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  1. Armkreuz

    Jean Bart

    Yea...I am Accumulating coal for Musashi. Yes....I understand the "Arsenal" and COAL to acquire Bart. Was just an observation on the price of the bundle. Yes I understand there was "Another" bundle for Bart. And NOW that all of that is out of the way, I have to say....$148.00?.....He He He He....Ahhhhhh....STILL a hoot and a holler. Funny stuff.
  2. Armkreuz

    Jean Bart

    $148.00? Ahhhh Ha Ha Ha....Ahhhhh....That's a hoot.
  3. Armkreuz

    WG enough bending the knee to DD!

    I have been known to moan and whine here. It does SEEM sometimes that the game is skewed (Especially when I lose he he...), but I have found these Russians try to balance the game and try to make it as enjoyable as they can. WG....still gets on my nerves with some of the crap they do, BUT they try to balance the thing OUT. (case and point Carrier Re-Work...I love it) When you watch ANY video these guys do, they try to be as professional as possible (Pinup...Woo Hoo! very well done.) and you can tell they genuinely LOVE their game. It's their baby and they want it to be the best it can be. So....I do not think they cater to any specific group of players in the game, (except testers, but t can understand that too). Give em a break. They just brought you Halloween Scenarios and prizes. GJ guys and gals.
  4. Since Subs are not really ships, ( Boats, as a rule, can fit on board a ship. Submarines are technically considered boats. A tall ship is designed to endure long ocean voyages. The Soviet/Russian Typhoon class submarine is an example of a very large submarine that is nevertheless referred to as a "boat".) Will we have to change the name of the game to World Of WarBoats now? Hmmmm Sounds stupid. OR MAYBE World Of War Equipment....OR....World Of WarBunnies.....You know with the High School Fleet thingy there....OR....Maybe....World Of Ocean Combat Yachts...Or WOOCY. Naaaa....Still won't work for Subs. I dunno. It's gonna take a REALLY REALLY smart Orthodox Russian to figure this out. Wargaming....You Got This?
  5. You don't NEED to play the Subs to know what the impact will be. Hidden boat....Sneaks up undetected. Pops a couple torps. Done. What else do you need to know. Soooo. Geniuses. Do we get Sonar and Depth Charges now?
  6. Armkreuz

    The New WGC Launcher

    I wouldn't have a problem with this if after the thing launched, the launcher would go away, but it don't. It hangs around. Not only that, but it is using a LOT of resources. WHY? Why does the "launcher" need to continue to run and use up my ram for? Is it using my computer for something? It is suppose to "LAUNCH" a program and that should be it. After the game is launched, we then get news, the premium shop etc. So WHY would I need something running in the background that is telling me the SAME thing I need to know in game. Seems really weird and redundant. Whats the point. Why do I need this running on my machine AFTER I launch the game? I don't. I don't need or want anything snooping on my computer. I use the launcher. I have hated it from the beginning. Unnecessary bloat. I usually run at 35 fps. Pretty crappy.