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  1. Borla78

    Deputy Commander Question

    We will often temporarily assign people the 'Recruiter' position so they can start a Clan Battles div on nights that myself and the DCs aren't on, or if all of us are in the same div. All of our regulars are responsible enough to take care of that and trustworthy enough not to screw up anything in port or with the roster. If you have a decent crew of players there isn't much harm in assigning lots of Recruiters IMO.
  2. Both KSC and KSD have both squads still in Typhoon. KSC is high up in Typhoon 1 (2nd overall team in Typhoon, 16th overall on the server) and has the goal of Hurricane before season's end. Both squads are churning out Typhoon wins for as many players as possible, and we have kept it organized so we know who needs wins and make best efforts to help individual players reach their 30 Typhoon wins for max steel. Having all four squads (combined) in Typhoon allows us a lot of flexibility in managing that, and allows us to rotate talent around to keep teams strong enough to win while maximizing the benefits to our individual players. We plan to continue to recruit for both clans. We've also done a few successful clan mergers with smaller, talented clans, some of which struggled to have the numbers to successfully manage CB. If you are an individual player who wants a spot, hit up any of our officers. If you are an officer of a small clan that has good talent but wants a deeper team, or wants help organizing leadership, hit me up and we can discuss the possibility of working together.
  3. KSC and KSD both have Alpha and Bravo in Typhoon. This allows us to get Typhoon wins for every squad in both clans, every night. IMO this speaks to the coordination of leadership and the cooperation and support of the clan members in both groups. Balancing play time among 60-70 active members, most of whom have played in Clan Battles at some point in the season, takes some organization. It also takes patience and consistency by the members. Kudos to all of our officers and members for working together to make it happen. If that sounds like the place you'd like to be, message myself or another officer. Both clans are continuing to recruit.
  4. Both KSC and KSD are in Typhoon. KSC has their second squad 1-2 wins away from Progression to Typhoon, KSD's second squad is in high Storm 2. This has been accomplished while integrating many new members, trying to rotate and give everyone play time, and while (obviously) playing both Alpha and Bravo to train up people. If you fit our stat requirements, please let us know about your interest. Obviously we are doing something right, and are deep enough to advance both squads in both clans. But we still have spots open in both clans and our goal is to have enough strong players to run two stacked Alpha squads in each clan. Hit us up if you want to get some quality Clan Battles wins while helping deepen our roster!
  5. Thanks for the interest! Please review our qualifications posted in the OP. If you fit those and want to chat on Discord, shoot me a PM and we can discuss. o7
  6. Borla78

    Just looking

    In Season 2 it was Hurricane. Season 3 both Alpha and Bravo made Typhoon.
  7. Borla78

    Analyze my stats

    All of these. He is a strong player, especially compared to the average random on the server. But for those who are working on being competitive in Clan Wars, KotS, or who want to be in a top clan, it takes a desire to keep getting better to compete. The handful of posts in here with real constructive criticism are what the OP was looking for. Having played with him regularly for a while, after last night I'd just tell him 'islands don't move bro'.
  8. PM sent. We have both Alpha and Bravo in Typhoon, with Alpha in Typhoon 1. We have been running two squads every session (lots of chances for Typhoon wins with all squads in Typhoon!) and could always make room for an additional caller, as we've added a lot of talent lately. Best wishes in your search.
  9. PM sent. Both our Alpha and our Bravo teams are in Typhoon now. Even with the harder MM this season it looks like we may reach our goal of Hurricane for KSC. We are integrating a lot of new recruits over the last few weeks and are really looking to grow KSC-2 after the end of this Clan Wars season. There are also a couple KSC spots open for experienced players. PM me or another officer for more details or if you want to chat on Discord.
  10. For those keeping track at home, I believe we ended tonight at #16 in NA with our Alpha team. Not too many clans ahead of us that are truly "semi-competitive" like we are, and just about all of the clans ahead of us are well known and respected competitors. We have also been doing a lot of training and getting new players reps on our Bravo team and it is in Progression Battles to Typhoon as of tonight. So even newer clan members could get the opportunity for a shot at Typhoon wins if they qualified. Message me or another one of our officers for our Discord info if you are interested. This season is quickly coming to a close but we are already looking to build for next season.
  11. The answer is basically the same. Casual clans are generally around to go "pew-pew" at other ships. Some casual clans encourage divs and such, but in general they are there to relax and kill time together. Semi-competitive clans are usually made up of players who want to continue to improve, care about winning, division up with ships that coordinate well with one another, and probably care about Clan Wars, Ranked, KoTS, and other competitive stuff. But semi-competitive clans usually stop short of having frequent mandatory meetings, practice sessions, replay reviews, etc. Competitive clans do all the things semi-competitive clans do, but they may also have mandatory practices, stricter stat requirements, and game review sessions.
  12. Borla78

    Are there any Instructional Clans?

    ADOPT is a generally well regarded clan that makes it a mission to teach players how to improve. I personally have a lot of respect for their group. If your buddy is willing to listen and take instruction they may be able to help him out.
  13. Borla78

    Looking for a Competitive Clan

    PM sent with more detail, but what you are describing sounds very close to what we aim for with KSC/KSC-2. Really good players, non-toxic, mostly adults with careers and/or families, but organized enough to be successful in Clan Wars and fun enough that you want to hang out and div up with clan mates.
  14. Let's get some games in together in the next few days.
  15. Made it to Typhoon tonight. Still looking for players for both clans.