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  1. Supertester reward ship idea

    On behalf of the SuperTest program, Id like to thank you for the nice sentiment. However, while having exclusives may be nice, I feel the unrest it could cause in the community would not be worth it. Its nice to know that some feel we are deserving of it though. :)
  2. Ive been in a 1v1 at T9 before on public test server. Both of us in secondary specced battleships it was quite fun! :)
  3. Mystery flag survey

    Also, for the record, there was an email sent. It was emailed as a promotion which lots of emails flag as spam or junk!
  4. 0 for 4 tonight....

    My personal philosophy when it comes to win rate is this: 3 losses in a row and a break to break the flow. I care about my stats in this game more than most of the public (though i am definitely am not unicum). I feel it is very good to have a losing limit. You hit it then you come on back after a little break. The reason why I do it this way is because bu the 3rd loss in a row, I am frustrated with either my perfirmance or my teams performance so I am not performing my best. If i go take a break to get food, a drink, or even just to relieve myself, I can take a step back and look and play a bit more effectivly and be a better asset to the team. I often see players who continue to play despite being in a terrible and toxic mood and usually those players die early to simple mistakes and complain about something unrelated to the way they died. Thanks for venting in the forums in a respectable and unnannoying way btw!
  5. The "point" of PTS is to release content to the masses to look for bugs/glitches/typos/etc. with new and existing content and report back if you find any. Wargaming and supertesters cant find all of them so we look to the commuunity for help. Plus you can earn rewards and such in form of premium time and flags!
  6. Customer Support

    PTS start time was changed to 9:30 PT (12:30 EDT) which was stated on an earlier forum post by [WGA] gneis. So pretty much an hour from this reply it should be up!
  7. The earlier tiered american battleships were the bane of my existance! So slow, so inaccurate, it was horrible up until the new mexico... which was worth it and is currently my favorite ship in the game!
  8. Purchased ship not showing up in-game.

    In the email that is sent, they address your in-game name. I would verify that followed by the region that it was addressed to. If it hasnt shown up within an hour, I would then send a customer service ticket!
  9. Switch Server Or New Account

    First off. You need to create a new account on the EU world of warships portal which can be found here: https://worldofwarships.eu Then you will need to either install the EU client (reccomended as sometimes EU and NA are differant version numbers) or get aslains region changer mod. EU and NA accounts are seperated... so trying to log in with your NA account on the EU server will yield no results and vice versa. Hope this helps!
  10. Super-Leauge

    It is for those who reach rank 1 in ranked battles!
  11. Navygaming America [NGA]

    Lets give this another bump! Pm @Monty9185 for more information if you would like to learn more about us!
  12. more Azur lane Collab info

    Easy fix would be to make it opt in like a lot of the new anime stuff theyve been doing!
  13. Try turning on "animate small objects" in graphics settings ;)
  14. If you are talking stats displayed on website such as warships today, or wows numbers those sites take your base exp without modifiers. To increase this, you want to take more objectives (and hold them) and do damage (specifically take a good % of hp off a ship). If you are worried about exp gained period, the posts above do just fine explaining :)