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  1. Boyarsky

    Naval Legends: Sovetsky Soyuz

    @SireneRacker good catch! Thanks for reporting the inaccuracies. Forwarded to the video team for investigation. @NZMengsk @Xero_Snake @Cpt_Whiskey72 I'm happy to see you guys enjoyed the video! @TornadoADV @CSM_HQ_Coy @RoundsDownRange I'm sorry that you guys took this video for Russian propaganda. In reality the only thing we try to promote is the lore behind the in-game content, which happens to be Russian Battleships at this point. Did you get a least a bit more interested in RUBB after watching the video? There will be more episodes about the American and other famous ships from our game in the future! Let us know, which of the old episodes is your favorite, so we cater to your taste better. Also, if anyone got accidentally converted to Russian patriotism, I can teach how to sing Russian anthem while playing WoWS! (jk)
  2. @PG908 unfortunately, it seems that the organizers require that you upload your own replay. Replays uploaded on behalf of someone else won't be considered.
  3. @ralphie60374 correct @PG908 good question, we'll ask the team responsible for the show and follow up
  4. Boyarsky

    The Full Monty - Giveaway Winners

    Always good to hear from you Zoup! Keep being youself and good luck with your life challenges!
  5. I was impressed with your answer.  Grammar needs work but your customer service skills, making me feel like I matter, was a nice change of pace from WG.  I hope there are more like you on staff.

  6. @YeTi_RCN maybe your effective English can make the difference?
  7. @YeTi_RCN not sure, which specific problems you have in mind, but it's not practical to focus all resources of the company to only work on one area. First of all, because of division of labor. Some people work on building ship models, other people work on creating and fixing maps, other people work on balancing, and totally different people work on tech optimization. Second, because a regular cadence of new content is as important for the long-term health of a free-2-play title, as fixing existing pain-points. Third, while Space Mode is positioned as a fun goofy event, it's actually being used for serious experiments with new mechanics that may or may not eventually make it to the core game modes.
  8. @Admiral_Thrawn_1 Great question, thanks for asking. The answer is not that simple. There are two components to it: 1. Permanent camo vs. Consumable camo. Most permanent camos have powerful economic bonuses that turn your regular tech tree ship into a farm machine, similar to premium ships. Therefore the doubloon price becomes the investment into increased profitability of your ship. 2. Painjob camo vs. New ship skin. These space camos are actually brand new 3D ships models that cost way more development resources to produce than a regular paint job. It's not 100% the same cost as a new ship built from scratch, because we still save on historical research, sourcing references, visual QA and in-game balancing, however if we lower the doubloon prices, then such content becomes unprofitable.
  9. @CGC716 thanks for your feedback. Are you generally against any fun events in a game that slightly extend the setting or break some rules? If not, what other concept would you enjoy?
  10. 8,000 doubloons each. There will be also a bundle for doubloons with multiple camos and a discount.
  11. Your guess is correct. :)
  12. Boyarsky

    ST: Icebergs

    Well, under certain conditions the breaking of ice chunks from the edge of a glacier happens by itself, without any warships. According to this article, arctic glaciers calve up to 15,000 icebergs annually. Of course, they are not fully destroyed, but anyway. Now add some shell bombardment and this effect becomes real.
  13. Boyarsky

    Thanks WG (SC)

    @Mala_suerte71 Congratulations! Well, looking at your battle count I'm not surprised about 4 premiums from SC. :)
  14. @monpetitloup Try this link: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/intergalactic-games/#rewards-in-armory It's mostly about picking up on of the 18 unique upgrades for T10 ships.
  15. Hi guys, @SquirrelBytes @enderland07 @Mitchifer it is true that regular missions offer 300 Ironium as rewards. However, the total amount of earnable Ironium will be 780. More details will be announced on Monday.