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  1. Congrats to the Kill Steal guys who played on the NCP and KSC teams for finishing 5th and 6th in their group in today's Shipstorm Tournament. Nice work guys!
  2. Congrats to our KSC group for finishing 5th overall NA in the first Clan Brawls event today. Both KSD and KSE got double digit wins in the event as well, so a solid showing by all. If you have interest in an active community with high level play, come hang out on our Discord and see if it is a good fit.
  3. Long ago I used to div up with a buddy or two and play one game at each tier from T4 (occasionally T3 even) to T10 almost every day. It would be extremely simple to create missions or events that encourage that sort of thing. Perhaps by rewarding special camos or signals for anyone who gets 3 wins at each tier from T3-T8 over the course of a few days. WG could always sell the same camos/signals in packs if they wanted to give players the option of "here's a small grind that encourages mid-tier play, or you can just pay $x and get it for free."
  4. There is more than enough vitriol about the NTC (which I 100% agree is an AWFUL idea, even the watered down version WG is presenting since the uproar). Please take a second to review these suggestions for how WG do what they say NTC is supposed to do. Other suggestions are welcomed. The goal of the NTC was to solve the supposed problem that “veteran players are interested in playing different ships of different tiers, however, the game does not sufficiently encourage it”. Let’s suppose for a moment that there is a portion of the population who would like to be “encouraged” to play ships of different tiers, and that the real reason everyone played their ships during the Snowflake event was for that, not for all the free steel and coal. As someone with 300+ ships currently in port, and who dusted off every single snowflake, I’d say that some incentive to play more of the lower/mid tiers isn’t a horrible concept……………the idea of doing it to unlock straight performance buffs (no matter how minor) IS a horrible concept... What other options could be put on the table to encourage players to play various tiers and not be completely consumed with the end game and T10? How could these options be presented so that WG can milk some more money out of us in the process, if we allow it (let’s be real, any solutions have to have this option somewhere along the line, like it or not)? Here are several ideas that I’d argue could be made viable, would offer variety, wouldn’t break game play, and would allow WG to reach into our wallets if we wanted to let them: 1) Allow tech tree ships to be turned into pseudo-premiums by reaching specific play thresholds. Allow them to be used as captain trainers, or gain permanent camos that have economic, free xp, and/or captain xp bonuses. This could be based on total ship xp, or a combination of thresholds similar to how legendary mods are earned today. Different thresholds could be used for different tiers, or different ship types. This would encourage players to keep and continue to play their favorite ships, no matter the tier. WG could offer certain camos, signals, or incentives that accelerate the earning of this status, so that they could still earn money off the idea if people wanted to pay to convert tech tree ships to this pseudo-premium status. They could even price it according to tier and ship type, let someone pay $12 (or whatever makes sense) to convert their Cleveland into a captain trainer. This would encourage play of lower tier ships AND let WG make a profit on the concept. 2) Allow captains to gain proficiency on more than one tech tree ship at a time. Perhaps once a captain has played X games on a tech tree ship, he can go back down the line to one other previous ship of that country and retain his skills for it. If WG wanted to, they could even limit this to ships of the same class. For instance, if a captain progresses from the Leander to the Fiji, maybe once he gets to a certain XP level, or a certain game count, or a certain win count, he’s able to go back (maybe to just the last ship, maybe to any one previous ship, options are wide open) and retain his skills for the Leander as well. They could even offer ways to “short cut” this using Elite Commander XP, Free XP, or another resource, so that there is a place for whales to throw money at it without breaking balance. This concept could be applied to let a captain even earn a 3rd ship he’s proficient in if WG wanted to push it that far. Again, incentive to play lower/mid tiers, a chance for WG to have money thrown at it, but not game breaking. 3) Create “Legendary Mod” style enhancements for non-T10 ships. Not straight buffs, not straight performance enhancements, but modules that offered a trade off and that required a lot of play to earn. These could be gated through various performance goals, like the T10 Legendary Mods, or they could be earned through XP earned on a particular ship, bought through Free XP, earned through various missions (even ones that might encourage the purchase of crates, camo, flags, etc., so WG can get a piece of the action), or be given out for events or special currency. This would take some balancing, and surely some modules would be more sought out than others, but it could be kept under control. Maybe it would be worth giving up some stealth in the Mutsuki for a faster torp reload, or whatever. Make the choices a clear cut “you have to give this up to get that” side-grade, not a complete upgrade. Something that encourages lower tier play, makes WG some cash, and doesn’t offer straight buffs. 