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  1. Do you feel this game is P2W?

    This is an extreme bias though. The people that have earned these ships have hit Rank 1 multiple times. They know what they're doing and therefore their random battle stats are going to be extremely inflated. If these ships were released to the entire public you would see those stats plummet to a more normal atmosphere.
  2. Bump for answer/info
  3. Typically we move up to new leagues before the 30 games are completed. Most of the time we start getting our completions in Typhoon 2. APOC currently has two Hurricane clans and it was like that in both. Typhoon is faster for clans with competitive experience than it is for other clans that are still Typhoon quality in the end. All in all, these 3 sentences seem to impact a LOT of rewards. This needs to be re-written.
  4. That's a good point too. I didn't think of that when I read it. This really needs to be clarified by WG before CB starts.
  5. I've read the patch notes about the new Clan Battles settings on the site, but the news portion on the in-game client adds more depth to the notes. One specific part of the news post was really confusing in how it was written and I was hoping to get a WG employee to clear this up. Here it is: Personal achievements the players can earn in Clan Battles are given on the basis of the results of battles played for one of the ratings. Combat missions in the Clan Battles season can be completed in battles played for any of the ratings. Battles will be counted for the combat mission’s progress only if the player joined them in the specified League. If while completing the combat mission, the player changes to the other rating that is in a different League where this combat mission is not available, battles played in this League will not be counted. What this sounds like is a rule to deter people from squad/clan hopping. But it's not very clear in how this will be counted. Here is how I am interpreting it. "Squad A reaches Typhoon League while Squad B reaches Storm League. The player from Squad B transfers to Squad A. Wins in Typhoon count only towards this players Typhoon specific mission, and not to the Squall/Gale/Storm missions." But what about players that have always been in Squad A? Do those players need to play in at least one battle per league? Does this battle need to be a win to proc the mission completion? All in all, this is not clearly written at all and could greatly affect the rewards players receive for completing their Clan Battles missions as they had the past two seasons. P.S. - Credit to Puddin597 for finding this paragraph
  6. Needs moar Supremacy League q8^)
  7. Task Force Apocalypse meets most of your requirements. While we are primarily based in the comp scene, we do have a continuous set of divs and scenarios going. We have players at all tiers grinding through to 10, so I am sure you can meet some guys to help you get there. If the comp bug does bite you, we have three teams in each of the different divisions which gives you a good chance of making a roster. We are also 100% discord. I will send you a PM with the link. I look forward to hearing from you! - Boot
  8. Looking for Casual but competitive

    Task Force Apocalypse is one of the premiere competitive teams for North America. But we are also large enough that we have quite a few casual divs going on at all times of the day. We can help you grind your trees, give you advice on how to spec your ships and captains, and then finally introduce you to a competitive team on one of our three rosters if you'd like. I will send you a PM with the discord link, feel free to drop by bud.
  9. Secondaries not firing(Bismark)

    Make sure you don't have AA turned off. If you hit P it disables both AA and Secondaries. If they were active and you did manually target them, it's probably a range issue. Max range is 10.6km iirc.
  10. Remembering the seven USS Fitzgerald sailors

    It really is tragic. I haven't read up on what caused this incident. As someone who has spent a lot of time at sea, I can confirm that ramming another vessel is only incredibly hard to avoid for massive ships because they take miles to stop or turn. But a more agile ship like the USS Fitzgerald should have avoided this. Especially since they should constantly have men on the bridge. From the photos it looked like the Fitzgerald was the ship that was hit. All in all an incredibly unfortunate event. :(
  11. Forum Game - Word Association

    Crippling depression.
  12. Solo Warrior

    In the GLORIOUS baby Shima too. Well done good sir.
  13. Looking for Supremacy League Clan

    All teams are welcome to register when the new season begins. A tournament is held to decide which teams are placed where in their initial season. You then compete against other teams of similar skill and hope to advance to the next division through playoffs.
  14. Searching for a competitive clan

    Task Force Apocalypse is recruiting for all 3 of our competitive teams. I will send a PM your way to add to your options. Best of luck and I look forward to getting in some trial games with you!
  15. Looking

    PM from APOC sent your way.