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  1. EpicLeveler

    Discord Rich Presence for World of Warships

    Great idea! I am unsure of how realistic implimenting that discord divisioning with the current UI (i am not too familiar with discord functions tbh though), but i really like the status idea.
  2. EpicLeveler


    Have no fear! There will be more oppurtunities to get into the beta. Keep an eye out for new articles pertaining to joining in by WG mods and admins and best of luck to you!
  3. EpicLeveler

    Cannot install CV test client, Server timeout.

    I would attempt to download it on the 17th at the specified time and if you are still having problems, I would send a pm to either gneisnau or wacko17 if your email didnt give you a specific to place to report errors/bugs.
  4. EpicLeveler

    Dedicated Test Client cannot Connect to Server

    According to the article written earlier, the beta test open on: Wednesday, Oct 17, about 12:00 UTC. Convert that to whatever timezone you may reside and thanks for your help in the testing process!
  5. EpicLeveler

    This kind of Night!!!

  6. EpicLeveler

    Favorite snack to eat while playing WOWS?

    I love to keep the cheese/pretzel combos as a snack within arms reach of my desk at all times. I also keep a bottle of mr. Pibb in the cup holder my desk has as well which compliment them well!
  7. EpicLeveler

    Land target bombardment

    I believe there were some at one point (could just have dreamt it tbh as all my games are starting to blur together). The strongholds and radar dishes were expirimented with at some point in a game mode called bastion. I am not sure what happened to it though.
  8. EpicLeveler

    Can I get a good game...

    Ive been the complete opposite lately. All super close nail biters that nearly give me heart attacks. This is not good for my health!
  9. EpicLeveler

    Special Event End Warnings

    I thought it did say when events are ending in game. Its under "events" where the combat missions are isnt it?
  10. EpicLeveler

    A game play question for the Dev team

    Main battery guns cannot hit planes through player fire due to planes not actually having hit boxes. There are the duel purpose AA guns that add to your AA rating, but it just adds to the AA "aura" that your ship produces. Hope this clears some things up!
  11. EpicLeveler

    Build or save oil

    Unless you want to save for a specific thing then you should save.... with 70k coal you can afford the first (and second if i can math) level of any building the may want at the very least. Not really much point in saving at the moment imho unless you have a maxed port.
  12. Thank you gor explaining and admitting the mistake made with the two being associated with the player at hand. I would, however, like to question whether or not the player at fault would have been reviewed had he not been in this situation in the first place (ie. Dev struck a dev and make a snyde comment). With you coming out and saying this radar, I hope this means that wg will have more employees dedicated to combatting toxicity in the community and that personal grudges from wg staff, mods, and CCs dont directly affect whether a person is put under review, but rather consensous from multiple sources warrenting a review. Just my two cents though.
  13. EpicLeveler

    Musashi worth it??

    I am sorry, I dont exactly see the play style of yamato/musashi being different at all. I find success in staying out at 16-18 km and hugging an island just laying down a beating on any and all ships. With the HSF camo, it does give an absolute crap ton of elite exp.... but seeing as how the hsf camos as of this last update, he can no longer get this permanent camo. The difference in tier, is one of the reasons that I did mention in my post.
  14. EpicLeveler

    Musashi worth it??

    The musashi is pretty much a tier 9 yamato. If you already have a yamato, then I dont really see the need for a musashi other than the collectible aspect and the occasional tier 9 match. If you would like to have a more unique expiriance, the kronshtandt is a fairly unique play expiriance in terms of a cruiser. But to actually answer your question.... i would probably say no as you can use that free exp to get to the yamato from the fuso (correct me if i am wrong, just an estimate). P.S. it is worth the coal if you already have the salem.
  15. EpicLeveler

    Absolute ...... game

    Ah yes, this is my mistake, I had inturperuted it from the original of the article that he was placing blame on his teamates. After reading the article another two times I am seeing exactly what you said, that he is placing WG to blame for his MM. I am going to retract my last statement. Thanks for setting me strait :)