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  1. Brother_Lobo

    Is MISSOURI coming back?

    I have over 750k free xp. I want the Battleship Missouri. Will it be coming back any time soon?
  2. Brother_Lobo

    My computer crashed, now I'm being penalized.

    My computer can run the game just fine. I've been playing warships for years on this computer and I usually run it with the graphics settings fairly high. The game works fine 99% of the time. There are, however, rare issues such as the crashes I suffered yesterday. I stand by my complaint that penalizing innocent players for circumstances beyond their control is not the best way to handle this. I'll also repeat that I signed back in before the matches concluded and was not allowed to rejoin the battle. Surely there must be a way for the game to tell the difference between someone who actually quits or times out VS someone who's internet connection goes out or suffers a computer crash. There's also no good reason to prevent someone who's been dropped from rejoining the battle. Wargaming needs to tweak this system and fix it.
  3. My computer crashed twice as I was loading into battles and I was forced to reboot the whole computer both times. Each time this happened, I was unable to rejoin the battle after signing back in and instead it went to port and I was greeted with a penalty after the battles concluded both times. I have done nothing wrong. Why am I being penalized for two crashes I had no control over? Can anything be done about this? There are probably a lot of other players out there who have dealt with similar situations. Computers occasionally crash, internet connections can be interrupted, the game can lag or freeze up etc... Wargaming needs to find a better way of dealing with trouble makers because innocent players like myself are being unfairly punished for no reason.