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  1. A great group of people to play with. Either in casual div (except Caxi is in dds, xD) or CW. 10/10 lipiru
  2. Mobile payment

    Just curious, has any one used mobile payment to purchase doubloons? seems a lot cheaper than visa/mastercard.... Not sure whether there is any additional charge... Thanks, lipiru
  3. The Bismarck

    Not sure whether this helps, but I cannot get the Bismark work like the NC and Amagi, I guess it main gun accuracy is the big issue. Amagi 8 BB Japan 211 68.72% 97,374 1,828 5.2 1.6 2.6 69% 28% 0% 1,710 North Carolina 8 BB USA 94 70.21% 96,603 2,325 3.7 1.6 5.6 55% 31% 0% 1,891 Bismarck 8 BB Germany 30 50.00% 83,888 1,855 1.6 1.2 1.9 27% 31% 0% 1,315
  4. Kamikaze OP

    Now link working
  5. Kamikaze OP

    link was not working initially
  6. Kamikaze OP

    Just had a nice game in the Kami :D 3285 base XP
  7. Kamikaze, best dd seal clubber up to tier 7. lipiru
  8. Typical weekend team. On the other hand, if it is the enemy team going potato, you can farm a lot of damage.. lipiru
  9. RIP Another Mouse...

    In randoms, you have the chance to farm damage on potatoes. You also have the same chance to carry potato teammates. Sometimes the team is so weak you just cannot carry. And I try to remind myself that I once was a big potato and I still potato hard very often. lipiru
  10. No long enjoy tier X

    I guess I just played too many weekend games....I really don't see too much team work, what I do see is a lot of times our dds on the other flank/or even the full flank just evaporated 6 mins into the game and it is a very hard carry to win. In a tier X match. Often we also steam rolled the other team and winning team each one has tiny credit/experience income
  11. No long enjoy tier X

    High damage =/= fun Most fun thing in my experience is blasting DDs at point blank range with a Zao or Kutuzov. I can long range spam BBs with HE however I don't consider it to be particularly fun. However different people enjoy different things in the game.
  12. No long enjoy tier X

    It is actually 3 tier 10 BB divisions
  13. No long enjoy tier X

    The issue is that I really don't know how to get rid of the snipe fest in tier 10. Somehow the test server is more exciting at tier X. Could it be only caused by high repair cost at tier X? (I know the repair cost is fixed, however if you stay alive longer, you hope to do more damage, therefore more credit income, and less net loss, just a thought). I do admit I play too aggressively often.. lipiru
  14. No long enjoy tier X

    lol. My experience on the test server is a lot different, more like lower tier. Wish real server will be like test server, more action packed. lipiru
  15. No long enjoy tier X

    I see, thanks for the advise, looking to get the GK some day.