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  1. EpicLeveler

    USS Alaska Release Date

  2. EpicLeveler

    SuperContainer Drop Rate

    A: There is no official statement from wargaming confirming the drop rate of SC that I am aware of. B: There was a reply by @LittleWhiteMouse that gave drop percentages of rewards inside Super Containers from quite some time ago that was accepted by the community (i want to say sometime in april, so its almost certaintly out of date). To answer your question though, there was no official wargaming statement on this one either.
  3. EpicLeveler

    Invite a friend

    The recruit a friend reward is earnable when you play your first tier 6 battle. So, if you have a graf spee, rental or no, you should get the Texas as the reward as soon as that first battle in the graf spee finishes. The flags you obtain are linked to the account. So, while they wont show up until you reach the required account level, rest assured, they will be there when you obtain the account level.
  4. EpicLeveler

    Advice to Streamers

    Some streamers take requests for ships to play. A few i watch (and reccomend watching) in my free time are @Alpha_Aries and @Maleren While they may not be official CCs, they do offer great input and are quite good at engaging with their audiences. Both take requests for ships as well! But as maddminister said, youve got to find the streaming or youtube personality you enjoy watching. We can all make our reccomendations, but you like who you like!
  5. EpicLeveler

    Navygaming America [NGA]

    The NGA 25 days of shipsmis is in full swing! Come win prizes with some great people. Come check us out at: http://Www.navygamingamerica.enjin.com
  6. EpicLeveler

    V-25 Death Race

    Not to try to revive a deadish thread... but I feel like this event is quite fun and deserves a revive for players who want to try it ;) Great holiday event to share with clan mates!
  7. EpicLeveler

    Free Exp to Steel conversion

    Ummm those are randoms stats. Where are you getting pve from? Just curious.
  8. EpicLeveler

    can i get a chat auto-ban repealed?

    Your best bet would be to send in a ticket to wg support. Also, for future reference, i believe it is against forum guidelines to talk about bans/consequences on the forums :)
  9. EpicLeveler

    LFC very active clan

    NGA is always looking for active members to div up with people (we only use teamspeak though, so it could be a deal breaker for youl). If you want to check us out at all feel free to visit Here. Good luck to you wherever you end up though :) -Epic
  10. EpicLeveler


    Have you sacrificed your first born child to RNGsus yet?
  11. EpicLeveler

    Refunding Jean Bart ; Need Advice

    Depending on the circumstances, wargaming MAY refund money if a support ticket is filed. I do believe that the TOS do say all purchases are final, so they are also within their right to refuse as well.
  12. EpicLeveler

    Need help with Carriers.

    Pressing the "z" key will enable a chase cam. You can also command individual squadrons from said chase cam.
  13. EpicLeveler

    Discord Rich Presence for World of Warships

    Great idea! I am unsure of how realistic implimenting that discord divisioning with the current UI (i am not too familiar with discord functions tbh though), but i really like the status idea.
  14. EpicLeveler


    Have no fear! There will be more oppurtunities to get into the beta. Keep an eye out for new articles pertaining to joining in by WG mods and admins and best of luck to you!