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  1. Expected date for USN Cruiser split

    Hopefully not soon, I just used my FXP to grab Minotaur, so I'd like to stock back up on some and get a Day 1 Worcester if possible.
  2. Just wild speculation, but I'm wondering if WG is experimenting with relieving some of that "new line" MM woes by shuffling the dedicated players out of the Tier 3 pool. When Brit BBs released, it was a mess for a couple of weeks. This way, some portion of the playerbase gets BBs that are outside the Tier 3 MM pool and maybe doesn't cause such a wonky experience.
  3. Weekend spree

    Completed grinds on Shenyang, Fushun, and Shchors. Ready for the credit discounts on the next ships in the line later in the month.
  4. Since the Eagles won the Superbowl

    Discount on Prinz's Adler camo, since it's an eagle and Prinz was in Philadelphia for a time.
  5. Mystery Torpedo Moment

    Any excuse to post this: So OP, it's likely the Farragut's motion made the torps hit the same section for saturation.
  6. Tier 6 is the seal-clubbing tier for high-tier CV captains who want to come down and punch on a new CV captain. So what you're seeing is high-tier tactics, where taking out the DDs is one of the CV's early goals. There isn't much of a counter besides being near an ally that can help with AA, so if the CV goes after you, you can get some help; if the CV fails to strike you, they may go after another target. You're maneuverable enough in DDs you should be able to dodge most strikes. As for the training room, you'd need to have someone with a CV join you on the opposite team; the bots don't move or use weapons, so you can't practice alone.
  7. Awesome, this will significantly shorten some ship grinds.
  8. Right? I'm sensing some confirmation bias, since I don't think it reasonable that there would be enough players checking emblems before a match and choosing targets from that.
  9. I came across a supertester in an Asashio yesterday. It floated, it pew pew'd, and doesn't have a deathpickle camo.
  10. How many tier 10s are in your port?

    6. They're listed in my sig in the order I got them. I have 3 Tier 9s that I'm slowly working on, too, but they each have over 150k XP to go, so it'll be a while.
  11. Do you tier up immediately?

    I'll tier up immediately, but usually only when I have enough Ship XP (not Ship + FreeXP), unless there's a silver discount on the next ship. And if I like the previous ship, I'll keep it; my port is well over 100 ships now.
  12. Already have Musashi, so I'm not concerned with comparing the two camo options. Keeping both ships with their IJN camos.
  13. USN CA/Cl line and Birthday.

    To expand on this, keep any USN cruiser you get from Cleveland on up, as it's expected that in Q2 of this year, there will be a line split introducing a branch of light cruisers. Whatever ships you have in your port that get reshuffled give you the new ships, too, so even if you can only progress to Pensacola, if you keep it and Cleveland you'll get a Pensacola, New Orleans, and a new Tier 8 Cleveland after the split.
  14. How do you choose which ships to play

    Still grinding a bunch of lines, plus campaigns. What I'm doing now is playing some cruiser grinds because I have campaign tasks active that need cruisers; I'll play a rotation of Roon, Neptune, and Martel until I collect two containers, then just whatever strikes my fancy. Doesn't even have to be a real game, yesterday I capped my playtime by taking a Lex into a training room and letting the secondaries rip Tier 1s just to see it.