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  1. lipiru

    WG Doesnt Listen to Testers

    What?????? No!!!!!!! My dream is crashed...
  2. lipiru

    Alot of Tension out there now.

    They have changed the game so much that it feels like a different game now.
  3. lipiru

    Fleet Tactics Friday - The Cruisers

    I like the Flint, but I heard the AA is so meh now after the rework.
  4. lipiru

    Best HEAVY CRUISER at Tier V - VII

    Furutaka, best tier for tier
  5. I have lost about 50% of interest in the game. Glad my premium time has run out
  6. lipiru

    Premium Ship Review #118: Wichita

    Same feeling here. This ship would be a pass. Why would I take her out over the Kutuzov... oh wait, WG might touch more op premiums
  7. lipiru

    Premium Ship Review #118: Wichita

    Thanks for the quality work!
  8. lipiru

    Wichita Review Links

    Seems it would be a good to strong boat if it gets a heal. Thanks for the review as always.
  9. lipiru

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    Seems to be a rather meh boat to me.
  10. Significant changing premiums paid for by cash is not a good business practice with the compensation structure WG is proposing.
  11. Just check how much exp you have on the Erie
  12. lipiru

    Do you enjoy being a target of CV

    I firmly believe this game should be an gun/torpedo focused game. CVS are unnecessary addition.