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  1. Flag option?

    According to the wiki, the flags become available when signals are unlocked. However, your friend needs to earn a flag before the option appears.
  2. [HELP] Game Crashed

    Same thing keeps happening to me for no apparent reason. Send in a ticket to support! The more of us who do the better!
  3. Whats with this Tier 10 French BB?

    I see it being a pretty effective flanking battleship. Super fast speed, fast reload, and actually accurate guns (unlike most in its line) seems like it would be a crossfiring champion. That's just my initial observations though.
  4. Clan Logo

    Aslains has the mod in his pack
  5. My maximum losing streak is 33 loses over 4 days when I grinded out new york way back when. Haven't quit yet ;)
  6. Game stop prepaid card discounts?

    This thread isn't to bash or disrespect any company, just to inform those who wish to save a little money when buying in game currency/premium time. I'd like to politely ask people to not make comments like this whilst discussing the topic! Thank you!
  7. BlueHey guys and gals, I recently bought a $20 dollar prepaid wows card at my local gamestop... But guess what? It wasnt $20! It was $16. Not sure why there was a discount on it, nor do I know if all gamestops have this, but what I do know is that it could save you money! Pic is of the receipt with all the personal info blurred out. Just to prove it' 4 dollars off :)
  8. Racism?

    It counts as naming and shaming. If you submit a ticket with the screenshots it brings it to their attention faster.
  9. Help with Frozen Computer?

    Buy a PlayStation 3 and have it run little big planet for 4 hours and the room should feel like a sauna! ;) Hope this helps!
  10. ClanAOD.net Angels of Death are Recruiting!

    Nice to see AoD make it back to ships. I was originally in this community before their ships division shut down initially and they are a solid group with TONs of members in their community. Good luck recruiting guys!!!

    Much needed in my opinion! Thank you wargaming, and you @Thunder_GP for bringing this to the attention of people like myself who kind of just looked over all the small text lol.
  12. Navygaming America [NGA]

    Giving this thread a nice little bump. Come and join today!!!
  13. Roma...with IFHE?

    I'm unfamiliar with the calibur of the roma secondaries, but i doubt that the ifhe added penetration would even matter in most scenareos. I would get aft over ifhe on roma. But that' just my opinion. You are the one that will play it :) Wish you the best of luck!
  14. Hey, Aim at Somebody Else!

    Im just waiting for the next screenshot that shows all the shells inbound lol. Looks like a serious case of the "mines" find now :P
  15. If you want a stealth torp boat, id recommend the pan Asian dd line. Sure, you can't torp other destroyers, but against cruisers, battleships, and carriers you are a better torp boat than the japanese due to low torpedo detection, faster torpedo reload, and access to American gun systems (on like 6/10 of them) to deal with other destroyers. Just my reccomandation though, ultimatey it's your experience and play style that makes the boat what it is for you.