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  1. I mean, you can, but it would take an awfully long time to unlock everything.
  2. I thought that was because of Rensouhou-chan's life preserver spelling Shimakaze in the old right to left style whereas the game players would try to read it left to right at first, and Kongou merely canonized the fan nickname in the anime. ...either way, Mikasa's fine. You see the same right to left reading order in historical photos of WWII destroyers, like Ayanami here: Read in the modern way, it would be "Minayaa", which is obviously wrong.
  3. First thought: is it time to join a clan? I don't care for clan battles quite yet, unless they start locking premium ships behind it, but persistent economic bonuses do seem intriguing... Second thought: if Pan-Asia keeps the deep-water torps on release, I'm expecting an uptick in players grinding them, switching to another destroyer for a game, then accidentally torping friendly destroyers ahead of them because they forgot other lines have shallower torps. Should be fun. Third thought: I'm still going to purchase the missing ones with duplicates, just in case.
  4. This Bismarck achievement....I have played so many games with 80k damage taken. Dreadnaught with Hull B is ~83k. So frustrating.
  5. A supermodule and some flags from the first 4 tier 10s, but as a chuckle: I Free XP'd the remainder of Udaloi to get Grozovoi to A] get another SC and B] to have a third ship to try the Rush C achievement. When I was fitting Grozovoi out, though, I made the mistake of equipping the spood beest supermodule even though I switched over to the DefAA consumable and only noticed when I loaded into battle. Great, now I have to spend doubloons to demount it. SC for the Grozovoi game was 1k doubloons.
  6. Dumped Free XP to take advantage of the sale and get my 5th Tier X (and first non-USN one), Grozovoi. Then kept trying to get the last two birthday achievements, which yet elude me.
  7. I'm having the hardest time with the Russian DD and Bismarck Dreadnaught ones. The rest came pretty easy (including like 4 at once in one amazing Edinburgh game), but those two...I've missed both by inches several times now.
  8. If you have it, I found 'Not by Torps Alone' much easier with Akizuki than the others.
  9. Funny enough, I'm stuck on those same two. I had to put the game down last night after the Nth game in a row where I got the torpedo damage but blew up before getting the gun damage in the Russian DD, followed up by missing out on a Dreadnought by 3k damage because the dying Iowa shot my Bismarck's main belt instead of the upper works and the shells bounced.
  10. So far the only thing I got worth sharing is a De Grasse, but that was from the previous Yamamoto mission's SCs, not any of the ones for the birthday event.
  11. I hope she's a map reward and not a drop. Getting Teruzuki was a bit of a pain.
  12. The flags in St Petersburg port reflect the nations added. There's no Canadian ship, ergo no Canadian flag. Even if a Canadian ship was added, though, it would likely be added to the Commonwealth tree. So still likely no Canadian flag in the 3 year anniversary port.
  13. A fair bit: 1. Atlanta (contest reward) 2. Atago (bought with doubloons from contest rewards) 3. Albany (holiday reward ship) 4. Mikasa (ornament contest ship...then credit value when it was offered as a mission reward) 5. Tachibana (mission reward) 6. Shinonome (campaign reward) 7. Katori (mission reward) 8. Every ARP ship 9. Emden (mission reward) 10. Premium camos for Budyonny, Farragut, Fuso, and Leander from Santa Convoy campaign 11. Alternate premium camos for Tirpitz, Bismarck, Graf Spee, and Hood 12. Shortcut to Iron Duke (blueprint missions) 13. De Grasse (supercontainer) 14. Seagal and Jack Dunkirk 15. The Military Month Contributor flag 16. Ishizuchi (bought with doubloons from contest/Ranked rewards) 17. Marblehead (contest reward)
  14. Whew. On the last possible run, Teruzuki dropped. And the 51 fuel remaining means no more farming. Can't complain about that; of all the drops available this event, I only missed Prinz.
  15. I was in 7th grade. First I saw of it was walking in to my Home Ed class; the teacher had the TV on and CNN was showing the burning North Tower. Nothing else had yet happened, so the talking heads were just wildly tossing ideas (maybe there was a malfunction or the pilots suffered a medical emergency or something to veer off course were two I remember). Classes switched before the second plane hit, and none of my other teachers that morning had the TVs on, so I kept my assumption it was just a tragic accident until lunch, when a cafeteria monitor told me to report to the office since my dad had come in to pick us up. As he was signing us out, my brother told me about the second plane hit. We rushed back home and stayed glued to the TV until the early evening, feeling profoundly sad.