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  1. Strictly talking through the new ships? One challenge with a pod about a new line is that many testing programs are under NDA about their time in testing. To speak intelligently about the ships, and not break NDA, we'd need people with games in them. But we did do the Immelmann pod with @Feuerja, who had already played a massive amount of games post-testing. Yeah, the catch would be finding someone new enough that they were still 'new', but old enough to talk through things. One episode that I think comes close to that is the one below. @WhooptieDo was a content creator for [edited], and started playing WoWs. He immediately played a massive amount of games, and speaks a lot about the new player experience from his perspective, albeit one that is more knowledgeable than the typical new player. https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-060-From-War-Thunder-to-WoWs-w-WhooptieDo-en92mv
  2. Flamu would be great, and we'd definitely have him on. I know there was some early dialogue, but nothing every came of it. Yeah, I cracked up when I ran into you a few weeks ago and we had our banter. Little stuff like that is fun. My guess is that if you think someone who made CC has no viewers, you probably aren't recognizing all of the content they've created that WG is, perhaps on other platforms you don't consume content on. We did speak for a few mins on the current ranked system on the most recent podcast with KS-A's KotS team. I know we've mentioned it on other episodes. But I don't think we've focused on it since Boggzy talked to Dort prior to my joining the podcast full time. That's a thought I'll note down. May I ask if you heard the episode with StatsBloke? We covered a lot of ground with him, but part of the discussion was about what new players see. Another idea to note down for further digging in the future. Thank you! https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-075-Statsblokes-Warship-Podcast-eu3ste
  3. This is the one I was thinking with @Ahskance . https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-027-The-CV-Mains-You-Love-to-Hate-Hurricane-CV-Roundtable-ef9v6u Could you please DM me your Discord handle?
  4. Would you be willing to have a chat with @Boggzy or I on Discord about it, to see if we wanted to do a pod together?
  5. Lately, I play one Mikasa game every morning. It fascinates me to see how, even though I typically only play 7 T2 games per week, I run into several of the same guys regularly. Some have hidden stats, so I don't know how many games they have at T2-3, but it has to be in the high thousands, or even tens of thousands. I'd like to get one of those guys to come on the podcast, someone with 10k games in the Mikasa or V-25...
  6. Thank you for the suggestion! I know Ahskance has been on for some CV discussions before. We are likely to continue to have some CV discussions in the future because of how polarizing they are and how strongly they impact the game. We had another CV main ( @Feuerja ) on recently to discuss the Max Immelmann, as he is the #1 Immelmann on the leaderboards: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-078-Max-Immelmann-with-Feuerja-evpvu0 Spoiler alert, he thinks it is broken! We also talked a fair length about subs in our most recent podcast: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-079-KOTS-Team-KS-As-Moment-to-Shine-e10dco4 I am sure that when subs are released into Ranked there will be a LOT of discussion on it, so stay tuned! Thanks for listening.
  7. @Boggzy and I do a Podcast together called "Get to Know World of Warships". Some of you may have seen various threads about it in the past, or have listened. We (or Boggzy and the previous co-host Synpax) have had some pretty remarkable and influential people in the Warships community on the podcast in the past, some of which I'll link at the bottom of this post. Most of the top competitive clans, and many other clans with unique cultures or interests have been featured on the podcast over the last year as well. At times we will do "round tables" to discuss specific tournaments, ships, or game changes. We would love to hear what things you guys might be interested in hearing about on the podcast! Do you like hearing from the content creators like Denarmo, FreeTheBrain, Flambass, and others? How about the competitive clans, or the clans that feature other special interests? We would love YOUR ideas!! Do you have a clan that you think would be fun to hear from on the podcast? A content creator or remarkable individual in the community that would be interesting to hear from? Let us know. Some of the things we'd like to do, we could use your help on. We'd love to find someone who has 10k+ games in one low or mid tier boat, or one of those players with 30k+ games at very low tiers, to ask them what drives them to do that! We are always intrigued by clan communities and the story behind them. If you have suggestions for podcast episodes, please feel free to post them below, or DM them to me if you wish. Thanks to any/all of you who take the time to listen, we have a lot of fun with it, hopefully you do as well! Link to the latest episode on anchor, from which you can find the rest of the episodes: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-079-KOTS-Team-KS-As-Moment-to-Shine-e10dco4 If you prefer Youtube, you can use this link, and also find most of the more recent episodes: Other random episodes from individuals you may be familiar with: Femennenly : https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-039-Femennenly-eh2nd0 Hapa Fodder: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-20-WGAs-Very-Own-Hapa-Fodder-Get-Free-Camo--Premium-Ships-eeilb0 Sub_Octavian: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-043-Sub_Octavian--Head-Honcho-of-World-of-Warships-ei1a9t Flambass: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-056-FLAMBASS-and-his-cat----talk-Fun-and-Engaging-elvus3 Kalvothe: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-058-Verizon-Tourney-with-Kalvothe-WG-emm3to Mr. Conway: https://anchor.fm/gtkwows/episodes/Episode-068-MR-CONWAY-on-KoTS-Buyout-and-Skill-Rework-eqhrvg
  8. Borla78

    Love seeing WG finally getting some credit

    Sorry fellas, we tried to let this thread live as long as possible. Unfortunately it was too challenging for more than a few people to stay within the rules.
  9. Borla78

    New ship announced - USS Congress

    Guys, we are straying close to getting into political talk and controversial topics. Can we please steer back on topic? Thanks!
  10. The biggest challenge with some interviews, like this one with MrConway, is time. They may only have a specific amount of time they are available (especially when we are trying to cross time zones from the West Coast of the US to somewhere like Prague), and the fact that listeners may not be willing to sit through a two hour podcast. Hopefully we can get him again in a couple of months to discuss things we didn't get to this time.
  11. Based on what MrConway shared with us in the podcast, it seems there will be some adjustments coming. One of my questions was specifically on what they would do if one 3 or 4 points skill was taken by basically everyone, and others were taken by almost no one. He confirmed that would be reason to buff skills almost never taken, and nerf skills that are always taken.
  12. BTW - For those interested in '34:58 - Spreadsheets and Borla's Monster Dog' Here he was at two months, next to my size 13s. And here he was about a month before this podcast was recorded, also next to my size 13s.
  13. Conway was great to talk to, and before the podcast basically told us "let's just have a discussion about whatever you'd like to talk about". Hopefully we can get him back after KotS.
  14. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/commander-skills-update/ See the very bottom of this article. For some reason the "reset all commanders" option is available starting tomorrow. So you can't do it...........yet. But you'll be able to tomorrow.
  15. To be honest, I wait for @torino2dc to digest all major changes and "pretty them up" before I dig in. He's an excellent translator.