seen some success with it. Hopefully future events will help the smaller streams, such as mine, grow even further.