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  1. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    Italian battleship

    I'm thinking to finish the italian bb line since I only have t4-t6 during the event.Are they worth the time grinding them coz I only see few or rarely high tier italian bb in random.
  2. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    How is your Grand Battle grind going?

    Grinding to Kremlin and probably an Italian bb... still don't know
  3. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    Very Low Win Rates

    Got 8 lost in a row this weekends...
  4. With the power of pagoda, they can see me on the entire map.
  5. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    What's going on with my dispersion?

    I noticed when Im reversing with my Fuso the dispersion was awful but everything is fine if you move forward..weird
  6. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    Don't mess with Texas

    I used to like playing the Texas because of its excellent AA,its like you're untouchable against cv but now its meh.I switched to Konig for now in T5 or the gloriuos GC..yah I know its op.
  7. Its just one second geez and with adrenaline rush you'll not feel the nerf.
  8. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    Intro Video

    Is there anyway to disable or mute the intro video once you launched the game..Its freaking loud it feels like its 10x louder than the game itself..Thanks
  9. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    What's in a Italian Battleships container?

    A lame [edited]1 flag..I didn't even bother coz its sad
  10. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    One Salvo and I'm Dead

    Well that's cruiser's life. I dev strike alot of cruisers with my bb and I also get dev strike by a bb.Just don't show your broadside.
  11. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    How are italian BBs?

    Got the T5 cavour..The Accuracy is frustrating.A broadside cruiser within 9km,did a full salvo,2 shells landed and it only did 2k.I guess because of its T5.
  12. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    Returning Player

    I'm a returning player after.....almost a year break..With this new commander skill upgrade I got confused and makes my head spinning..Can you guys give me a good commander skill build with these ships...Thanks Yamato,Bismarck,Gk,ALabama,Alaska,Fuso,Konig,Sharn,Zao,Guilio Cesare,Alsace.
  13. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    Thanksgiving Super Container

    I got it from daily container
  14. Nimitz_Zumwalt

    Thanksgiving Super Container

    Got a SC this thanksgiving :)