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  1. Hey guys, sorry about the confusion. No worries! We're not changing the classic format of Naval Legends! This was an attempt to launch sub-series, sequel to original NL video - NL in WoWS. These sequels tell the story of implementing the same, previously featured, ships in the game. We are going to deliver this message more clear next time, maybe with re-branding. BTW, the new episode of classic Naval Legends series is coming in a few weeks, before end of March.
  2. Thanks for the book WG!

    Btw, its signed by the author. :) Bought it directly from Admiral on HNSA annual conference this year. So cool to see it made someone happy!
  3. Save Texas

    Hey guys, I noticed some questions about the Lone Star mission. It's actually described in the article (below the bundles): https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/dont-mess-with-uss/ Play 20 battles with USS Texas, get 20 RPII, 20 DCPII.
  4. I hear your pain. Going forward we will be more flexible with technology allowing us to sell access to missions. With current limitations we couldn't find an elegant way to sell Hood unbundled without giving access to Hood-only missions. This is a very good feedback. Thank you for sharing.
  5. It wasn't intended to be so, but that's how we ended up feeling about Eugen sale internally. We admit when we do something wrong. Unfortunately, what happened with Graf Spee was interpreted (or remembered) incorrectly. There was a chain of events. First, EU server admitted being wrong about not publishing Santa Convoy missions initially and launched them starting January 1st. Then, since EU had already released all bundles, it was too late for EU to roll them back to sync with the schedule on other servers. Finally, NA, RU and SEA agreed to sync with EU, so our players don't feel any regional disadvantage.
  6. I saw a quote of my past response to staggered bundles discussion. 2Tearphoenix, thanks for bringing this up. I totally understand that this tactic generates an artificial inconvenience and we don't expect players to be excited about it in isolation from the context. However, with every next iteration, we build on past experience and feedback that you shared with us. For example, we are now absolutely transparent about the schedule of bundles - dates, prices, content. Now I see many players saying they don't need Hood by itself, but they would pay for "no frills" bundle to earn Bismarck faster. But wait for a second, this whole Hunt for Bismarck campaign earning players T8 BB in parallel with researching any other line would not exist without the Hood sale as a monetization component. And there is still a default way to get Bismarck without paying. So our intention was to find a win-win solution for different players with different interests. For non-payers, there is a cool campaign and a T8 BB to work on for absolutely no money. For those, who just want Hood in their collection, it will be available after the end of the campaign. For those, who want to buy the Hood and is planning to earn the campaign rewards (Bismarck, skins, achievements), there is also a value of time saving that we offer with the bundles. So no, this time staggered bundles is not just a money grab, as in case of Eugen experiment. It's a concession we made as publishers to deliver the meta-gameplay and valuable (not Tier 2-3) rewards for all players globally. And we will keep improving our both our gameplay and publishing tactics, so you guys always feel happy. We understand that WoWS won't be successful, if your are unhappy in the end. So we are dedicated to keep an eye on all of your feedback across channels.
  7. #TeamWater - The Best Team!

    On SEA server the winner is already decided, so no rigging, guys!
  8. Hey guys, thank you all for surfacing the issue and brining it to our attention. We've got a confirmation from developers that this will be fixed before the release of 0.6.4!
  9. You are more than welcome! By the way, we are always open for partnership opportunities! http://wargaming.com/en/partners/
  10. The WG URL guy has spoken!

    2ShiroDNL: Actually it's not true. The fame of The URL Guy working in NA Publishing has been heard in other regions. I noticed these URLs on RU portal few weeks ago: https://worldofwarships.ru/ru/news/shipping/no_edinburgh/ https://worldofwarships.ru/ru/news/common/mad_skills/ https://worldofwarships.ru/ru/news/action/gotta_catch_em_all/ But then they gave up and returned back to boring URLs...
  11. Damn you WG!!!

    Good start of a work week to read such comments. Means we did the right thing at least for someone.
  12. Should WG Sell Halloween Ships?

    2SergeantHop: These ships are different from ARP. Their models were altered not only visually, but also geometrically. It's not just a camo that you can switch off in settings.
  13. Hey guys, Halloween mode is finishing soon, so our current plan is to remove these three awesome fantasy ships from your accounts in about a week: Blade (reskinned Wakatake) Jackal (reskinned Nassau) Igor (reskinned St.Louis) We received many questions on our plans to sell these ships in future. I personally have no issues with fantasy themed content in our game, but I know that there are many players, who have a different opinion. That's why I'd like to hear your opinions. Please reply to this poll and share your thoughts in comments.
  14. Here you go guys: http://worldofwarships.com/en/content/game/?item=192 Our artists are very glad to hear that you like their work!
  15. Ok, we're going to publish a wallpaper with this art in Media section in a few days.