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  1. EpicLeveler

    what is wrong with moderators

    Point 1: I feel there is a disconnect in what you are reading and interrupting and what they are saying in context to the posts. Point 2: There is a lot more to being a community manager than answering each and every criticism, critique, or praise, or message. They also coordinate CCs, testers, community events, social gatherings, coordinate with sales, roll out informational updates on patches... and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Point 4: The thread broke community/forum guidelines, and thus, was closed... just like this thread probably will be.
  2. EpicLeveler

    Terrible fps

    I would first try the launcher repair function to see if something went wrong with a patch or update for some reason. Then I would check internal temps to see if something is throttling (gpu or cpu). I personally use coretemp to monitor thermals, but how you do it is up to you. I would also check drivers to make sure they are up to date. While running the game have task manager up to see what type of load you are experiencing and see if you can isolate the problem if something other than the game may be causing it. As for whether or not this is happening to me, I can't say it is. I'm still at a consistent 70 to 75 fps with my rx580 dino card. Those are the first steps I would take at least :)
  3. EpicLeveler

    Epic troll by epic whiner?

    Then you've got self-centered people like me with their avatar being their name .
  4. Congrats to everyone who made it, and if you didnt, dont give up! Expect more oppurtunities in the future!
  5. EpicLeveler

    KMS Siegfried

  6. EpicLeveler

    How to aim with the Montana?

    Another helpful resource it to watch montana gameplay on youtube an look wherr others aim as well! (Just make dure you have the same reticle!l
  7. EpicLeveler

    Time to get Premium CVs refunded.

    I did indeed reference the dev blog posted this morning refering to how grafs non boosted cruising speed would be remaining the same. I had mistakenly made the assumption that op was refereing to the unboosted planes (reading is over powered), even though in his post it seems obvious to me now he was referring to exactly what you say. As stated in my later posts, I do understand that this is a global nerf. Once again, my mistake, and my misinterprutation of the post.
  8. EpicLeveler

    Time to get Premium CVs refunded.

    Yes, it is a nerf to *nearly* ALL Cvs, in this situation, I point to the concealed firing fiasco which most would say affected the blyskawica the most. While WG does not nerf individual premium ships (they did try with GC and tbh im not sure on the status of that), but all premium ships can be affected by global class nerfs, which this one seems to be.
  9. EpicLeveler

    I want to whine about...

    Huh, had no idea that also was able to change sectors. Leanr something new everyday i guess!
  10. EpicLeveler

    Time to get Premium CVs refunded.

    Thanks you for clarifying, it appears that I was not understanding OPs problem correctly and thought he was meaning that the cruising speeds for GZ were being nerfed (which is untrue), when instead he was referancing the boosted speed of the GZ planes being nerfed. My apologies to OP.
  11. EpicLeveler

    I want to whine about...

    1: Yes, having AA sector keybinds would be great! I hate have to reach all the way over my keyboard to the "o" key and having to click to set it (pet peeve for a few players i imagine) 2: Them construction sites must be a ploy to get police to charge double fines cause you are in a construction zone 3: (in german accented body builder fashion) ve vill paaaaahmp you ahhhp yah!
  12. EpicLeveler

    Time to get Premium CVs refunded.

    I would like to point out that the it says "cruise speed" of 181 knots (non boosted), which is consistent with information found on the wiki, ship comrade, and in game ships stats. As far as the "slowing planes down" part, I will need to read up on it more to make a constructive comment.
  13. EpicLeveler

    Time to get Premium CVs refunded.

    Not a nerf to the consumable. Just standardization of engine cooling mechanics (ie. Making them all the same). In addition, it is stated in this post that graf zeps bombers wont be affected by the change. Source: So, in short, cool your jets and fly on. Edit: upon further discussion and context, I have misinterpreted OPs concerns reguarding flight speed changes! Carry on!
  14. EpicLeveler

    x out Ships

    The Supertest program does reach out to the community for additional testers from time-to-time in an application based selection system. In fact, we just had one not too long ago with a substantial amount of new members. This is a great mindset to have when applying for the program. Keep an eye out for oppurtunities that present themselves if you are interested in the Supertest program.
  15. EpicLeveler

    Battleship Tech Tree Propulsion Upgrades.

    Everyone has their own style of play, personally I put the steering/rudder shift mod on all of mine to turn quicker for them darn torpedos.