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  1. Pick CV, in a 1 v1 you can eventually kill him with auto drop even if you don't know how to play cv
  2. This is why CV's make this game suck

    That is why I drop queuing immediately when I see there's a CV on the waiting queue, especially at T7-T10.
  3. On stars: Even if you lose, you would get the star if you have at least 1000 points of base experience (i.e. without premium, flags or specials). Even if you win, you would not get the star if you have less than 300 points of base experience. I could imagine what is going to develop. 7DD vs 7DD in a rank match. Both sides agree on capping 1 point per side, after capping both teams find themselves a partner and shoot each other down to 10% hp,then proceed to swapping cap for a few more times and finally kill each other. Now everyone has 1k base xp~ win win situation! Those who fail to compromise will get killed by both sides.
  4. Hydro acoustics viability

    Hydro definitely needs some reworking. Here is my proposal, buff the Hydro ship acquisition range, make it directly propositional to the cruiser's tier. Say a tier 10 cruiser can find any ship that is within 10km, a tier 5 cruiser can search up to 5km. Acquisition range would be halved (-50% 10km-->5km) if your target is behind an obstacle or inside smoke. Leave the torpedo acquisition range as usual and change the hydro duration to 40 sec which you can barely land 2 salvos. German cruiser gets 50% extra duration (60 sec)