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  1. Beneej_Spoor

    Ranked season 10 will be worse

    At this point. . . I want it to be worse. I want to start suggesting the same things, if not even WORSE ideas than what the Big Three have proposed. I want to start allying with them just to see how far I can go. . . because it's clear after working on it for over a year. There's nothing I can do. I might as well accept the shills will win, and should just side with them and ask for the logical extremes of their ideas and go to bat fighting tooth and nail for them instead of against them, so they can get their way more often, and see if they enjoy getting their way more often to see if the resultant changes are precisely what they wanted in the end.
  2. Beneej_Spoor

    A blatant whine thread

    Is that all you have? Imagine if you've kept silent, avoided forums, did you diligence to improve slowly while getting a degree, holding down a job, subscribing and enjoying some major content. Then September 2017 rolls around and you see some strange, if not harmful consumer changes coming. You complain and critique it. You're perspective is dismissed; "You're a BBaby", "What the Contributors say is objectively true" You spend time pointing out their hypocrisy, their direct impact on the game and when they get their way they then complain about the very thing they recieve. You turn it into a mildly successful series having rebooted your dead YouTube channel which was silent for 7 years. You swear and are impolite. You then present things more professionally. You find the ONE Contributor that permits a forum to try to run counter to the prevailing largest three harmful perspectives. All for nought. . . . All for nothing. That's me. The professional corporate promoters (who are allegedly unpaid) got their way and they will continue to get their way . . . and they cannot be stopped.
  3. Beneej_Spoor

    Ranked season 10 will be worse

    Yeah, but up until relatively recently the biggest CCs (aside from Jingles), their names being Notser, Flamu, and Zoup nearly demanded this either directly or indirectly multiple blasted times. Then Flamu mysteriously wonders why everything is Tier X, as if this entire time the end-game Tier where there are in theory fewer casuals and potatoes (because by definition it's hard to get to the end if you either suck or do not have the time to dedicate to the game). . . Lo and behold, they got what they wanted and suddenly ask "Why is everything Tier X"
  4. Beneej_Spoor

    Ranked season 10 will be worse

    You can blame Flamu, Notser, and Zoup almost specifically and exactly for this. I freaking called it in iEarlGrey's video on deleting ranked that the changes demanded if implemented as the Big Three CCs demand will make things worse. They love this. Around 2:15 " . . .The problem is irrevocable rank at Rank 10" Blames XP, thinly veiled rant on casuals playing Hndenburgs and Battleships; but otherwise irrationally ok in defending the Season 1 through 5 (and now Season 9 and 10) structure. Uses the Conqueror as a proxy to allege that targeting and designing ships (namely for Tier X) is obviously helping casuals (who obviously farm for Tier X BBs). To keep things short: In a a game where Risk Aversion is the chief contributor to in-game design and behavior; you then AMPLIFY that by making it more costly to try to do anything, namely creating larger thresholds for your customers to get over to partake in the end game because a handful of elites demand it.
  5. Beneej_Spoor

    Saving Tier 8 - How do we do it?

    I know this is an older comment but you may want to review what I said because a lot of what built up to this point with displacing Tier 8 (or all tiers really) was this demand for the game to be geared towards more "entertaining" high-level competitive play and to force BBs to move (invariably overlooking how the game is designed to reinforce Risk Averse behavior rather than punish it). This spiral for me, truly began at 6.11 when I pointed out in September 2017 how the demands form Three CCs if implemented as described would begin the circle of everyone blaming battleships and each player-class type taking turns bashing or destroying each other's class out of competitive existence with each patch.
  6. Beneej_Spoor

    Saving Tier 8 - How do we do it?

