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  1. Should low tier Battleships be nerfed?

    but why though theyre completely outclassed by low tier cruisers and destroyers so why would we want to nerf them?
  2. the ship isnt op though, sure its god damn annoying but it isnt actually broken, and this nerf reflects that, its a quality of life adjustment to help keep it spotted longer and allow you to brist it down while its heal is unavalible. i actually appreciate what the conqueror is, its a bb that is desgined to kill bb's which is awesome given the over population of bb's currently. given that it primarily targets bb's which have more health as opposed ot say the montana which farms cruisers primarily, and its enhanced survivability its not surprising that it deals more damage on average. also its worth noting that the majority of player who have the conqueror at this point are above average players and its stats will reflect that, similar to how the flint will always appear stronger that it should.good on wargaming to approach this ship with the scalple rather than the hammer this time.
  3. The Ethics Of a CV Player

    the problem with removing manual drops is that cv play becomes stale and honestly quite boring with out them, try playing t4/5 after playing 6- 10 its awfully dull. removing manual drops inst really the issue im pretty sure even a potato can hlt alt and left click and hit with the strike planes. the actual skill comes in position of aircraft and strafing/ dodging strafes which if im honest strafes are too strong. in what world do fighters line up and hold down the trigger arbitrarily hitting anything in front of them. true that they act as an equalizer between ijn and us planes but id like to see fighter interactions looked at. part of the core problem with cv's imo is the damage vs health system used to determine if planes are shot down. it creates huge discrepancies where sometimes the entire squadron falls out of the sky or other times when its almost impossible for a plane to be killed and its relevant both to fighter v fighter interactions but also aa v plane interactions. meh theres really no easy solution to fix the problem but manual drops aren't really the issue
  4. The Ethics Of a CV Player

    1&2 agreed, agreed, which if were being honest is a good thing, but more over it punishes people for being out of position which is especially good, similar to how citadels punish people for potatoing. 3 yep 4 ehhh sure but theres a lot of things in the game that suck to be on the receiving end, he or torpedo soup for example. 5 theres plenty of counter play. use team work/ group up = gg cv. there are times when the team actually groups and makes a defensive aa bubble coupled with awareness to turn to avoid strikes ( super easy btw) and a cv can effectively be rendered useless and that is with out your own cv's fighters harassing them. 6 well yes and no, with out planes the cv is useless (excluding gz) so it is actually pretty exposed sure it may not die but it can be effectively taken out of the match, not to mention that cv's trade this "advantage" for being extremely exposed if they get spoted, most of the time being spoted in a cv is a quick way to the bottom. 7 dont make me laugh, how else were cv's intended to be played. while true for owsf it really cant apply to cv's they do exactly what they are supposed to to a varying degree of success.
  5. The Ethics Of a CV Player

    hardly, if i get a t 10 game with des moines or mino's on the other team i depend on my teamates to keep my planes alive by eliminating them. surface ships can let me down as much as i can let them down. if a dd sails through the middle of the map and my teamates fail to kill him theyve let me down, likewise if i fail to stop the 3 torp bomber and 3 divebomber squads attacking the yammy ive let him down. we are all culpable and most cv players dont see surface ships as fodder. if you all dont push out and take bases and extend our aa bubble we lose, if i dont cover you or kill enemy ships or scout we lose.
  6. The Ethics Of a CV Player

    idk about you but i pick and chose my targets with all of my other classes too. if im in a bb i favor cruisers because i can eliminate them quickly, if im in a dd i especially pick and choose my targets, who has hydro, who has more hitpoints whos big and unmanuverable. especiall in cruisers its relevent to pick your targets, some ap shreads, some i can only use he on etc. also when im using a cv i have a finite number of planes that are sacrificed everytime they take off, of course im going to killl the targets with weak aa first, just like im going to shoot a broadside cruiser in a surface ship. why would it be any different for any other class?
  7. took out the rudder of a fletcher with my essex dive bombers, he then proceded to smash into the side of my ship and gave me a die hard lol
  8. come now wg you can do better

    gotcha guys, i suppose you're right if its a modified e model, i didnt actually know which varient of 109 it was so i figured if its at t8 it would be a modified g or k series which actually were pretty decient planes, of ocurse fw 190's or ta152's would be superior to the 109's but this is wargaming were talking about. from an in game perspective alone id like to see them preform a bit better.
  9. come now wg you can do better

    so i had the pleasant experience of slapping a gz 1 around today with a shokaku; which i know its the shokaku its basically the gold standard but none the less, wg do better. theres no reason my fighters should dogfight and win almost every fight with out taking casualties. n1k5a's are nice planes however bf109's were effective planes so they really shouldn't get slaughtered that way, cant comment on the deep water torps because he didnt really get many chances to use them but please wg at least make the dogfights a little less oppressive. if my Japanese fighters are doing this i shudder to think what american fighters do to them. at this rate the only reason for me to strafe bf109's is to kill them quicker than i already do ie not worth the ammo expenditure.
  10. Your Most Comfy Ship is _________

    mogami with the 155 loadout, its such a joy to use.
  11. Poll: No CVs in Clan War - Good or Bad?

    While there is bound to be some at high skill play I doubt there will be because there's a limit on 1 large ship per team so gunboats are going to be much more impactful this time arround. Cruisers and DD's simply maneuver too much for reliable torp hits when one could instead bring ships with dominant artillery.
  12. Clan wars and the simple fact.

    I'm inclined to agree. I understand wg's logic on some of it, I completely disagree but I understand. Actually I think the bigger problem is that people who don't actually own t-10 ships will be able to play. It's not that I'm anti newbe but I remember how different it was playing at t10 when I first earned my Montana than the previous tiers. Wanna talk about fair fights who's realistically going to win the guy with 6k games and 5 t 10s or the newbe with >1k battles. I get clan wars being an end game thing but players should actually have to get there of their own merit ( or I suppose their wallet if they reeeeeeeeallly need to convert xp for it). But ya op I agree it's disgraceful limiting the most popular class in the game to 1 and completely removing another. I for one don't care to see world of Khabarovsk/ gearing.
  13. this is so true, aa speced des moines or mino literally eats half the squad @ 8+ km away. hindy with def aa eats anything that tries to bomb in its bubble, t 10 aa is brutal and those cvs luckily have massive reserves to deal with the enormous attrition rate of their planes
  14. its probably going to be 1 conqueor or kurfurst, 1 des moines or minotar and 5 khabs/ gearings. yep super fun
  15. Giulio Cesare Nerf Idea

    if were being honest it does not need a nerf, some of the old stinkers ie new york need to be updated but given its matchmaking and the state of the game currently the ship is fine. she has some what weak armor for her class and smaller guns that most of her competition (slightly i know) its interesting having a ship that is actually semi accurate.