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  1. Let's get some games in together in the next few days.
  2. Made it to Typhoon tonight. Still looking for players for both clans.
  3. In promotion to Typhoon right now. Several times tonight we've been one short of running a third team. So if you want to be active and successful in Clan Battles, hit us up.
  4. Did you check your messages? I sent you some detailed info and a link to check out. KSC is in Storm 1 right now. We have a few spots open in KSC and several spots in KSC-2. We are pretty laid back but our core group made Typhoon 1 first season, Hurricane second season, split and formed a new clan with 2-3 weeks left in second season and made it back to Typhoon in under 60 games, and are now in Storm 1 about 2-3 wins from Progression to Typhoon already this season. Send me a message if you are interested in talking to us.
  5. Improve clans and CBs

    That's not how it works. If you have enough players, and enough officers on to start divisions, you can run more than one Alpha Team and more than one Bravo Team at the same time. So if you can be playing up to 49 members at a time if they are all online.
  6. Message sent with more info, but please check out KSC and KSC-2. Posts #1, #3, #16, and #27 are most relevant:
  7. We will likely refresh our recruiting thread shortly, but a small update for any interested. This may particularly be relevant to very good players in smaller clans that are having a hard time fielding Clan Wars squads. Last night, in the opening session of Clan Wars, we played almost all of our newer guys, we ran two squads for much of the session, we tested out new callers, and we were missing 3-4 of our top Clan Wars players. We still had 15 wins and only 4 losses (all Alpha team). One of our losses was the last game of the night when our caller's Discord crashed halfway through the match. The other three losses were to OPG, RUSHB, and PSV, all very good clans. We made Gale One in 3 hours. Only 5 teams total on the server made it to a higher league in the first night. So we had an almost 80% win rate while not making any effort to run our best teams and implementing lots of new stuff. We have 11 spots open and also are opening up KSC-2 for similar play. If you are in a small clan and have a handful of guys who would like to jump over, hit up any of our officers. We can discuss either joining KSC or helping us get KSC-2 rolling in Clan Wars, with heavy support from the main KSC force.
  8. In my experience small dogs bark the most. The players who don't even play Clan Wars but brag about their team's rankings are hilarious.
  9. Clan Season 3

    Didn't the video about two battleships in Clan Wars specifically say it wouldn't be ready for the next season (Season 4), but they hoped to have it tested in time for the following one (Season 4)? And Clan Wars starting one day early is causing three clans worth of people not to have had time to get a Tier Ten ship?
  10. We are looking for a few extra hands for the upcoming Clan Battles season. We are in the Top Twenty in Clan Battles strength according to wows-numbers. https://na.wows-numbers.com/clans/?order=strength_cb__desc If you are a very good player in a clan that doesn't compete in CW, or doesn't compete at a high enough level for your liking/skills, check us out.
  11. Clan Tier X Ships from Oil

    The amount of people in clans who would take advantage of my suggestion likely dwarfs the amount of people who gift doubloons. Plus, there are many of us who play a lot that have more silver and/or FreeXp than we'll ever need. I have over 500M silver and over 1.5M Free XP. And that is after keeping every ship I've grinded for about the last 18 months and after purchasing every free XP ship available (without converting FreeXP for any of them). There are a handful of guys in my clan in similar circumstances, while others in my clan struggle to have silver or free XP. I'd love some way to balance that out, at least with clan mates. I also don't think it would be completely detrimental to WG.
  12. Clan Tier X Ships from Oil

    While that is a nice idea, I don't think WG would go for it. It would take out the individual grind, which is a huge function of the game economy and a huge reason why people buy flags, premium time, etc. I think the potential downside financially would be too great for this to be seriously considered. One idea that is similar, but that I think WG might actually consider, would be the ability to gift silver or free XP to clan mates, as long as there was a cost to it. For instance, say you are short 20m silver for outfitting a ship and I have a huge surplus of silver. Let me give you the 20m silver, but have it cost an extra 10-15% to do so. I pay 22M or 22.5M silver out of my account and you receive 20M. Or I give you 50k free XP but it costs me 55k or 57.5k free XP. The benefit to WG is that it takes silver or free XP out of the economy. But clans would get another perk.
  13. Welcome aboard! We have a handful of spots left. It seems like the guys who make the best fit for us are guys who are currently in a laid back, social clan but wish they could advance more in Clan Wars. We are laid back and social, but also have very strong CW play. If that describes you, give us a shout. We also welcome guys who fit that bill to hang out on our Discord even if they aren't in the clan. Hit up any of the KSC members posting in here to get an invite.
  14. Most clans made up of players at your skill level require at least some voice communication. KSC is pretty relaxed about not requiring you to be on Discord all the time, but we do expect at least some participation in divs, Clan Wars, and the occasional operation. Never an issue of anyone being required to be on at certain times, just some interaction with others. Most of the clans that have zero voice com requirements are made up of players below your relative skill. If you are willing to make some consideration for Discord use, let me know. Our clan is pretty low key and friendly on Discord, but we have solid players. https://na.wows-numbers.com/clan/1000061637,KSC-Kill-Steal-Confirmed/
  15. Check us out at KSC. Our main aim focus is Clan Wars and Div play, but we regularly run through scenarios for the perks given. We also have a really solid/fun group of guys who willingly help each other grind out missions.