4) Bring back a bigger variety of tiers in competitive modes. Having T8s in the next CB season was met with almost universal interest in discussions on our clan group’s (roughly ~100 members of 3 clans sharing a Discord that also includes 200+ guests from other clans) Discord server. The sheer variety of ships at T8 will make it interesting and refreshing. It’ll cause players to dust off old ships and practice in Random Battles with them. Other players will spend money to respect/retrain their Captains for T8. Some will have to buy credits or dubs to rebuy and reoutfit ships they’d previously sold. Again, raising player interest and potentially earning WG some money. Though there are balance issues at some tiers, I’d argue a true rotation of Ranked and Clan Battles using a variety of tiers (maybe not all tiers, but more than just T8/T10, and absolutely more than just using T10 by default) would be interesting, cause more of those tiers to be played in Randoms, and would create spending by players. Most of us who post here are the most highly invested percentage of WG's player base. We have 100 discussions about what a dumpster fire the idea of the NTC is. But I think, if we want something better, it's always best to include solutions along with the criticism, thus this post. Obviously some of these concepts would need some tweaking, or have some holes that need addressed. But I think the framework of each of these could be the start of ideas that address the supposed problem, don't break the game, and also allow WG to continue monetizing the game for people willing to fast forward the grinds.
  5. The Kill Steal group is selectively recruiting! We are looking for players focused on Clan Battles and having strong divisions for Random games. KSC and KSD have consistently reached high Typhoon. We kicked off KSE during the middle of Season Five and immediately made it to high Storm. We regularly compete in events such as KotS and Wargames. Our leadership is active, transparent, and responsive to clan members’ input. We have an active Discord with 300+ members, including many guests from other clans. In early June ’19 we went through a major reorganization of KSC, KSD, and KSE’s ~100 members. The recruiting standards for each clan are below. Keep in mind that these requirements are intended as general stat minimums. Top tier stats and recent stats will be of highest priority. All candidates will be considered on a case-by-case basis. It is possible not all prospects meeting the absolute minimums will be accepted. All stats are per na.wows-numbers.com. If you have interest in joining our clans or being a guest on our Discord, please message Borla78 (Borla78#6335) or ASR37 (ASR37#7453) on Discord. Kill Steal Confirmed (KSC): Must meet all KSD requirements and have extensive Clan Battles experience within the KS Group or other Typhoon/Hurricane ranked teams. Inquire via Discord for more info. Kill Steal Denied (KSD): 55%+ WR 1500+ PR 2+ T10s viable for Clan Battles 150+ T10 games Regular use of Discord Availability to run divisions on voice comms with other members Kill Steal Executed (KSE): Minimum 750 Random Battles played 53%+ WR 1200 PR Minimum 2 T8 non-premium ships of different categories Regular use of Discord Availability to run divisions on voice comms with other members Our typical recruitment process generally includes: Brief Discord chat with Admirals Division games with officers Two or three days spent on our Discord hanging out and playing with our members What KSC/KSD offers: Active leadership that is transparent and welcomes feedback Key officers/leadership have played Clan Battles since Season 1 with successful results An active player group with skilled players that have fun together Low overall turnover Advanced port upgrades, including for Steel and Coal Participation in competitive community events, such as KotS and Wargames. Discord server with hundreds of active members from around the world. Lots of division play, operations, and scrims. A little backstory on us: KSC was founded in March 2018 by a group of Clan War vets (reached Typhoon 1 together in Season 1, and Hurricane together in Season 2) wanting to strike a balance of competitive play, reasonable time requirements, and active, transparent leadership. When we formed KSC there were just 2.5 weeks left in Season 2. We had already gotten our old clan to Hurricane in the first half of the season, we also immediately got KSC into Typhoon in the final two weeks of Season 2. We’ve been Typhoon in every season since. We split into two equal clans before Clan Battles Season 4. During that season both KSC and KSD put their Alpha teams into Typhoon 1 and their Bravo teams into Typhoon. Doing that allowed us to get 26 different players at least 30 Typhoon wins and 33 people at least 15 Typhoon wins that season. Both squads also reached Typhoon in Season 5. Our June ‘19 restructure was done with the goal of making KSC consistently Hurricane competitive. We want KSD consistently Typhoon competitive with the capability of earning the maximum amount of steel for all active CB participants. KSE will grow from its start in Storm into being competitive enough to get to Typhoon. Of the almost 20 founding members, approx. 80% are still in the clan group, and the handful that left did so on good terms, often still visiting our Discord. Over the course of our history we have absorbed the core groups of a couple small clans and had a significant merger (TSN). After each of those additions almost all members who merged/joined remained with the clan, had significant input on clan decisions, and several are Clan Officers. We have experience with mergers, so we would selectively consider future mergers with smaller clans looking for a more robust infrastructure and player base. We have high retention and low drama! Message Borla78 (Borla78#6335) or ASR37 (ASR37#7453) on Discord for more info.
  6. Borla78