    0:25 to 0:30 "I didn't want to drone for 40 minutes, which I easily could of done about the topic" The feeling is mutual. 1:10 "The tech tree ships are still highly viable" Glad we can agree, somewhat, though I wish you were more firm in how the tech tree ships at Tier X are . . . either grossly underperformiing or insanely overpowered. There's an arguable middle ground at best; in my opinion specifically though, I want to say there isn't one at all. 1:37 ". . . No Tier X ships are hurting . . ." True. 1:49 "Might cause more focusing fire [on those premium ships]" Maybe when it was previously inaccessible or a test ship. Now that we know what it is, I can say, it might not, but that's the problem with "Might" or "Maybe" statements. 1:54 "Maybe Intra-game Meta Shifts" I'd argue the meta's largely going to stay the same. Since you neither affirm or deny this, then I'd have every reason to go past this. There's either an meta shift or there is not. I personally say there will not be one, or if there is one, given your Radar, Radar Everywhere video, it ultimately will not matter; we'll need to deal with it. 1:56 "If you can understand the concept I'm trying to socialize" Well if there was an "Inter-game" meta shift that implies changes here impact other games, which would be in this case strictly economic, but unlockable Tier IX and X's already existed in World of Tanks, so this may be somewhat moot. Intra-game meta shift would imply within amnd . . . that would just be a normal meta shift. 2:00 to 2:03 "The concern I had was with Clan Wars" Obviously. My point, or whenever I complain as if I somehow am king potato, is that the Big Three CCs argeuments normally focus on a niche element of the game; competetive ranked and/or Clan Wars; at the expense of everyone else. At least now this issue is partially front loaded. 2:08 "Facing a team of 4 or 5 Stalingrads . . . vs a Team of None" They will probably lose because they lack the tactical flexibility to deal with much else, much like people feared ranked would basically become Hinden/Zao only, but that ship by itself could not carry games. 2:10 to 2:28 "Natural versus Man-made Powercreep, kinda sounds like Climatology" I'm glad you offered no clarifying remarks on that at all; though I imagine 'natural' power creep comes from players changing tactics, as opposed to "man-made" which is the code itself being changed from outside the gameplay system so to speak. I have to guess because you're somehow wordier than me in less time. 3:10 "Tier 9 is coping with these premiums and everything else" I'd say they're doing better than that, but that would require statistcal analysis which you'd be bored by despite your previous attempts at it for Conqueror. 3:13 "The problem is Tier 8" My reply simply would be; he states the problem is Tier 8; whereas I imagine if both of us are using the same sources for our Warships data, then I'd say the problem includes all the tiers. 3:16 "Matchmaking is killing Tier 8" He later somewhat backpedals to include Tier V, but again I insist that this does impact all tiers (well V and higher). 3:27 "You may have seen this post" I have not seen this post sadly; however, I imagine the problem from was exacerbated with all these demands for exclusivity at the top rungs of competition (Ranked/Clan Wars) which created the perverse incentive for a large number of customers to drive to the top tiers as rapidly as possible to remotely benefit from the new resources and ships created for these competitive settings. 3:32 "It wound up being [this ratio of matches] . . ." I wonder if that applies for Tier V on up that invariably the wider player base ends up bottom tier as they do in World of Tanks especially post 3-5-7 patch. I have my suspicions it does. 3:44 "This issue transcends all . . ." Yes. It has always transcended on all tiers. Sadly now our own words haunt us. To your own point not long ago; (Radar, Radar) . . . adapt and change. It wasn't that long ago I'd argue that the apparent and popular issue that transcended all was Battleships. 3:52 " . . . Just isn't that fun" I've had to take three separate 1 month breaks in the game, even after I've had a Tier X, mostly because of stuff like this (not exclusive to Tier 8). We can't escape it anymore, and to your point in your own "Why are you playing?" video; we [can't] find better. 3:58 to 4:03 " . . . Players like a fair chance" Yeah, but with the present state of things, we can't get that because if you reduced battleship sigma, or gave DDs more health or made their torps hurt more, streamlined carriers to function and control better, or buffed auto-bounce on cruisers, in the present nature of things, we'll just keep taking turns annhilating each other's main-class patch by patch. Maybe I'm naive or was before 6.11, but I never recalled things being this bad even when stealth fire was around and even thought I hated that, I did not speak a single word in forums or on YouTube asking Wargaming to make changes on my behalf up until 6.11. Maybe it was because I avoided the forums and more or less only watched stuff on YouTube and rarely commented; I felt the issues in game were between me and my opponent or me and my teammate. 4:10 to 4:12 " . . . What chance" I'd like to add to that, what chance does the Yamato have going up against a Des Monies, or a Khabarovsk, or two of them alone; just to keep things in perspective that this happens within tiers too. 4:20 "What chances does a Tier 8 BB have when they end up [bottom tier]?" Interesting question. "I am confused by your tactics, so I will continue to act tough until I figure it out." (Talledega Nights reference ftw.) We'll to play into your previous videos and your current point, even I would argue Tier 8 BBs have some fighting chance again higher Tier BBs. . . but very little against tier X cruisers, and basically none against destroyers or carriers. 