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  1. Hey @Bison__ and @Edward_Liu we added more tickets, feel free to pick them up!
  2. Thank you all for coming and asking questions! Enjoy this video about the event!
  3. Hey guys, we added 50 more tickets for sale. Grab one before they are also gone!
  4. Queríamos sediar a festa mais próxima do Expo Center, mas outros locais recusaram-se a trabalhar com empresas estrangeiras. Este era o mais próximo que poderíamos garantir.
  5. King of the Sea 8 was focused on EU vs CIS: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/community/kots-viii-results/ NA winner was PWP: https://www.toornament.com/en_GB/tournaments/2249090541501669376/stages/ Better to compare with King of the Sea 7, which was also about NA vs EU: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/kots-vii-results/
  6. Maravilhoso! Não queríamos arriscar perder alguém devido a um problema de pagamento. Mal posso esperar para ver todos vocês em São Paulo!
  7. Hey Odimet and Brooklin82, não está esgotado! Qual método de pagamento você está tentando usar?
  8. Please share the link to this Forum thread with fellow players around San Paulo area. We'll be monitoring it for questions or cool ideas, if you have any.
  9. Hey @HyenaHiena, would be glad to meet with you! Sorry, I don't speak Portuguese, but I'll have some folks with me who do!
  10. Boyarsky

    Cannot get into battle?

    Hi Captains, We restarted the servers at 1:30 ET / 10:30 PT. Looks like it helped. Tried myself - got into battle. Thanks for alerting us!
  11. Boyarsky

    I can't get into battle to play

    Captains, there is a confirmed issue on NA server. We are restarting them, please give it another 15-30 minutes until the issue is resolved.
  12. Boyarsky

    Não consigo entrar na batalha para jogar

    Reinicialização total do servidor Caros jogadores, às 17:30 (UTC) de 22.9, a manutenção planejada será realizada no servidor do jogo. O jogo ficará indisponível por vinte minutos.
  13. Boyarsky

    You favorite anime

    My list is rather short: Grave of the Fireflies Spirited Away Dominion Tank Police Space adventure Cobra Ghost in the shell Perfect blue Wolf's rain
  14. Boyarsky

    Mission: V-J Day

    Hi guys, I'd like to comment on your feedback to this activity. Do we really need "OPT IN" button to some of these events? We believe we do for the following reasons: It's not an unreasonable effort to subscribe to our news channels and simply click a button once in a while. You can't imagine how beneficial is it for the product health, when you follow our news and engage in discussions. We want to reward this habit. It feels unfair, if some players worked hard on increasing their odds in a contest to get high tier premium ships, but the prize goes to someone, who didn't even know about the activity and simply played as normal. We want you to be comfortable with your nickname going public as a contest winner.
  15. @Cannon0, we are glad you made it. There might be a minor confusion about tickets, so let me try to explain. Our company has an ongoing deal with Patriot's Point. As part of this deal the museum prints all admission tickets with an invite code for World of Warships. This was not done specifically for the Anchors Away event, but your confusion is understandable.