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  1. The_Red_Butcher

    The worst T9 cruiser is

    both of those ships have very unique play styles, i dont have much experience playing with/against Seattle so i cant comment there too much but as to the Neptune its a higher skill floor ship that relies on playing safe and picking the correct times to be super aggressive before fading into a more defensive stature again. ultimately light cruisers are always going ton be squishy they require one to play heavily around cover, their agility, and their concealment they can do a lot of damage but they have to create artificial protection for themselves, they dont have the health and armour of a battleship so over extending in them is likely death. perhaps they do need some love, i haven't been on wows as much as previously so perhaps the state has changed but the Neptune has always been quite adept in its role if the commander at the helm understands her flaws and her strengths.
  2. The_Red_Butcher

    how is le terrible?

    as the title suggests what are your thoughts on le terrible?
  3. The_Red_Butcher

    Top Ships Preferred to Play in WoWS

    Tier X BB: Grosser Kurfurst CV: midway CA/CL: hindy DD: khabarovsk, z-52 Tier IX BB: freddy g, missouri, jean bart CV: Essex CA/CL: alaska donskoi, roon DD: tashkent Tier VIII BB: tirpitz, roma, alabamba, kii CV: enterprise CA/CL: prinz eugan, mogami 155, kutuzov DD: asashio, kiev, atago Tier VII BB: scharnhorst, hood, colorado CV: old saipan CA/CL: belfast york, indianapolis DD: blyskawica, old kiev Tier VI BB: wv 41, dunkerque, p.e. fredrich, mutsu CV: Furious CA/CL: molotov, duca d' aosta, graf spee, nurnberg DD: anshen, shinonome Tier V BB: iron duke, konig, bretagne, giulio cesare CA/CL: emile bertin, konigsberg, emerald, exiter DD: okhotnik the true king of the sea, kamikazi Tier IV BB: wyoming, zucchini CA/CL: danae DD: v170
  4. The_Red_Butcher

    The True Travesty of the CV Rework

    when it came out it did have hellcats, when the did the rework they changed the squadron name but not the plane. tbh it doesn't really matter to me which ones they use but if they're going to use hellcats call them hellcats then
  5. with all of the chaos and rage over the rework one point alone has gone ignored for far too long, wg when will you give the enterprise the correct rocket planes you've changed the description for them to F4U-1D corsairs but, and this is the utter travesty of this update, they still appear as hellcats ghasp oh the horror! but really wg its been like 3 weeks now, the f4u models are already on other cv's spend the hour to fix this please.
  6. The_Red_Butcher

    What should a t10 CV be able to do?

    they should be able to strike anything with at least a few planes up however they should be able to strike battleships most easily with cruisers and destroyers required higher skill to engage, they also should be able to spot. basically in doing this they counter bowtanking bb's that chill at the [edited]end of no where all game, and sneaky dd's that otherwise stealth torp all game. tldr get rid of rocket planes give each cv an extra wing of divehombers or something to replace them and call it a day. while were at it though i would rather have all of the planes drop once together and have a high risk high reward than this piecemeal attack 3 times [edited]. id also appreciate a option to swap ap or he bombs before launching bombers, like cv players arent stupid if you can switch shells in every other ship why not on a cv. as an aside i dont think people will actually be happy with cv's both cv players and normal ships until aa is more interactive. for example if it passively attacked but also gave you the option to manually control it ie warthunder boats could be potentially better.
  7. if radar and hydro still go through solid objects ie island then you havent [edited]fixed anything. the torps im indifferent on 2 floods sounds annoying but i guess its meant to be less punishing?
  8. The_Red_Butcher

    Viribus Unitus should be Austro-Hungarian

    i agree, and the vu should be tier 4 especially because the ah have a plethera of real and paper desgins that can be used dare i say to create most of a tech tree.
  9. The_Red_Butcher

    wg why sacrfice the 95% for the 5%

    my dude, you put a unicum in a dd or a bb and the same craphappens why is it an issue when theyre ina cv's when they can do the same crapin normal ships?