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  1. Beowulf1961

    Grief System Broken

    BUT, I'm not responsible for someone else's stupidity, lack of situational awareness. One I don;t fire torpedoes from behind my team mates if they are going in the same direction. Two if I see them turn around after I fire torpedoes and come back in my direction I warn them that they are going to run into my torpedoes if they continue. Some of the DD's I've sunk have torpedo ranges 4k or longer than my cruiser.
  2. Beowulf1961

    Grief System Broken

    [edited], getting grief for someone else's lack of situational awareness even after you warn them that torps are in the water don't turn back that's just their stupidity and I'm not apologizing for that.
  3. Beowulf1961

    Grief System Broken

    Duh how dumb are you if you don't know that east and west are to separate directions, in opposite directions ie. going away from one another.
  4. Beowulf1961

    Grief System Broken

    Look I agree there is a need for some kind of grief system to prevent in game trolling, but the current system is broken, and has been for ages. When you get a warning for your secondaries hitting a ship that has already been sunk How the hell are you doing damage to your team mate. When your traveling east and you have a team mate traveling west when you fire your torpedoes, how is it your fault when he does a 180 and runs into your torpedoes. It's happened to me and it's happened to others. You really need to find a better fix.
  5. How about they come all the way across the bay and run in front of your torpedoes that you fired when they were no where near, weren't traveling in the same direction as you, and you get the grief because they decided that was the thing to do.