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  1. Yea lol, midway through typing my response it said that you had made a comment, but didnt display it lol
  2. Some tips from me for the new york specifically: 1: angle your armour. If you dont know how, I tend to attempt to make sure my bow is about 30 degrees to one direction from the center of the enemy ship. 2: just because you jave 5 turrets, doesnt mean you should use all of them! The 3 and 4 turrets especially apply to this. Dont go broadside, just to fire the extra 2 guns unless you know you can angle back in time. 3: Dont be afraid to get close. The american battleships were the OG brawling BB and can get close and punish lots of ships by doing so (just try to shy away from the german and french battleships if you do this). Good luck in your endeavors! If you survive and make it to the new mexico, you will be very pleased. It is an excellent battleship (though i may be biased as it is my favorite and most played battleship ;) )
  3. Loading mine up with nice, hot, rolled pancakes doused in maple syrup rounds to slowly roast enemy ships with a nice sweet scent!
  4. What did you do with your Coal?

    Im saving up for the salem!
  5. Question about purchase

    I would: 1: check in game to see if you have gotten the product. 2: check paypal to see if it charged you for the product. 3: check wargaming account email for verification and reciept of transaction. 4: If you did ger charged and did not get the goods within 15 mins of purchase, I would submit a report ticket. They will ask for proof of purchase (email reciept or paypal statement) and will be able to help you... though they can be slow at times be warned. Hope this helps!
  6. Short answer: I dont think ANY ship should take it. Concealment is probably the most important stat for any ship in this game and not taking it is the differance between being spot and not being spot (basically life and death). Until it gets signifigantly better, it is kind of a waste in my mind.
  7. It does NOT make it so you can see enemy ships 20% sooner. It increases your view range by 20%. So... if you are in a destroyer for example with 11km range and 14km view range. Then you put this mod on and in a battle a friendly spots something at 15km from you. You will be able to see that target (rendered) and have a filled in red ship on the minimap. If you did not have the mod, then he would only appear as a hollowed red ship icon. I am unsure if view range is affected in cyclones though. Hope this helps explain it!
  8. John Doe

    Personally, id like to see us be able to rename commanders to whatever we would like. Thats just me though.
  9. Supertester reward ship idea

    On behalf of the SuperTest program, Id like to thank you for the nice sentiment. However, while having exclusives may be nice, I feel the unrest it could cause in the community would not be worth it. Its nice to know that some feel we are deserving of it though. :)
  10. Ive been in a 1v1 at T9 before on public test server. Both of us in secondary specced battleships it was quite fun! :)
  11. Mystery flag survey

    Also, for the record, there was an email sent. It was emailed as a promotion which lots of emails flag as spam or junk!
  12. 0 for 4 tonight....

    My personal philosophy when it comes to win rate is this: 3 losses in a row and a break to break the flow. I care about my stats in this game more than most of the public (though i am definitely am not unicum). I feel it is very good to have a losing limit. You hit it then you come on back after a little break. The reason why I do it this way is because bu the 3rd loss in a row, I am frustrated with either my perfirmance or my teams performance so I am not performing my best. If i go take a break to get food, a drink, or even just to relieve myself, I can take a step back and look and play a bit more effectivly and be a better asset to the team. I often see players who continue to play despite being in a terrible and toxic mood and usually those players die early to simple mistakes and complain about something unrelated to the way they died. Thanks for venting in the forums in a respectable and unnannoying way btw!
  13. The "point" of PTS is to release content to the masses to look for bugs/glitches/typos/etc. with new and existing content and report back if you find any. Wargaming and supertesters cant find all of them so we look to the commuunity for help. Plus you can earn rewards and such in form of premium time and flags!
  14. Customer Support

    PTS start time was changed to 9:30 PT (12:30 EDT) which was stated on an earlier forum post by [WGA] gneis. So pretty much an hour from this reply it should be up!