    Playing cross-server clan battles

    Mine typically rests between 30-34ms. I don’t think 50-60 would cause much issue if it was stable at that speed. But if there were spikes over 100ms at random times that could mess with aim or reactions at crucial times. We are also curious on results due to the meta differences.
  7. Borla78

    Clan Names

    If the clan has been completely disbanded, and the name is not being used at all, a new clan can take that name after 30 days. Source - Our clans (KSC, KSD, and KSE) did a merger with another clan. The clan merging with us had a better port than the sub-clan we were merging them with. So we wanted to rename their clan with our name. We had to wait 30 days before it could go through, per Wargaming Support. After 30 days we were able to grab that name again.
  8. Can any of the NA clans that have played during a non-NA time share their thoughts or feedback? Which server did you play on? How was the ping? Were there any positives or negatives? We are contemplating trying to get people on early on a weekend day or two to play CIS just to mix things up. We are curious how that sort of thing has worked for people so far.
  9. Borla78

    Clan wars make up days

    100% this.
  10. As someone who has collaborated, chatted with, and played with a fair amount of -HON- members, I'd argue that you'd have a hard time finding a better group of guys.
  11. Borla78

    ADOPT Clan Recruiting

    KSC/KSD are fans of ADOPT and their clan family. If you are looking to help others learn WoWs, or need a little help yourself, these are great people to get to know!
  12. Borla78

    Premium ship nerfs coming

    The biggest issue in nerfing OP Premiums is that WG has used them previously as a way to generate a lot of revenue. Not from selling them originally, but from advertising them as a possible reward for the loot box gambling. Nerfing the GC is incredibly bad form. Yes, it is OP. But they were warned it was OP before it dropped. They dropped it anyway. They pulled it from the store. Then they advertised loot boxes by saying "hey, you can get all the OP ships if you gamble enough!" Many people posted lists of lootboxes and claimed to spend $800-1000 so they could get various OP premiums they desired. Now, like TWO WEEKS after WG was encouraging gambling to get OP ships they are going to go "now we start nerfing the OP ships you gambled for..........got 'em!!!"? The whole process stinks. At the very least leave the current GC where it is, never sell it (or loot box it!) ever again, and release another GC (perhaps with a year designation, ala the current West Virginia v. the proposed second one) at T6 in the future that is more balanced. You could even do the same with a T8 Belfast, or other various ships. Lots of people would buy a second, balanced version. And it wouldn't smell like a planned rip-off. Because no one will believe WG randomly came up with this "nerf the GC" idea only after advertising it as a goal to gamble for two weeks ago. Again, it isn't the principle of nerfing premiums. It is that, repeatedly over the last couple of years, WG has dangled the "will never be sold again" permiums in loot boxes. That has been used as a primary advertisement for the loot boxes, and the community has made it clear that it was a huge motivating factor for purchasing them. To start nerfing them, especially immediately following a huge campaign to sell loot box chances at them, comes across as scammish.
  13. A month is probably longer than necessary. They could do it in a micropatch this weekend or early next week. Even with extra people playing CVs queue times shouldn't be too awful. Worst case make it so that it can make an exception to the 1v1 CV rule if a CV has been in queue for more than 4 mins.
  14. That is something I thought about including. Obviously the 2-3 per side is for queue times. It would be good if, once the newness wears off, they go to 1 CV per side. Or at least 1 CV per side from T6 and up. Obviously making the CVs mirror each other in tier.