4:30 "What about CVs" What about them? They're so tough and different to play and have so many surface-ship counters now, they've been driven to near irrelevancy even before Clan Wars. Clan Wars could have potentially saved it . . . if there were more Battleships to deal with. . . 4:47 "Tier 8 Players need to play . . . hyper [vigilant]" All players need to do that period; it's demanded of me often especially since I don't have clout. It would be nice if the game were more casual and people didn't need to be hyper-vigilant virtually all the time, but. . . we live in this world where everything must counter BBs and CVs, the BBabies be damned. 4:50 "What's the fun in that?" Been asking this for nearly a complete year now. I suppose I should have called this Catharsis VI, but . . . this doesn't count; we agree and disagree in a mismash of perspectives here. 4:59 "I got to get my rear kicked in to play . . ." I got to get my rear kicked in to play anything I feel, especially as a Battleship main where I cannot imagine how many times within 10 km I've bracketed a target near and far at the same time aiming at their belt or waterline. Oh and since we live in a world of Stats or Nothing, I now have the maximum risk aversion to playing the game because I literally do not know what team or ships I'm going to get, even at Tier X. 5:01 "Where's the bloody justice in that" Been asking that too for almost a year, it went away when I was told to in three different ways to just deal with it, or asked "Why am I playing". 5:06 "I don't know how we get one." We can ask for more thorough play testing from Devs and CCs along with increased vigilance among our promoters and CCs to ensure that broadly painting entire categories of ships as the class of the imbeciles doesn't happen; much less insisting concepts of how the game ought to be played a certain way. Try to develop new game mechanics that make the game feel less like gambling even before you push the "Battle!" button. Risk Aversion is a very big reason why everyone regardless of the changes made since stealth fire removal continues to play at near max range of possible. Expanding rather than contracting Operations; returning the Tier Vs to allow for the tutorials (so to speak) that people kept asking for. The fixed ratio match maker helped a big deal more than I expected; making Ship-to-Ship, Tier-to-Tier match ups when I said it wouldn't, so I was definitely wrong there. I definitely feel though the focus needs to evolve away from what the players are doing with the ships and focus more on what is the game doing with this ships; can we expand operations so players get far more used to the mechanics while earning the same level reward as randoms? Could we adapt Clan Wars to include more total players, 9 instead of 7, to allow for CVs and another BB. Could we never return to Rank Season 1 through 5, and Season 8 as a format? Can we either make Co-op more rewarding, or losses in Random Battles less punishing; thus making it worth the risk to do anything? The problem is a lot of the things I imagine would need to change; such as developing a culture where stats don't matter and improving the economy gain for everyone; are long gone and we need new adaptations that escape me outside of trying to smooth transition into normal PvP or even just make the game more rewarding on both the winning and losing side. 5:17 " . . . How do we fix the Tier 8 problem?" I'll amend the question to be more broad; how do you fix the game's problem? Risk Aversion is king, and regardless of what people may say "it's just a game, you shouldn't be afraid of dying" the grind and the need to compete well; lest your complaints or input be ignored; is the most punishing cultural and economic structure present in the game. I don't think the clock is the issue because quite franky waiting or not, it's just painful sometimes to think of what might happen when I hit "Battle!". 5:25 Paraphrase; are we willing to wait longer? I am so shook by this game at this point, I don't care. Longer, faster, +/- 1 Matchmaking won't ever happen, they did it for Tier IVs to keep the 6's happy and it created a whole new meta almost. If it does, well it might be slightly more fun, but the ability to pull off an upset with lower tier ships is lost; it's sommething I miss about Tier IVs encountering Fusos. If they did make Tier 8 (and by extension I would hope all tiers below it) +/- 1, then I mean that limits diversity of gameplay, but might be more fun, but I can only at this point answer a question with a question. Sorry for being so flakey. 5:34 " . . . I have no need to play [Tier 8] now." That's a painful thing to hear. I mean in my case, I love jumping between tiers and having a blast in legacy, historical, or just whatever cool ships are there (would have kept my Hipper if it wasn't crept on like a MF'er), because I wanted to play ships. That began to matter less and less thanks to the world of stats, but I wish . . . you specifically had felt a need, but that's just a personal issue. It does reflect the attitude I suspected from the people I complained loudest about, there was little to no felt need to play down anymore once the competitive realm began to dominante as requested. 5:49 "I'd rather take my chances in a Tier X" That's the feeling everyone has, because we have to weigh more and more heavily the risks we are or are not willing to take. Going back to a little bit before to something I mentioned in my defense of Battleships prior to and during the 6.11 debacle; smoke or the 'brain-dead' mechanics were not what made Battleships play passive; it was risk aversion and this game's habit of heavily reinforcing risk averse play. 6:01 "[Tier 8 Premiums] are not fun to play at Tier 10 . . ." Sadly in game this is context based, but leaning into some of your old points, given the glut of Tier 8 premiums are battleships; those are reasonably fine at Tier 10 in some cases, even I would admit.