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  1. Congrats to KSC on making Hurricane tonight. Minutes later KSE made Typhoon. Nice work boys. Shoot me a DM or reply to this thread if you are interested in joining our group.
  2. Thanks for having us guys. That was a lot of fun, and I think you are doing good work with the podcast. Anyone who cares enough about the community to be reading the forums would do well to listen to the podcast. The episodes have a nice mix to them. Some have really good competitive talk, others highlight special interest clans and their value, and others have some clan intrigue and/or give an inside look to clans that a lot of us see often in game. Even before doing this episode I've been a big fan. Keep up the good work.
  3. We were featured today on "Get to Know a World of Warships Clan" podcast today. This is a really well done podcast, and a great way to learn about Kill Steal: https://anchor.fm/the-new-guys/episodes/Episode-012-Borla-and-Torino-of-the-Kill-Steal-Clan-KSCKSDKSE-edc7ub
  4. KSC has both Alpha and Bravo in Typhoon, churning through wins for everyone. KSD is in Progression to Typhoon. KSE is moving up Storm. Nice work everyone, great support this season, running 6-8 teams every session.
  5. Nice opening night guys. Ran up to 8 teams at a time last night between the three clans. The first few nights are usually easy going and fun times testing out different comps and feeling out the meta. Even doing that, each clan had a win rate of 65% or higher.
  6. My team saw someone use a BB once. It was a fun game. Seemed totally balanced.
  7. Congrats to the KSC team for making it to the Round of 8 in the NA tournament. Our second team had a nice showing, getting a lot of guys their first KotS experience and making it to the Group Stage. We are rounding out the last few spots for each of our clans before Clan Battles starts. Shoot me a DM or post here if you'd like Discord access or to have a chat about our group.
  8. Borla78


    That rear turret only snipe at 2:50:45.
  9. We've had multiple intra-clan KotS scrims during this event. Every one has had 34-45 people show up. We greatly appreciate the support our members give to events like this. We welcome anyone interested in have a very interactive, social, yet competitive group to reach out to our leadership to discuss what option we can offer to maximize your rewards and enjoyment in competitive play.
  10. Had an internal KotS scrim last night. Had ~35 people hang out for a couple of hours supporting it. Nice to see that level of activity with all the craziness going on outside. Hope everyone stays healthy.
  11. We had a nice finish to the season. KSC - Hurricane, 10th NA. KSC - Typhoon 1, 24th NA. KSE - Typhoon 3, 50th(t) NA. Good job guys!
  12. Borla78

    Rejoice Skill Based MM is Here!!!

    Already ditched the original picture. But no, I was solo. There were no divs in that particular game.
  13. Borla78

    Rejoice Skill Based MM is Here!!!

    From a few years' worth of experience running Matchmaking Monitor, I wouldn't be surprised if there has been some tweaking done around win rate between teams in the MM. Months/years ago it wasn't uncommon to have one team with a sub 46% WR and the other with a 55-60% WR. Lately it seems like the averages are less than 4-5% spread, and the ship win rates are very close. I've attached the match I just came out of. The hilarious part was that someone was actually ranting in chat about how WG unfairly stacks teams with the good players on one side and the bad players on the other side. I didn't really know how to break it to him.......
  14. Borla78

    Clan meeting Reunions?

    Several of our clan members have met up at various times.
  15. Each of our clans has consistently run 2-3 teams per night. We are being fairly selective at the moment, but could always use experienced CB players who meet our standards.