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  1. I actually have slightly more than 21 battles my friend. Accidentally logged into alt account. And it is still a weak ship.
  2. Bump. PSV is a good place where weeb and none-weeb can play/social in harmony ;)
  3. Horrible turret angle is the killer. It is my worst Wows experience after the Izumo at tier 9. Such an unpleasant ship to play. Would take Cleveland over it any day... Would even take Ibuki over it any day... ....
  4. Can't make the Roma work

    too bad it is such a nice looking ship... not with the specisl camo though
  5. Can't make the Roma work

    Sorry man. it is a weak ship. High citadel don,t allow it to brawl. inaccurate guns don't allow it to snipe well
  6. Bump. Riz you should get a T-shirt saying: FC life matters, especially from GMT time zone
  7. Can we nerf BB accuracy when moving at max speed? xD
  8. As a CA main, I feel the 56s Radar is too much. DD life matters. lipiru
  9. Izumo needs buff

    I feel By Design Izumo is weak since it is right before an iconic ship.
  10. Playing some competitive games (clan battle/King of the seas) would help, with a willingness to take constructive feedback of your game play.
  11. there are too many balancing issues with tier 8/9 cruisers... hard to discuss in one post...