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  1. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    Can I gift?

    If only there's like a market thing where you sell your ship for in game currency like typical mmorpg.. I got a lot of credits and its just piling up.oh well
  2. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    Karma and CV's players

    People still care about the karma?
  3. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    Tough Game!

    most of the time I get focused by cv,I don't know why,it feels like I pissed them off.
  4. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    New Opening Video

    or disable the sound coz its freaking loud
  5. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    What is happiness?...

    fun is when you're about to aim your turret into your turret and it suddenly disappeared.It happen everytime
  6. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    Is there a IX Cruiser worth keeping?

    donskoi and ibuki
  7. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    Struggling with Al Nevsky

    Its kind of fragile so I played it as an HE spammer and it work but its so boring tho..I'm gonna grind that petro and see how op it was just like what the others were saying
  8. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    Struggling with Al Nevsky

    I'm a cruiser/bb player and I have no problem dealing 100,000 damage per game but when I unlocked the Al Nevsky i'm struggling to make an impact to the game and barely deals 50k damage with this ship.I'm doing alot better with Donskoi (with IFHE).Do you guys equip this with IFHE?
  9. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    Rip Red Team

    I thought we lost the game...well the red team,they're winning by points and its GG not until i manage to stop their points somehow by 999..Pure luck
  10. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    Do we really need Dasha Perova Captains

    If you still remember,Dasha fan boi asked wg for Dasha captain and they made it....so yeah we need it :)
  11. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    “Summer Sale” 2020

    Its freaking disappointing.
  12. I'm not shaming or something,I went and look on your profile just to see why you still didn't know about the "Destroyed modules".I suggest you to learn the game mechanics and don't go full wallet warrior.Looks like you're still learning but ended up buying high tier ships thru premium shop (Bad idea). Once the modules is destroyed (AA, torp, secondaries and main battery) you cannot repair them.
  13. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    Favorite T5/T6 BB?

    T5:Giulio Cesare with its glorious dispersion. T6:Fuso but it's sucks dealing with T8's 406mm
  14. I stopped caring about the karma.Just play and enjoy the game..