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  1. Why do the subs have short dive time. Needs to be more realistic, I'd be more satisfied at 8 minutes +.

    1. Keleva


      WOW! no reply!


  2. Mine matches my nickname - Mikhail Boyarsky, a famous Soviet actor well known for playing daring swashbucklers in adventure films of late 70s and 80s. On this pic he acts as D'Artagnian in Three Musketeers (1978).
  3. @AJTP89 This is flattering to hear, but I respectfully disagree. Simply because we collect your feedback and acknowledge some of your pains doesn't mean we are more capable at solving these pains than the guys in Lesta. That's not how it works here. Our heads of global marketing and development for World of Warships are both based in Lesta studio and operate as a single team. We do acknowledge mistakes, especially at the rollout of the rework, but we've also introduced multiple changes both to CV's and AA. We did not allow CV's to Clan Battles for a long time, until we had confidence. Now, after Clan Battles Season 9, we are going to work on improvements announced here: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/40. Introducing entirely new class on a live server is a huge challenge, which actually doesn't have many precedents in video games. And it would not be possible without the constructive feedback that we received throughout all these stages. Dude, save this point for now. Wait until Friday and tune in for NA livestream on Twitch. ;) World of Warships is a global product and even NA server is not 100% US players. We did discuss this particular issue, but eventually agreed that with the current tight schedule of events there are no good alternative to please everyone. We'll make up for this hopefully with some other super cool activity that I can't announce at the moment. World of Warships is actually pretty healthy, especially in 2020. Not only it doesn't decline, it grows and these trends are very reassuring together with the lineup of upcoming content that we have for you. Maybe you're right, but we don't see a good way to give you guys transparency on these internal processes and dynamics. Because if we do, should we also give you transparency on debates different teams and different designers in Lesta having about various topics? I'm sure it would be cool to have such reality show with all internal conversations observed by players, but trust me, sometimes you don't want to know how the sausage is made. No worries, I enjoyed this conversation and thanks for raising this. Rest assured, we do pass feedback to decision makers and we know it's always reviewed. We actually receive replies on all critical concerns or suggestions explaining why something can or can't be addressed or alternative options to discuss. And we internally work hard on improving these cross-regional communications.
  4. @Navalpride33 could you clarify what are you referring to? At no point we wanted our Spanish speaking players to go to EU forums.
  5. @AJTP89 this is so painful to read knowing how different things are from these perceptions. I've worked on NA team since July 2015, when we started OBT, so I know what I'm talking about. First of all, let's establish some context. Like it or not, but the game is developed by Lesta Studio, which is a great success for the team, considering how much creative autonomy they had from the developers of Tanks, our big brother. Now World of Warships is a truly global and thriving product with 38M+ registered players across all servers only on PC, not even counting our console and mobile versions. Meanwhile there are many global gaming products out there that don't even bother working on the ground and building regional operations. In contrast, Wargaming has established regional publishing teams in 4 offices: Prague (EU), Singapore (SEA), Tokyo (SEA) and Austin (NA) to actually do things for players, like organizing Anchors Away events, running Customer Support, running Social Media channels, coordinating different volunteer programs, reporting your feedback and suggestions from various channels and to help game designers in Lesta with our inputs for better decisions. While this is true that the final decisions on general direction and critical game design choices are made in Lesta, the regional teams are consulted and we are being listened. Which doesn't mean we as regional team always agree with every opinion we hear, even if it is very loud. We make sure to collect opinions from various sources, including structured surveys and do our best effort to represent you guys objectively. Some examples of game features that were conceptualized and requested by NA team with or without inputs from NA community: containers system, system of patches, in-game news, historical commanders, released warships: USS Enterprise, HMCS Haida, USS Massachusetts, USS Alaska. And there are more cool features coming, which are still not announced. Just a few examples of in-game events that were produced by NA team: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/canada-day-2020/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/anzac-day/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/partnership-to-support-us-veterans/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/pearl-harbor-remembered/ I see you have USS Texas photo on avatar. Do you know that it was entirely our local initiative to partner with that museum in 2017 and help raise over $400K in donations to help the ship in critical financial need after Hurricane Harvey? Well, it's surely different from balancing AP bombs or AA mechanics, but I'm super proud of our team for making this happen. And that success story was inspired by you guys, who actively cheered for the museum and helped us to recognize the opportunity to do something together. This was not the only case, we organized a fundraiser to help USS Batfish in Oklahoma last year. By the way, check out the upcoming Naval Legends video about this submarine. It's coming live on our Youtube channel this Saturday. NA publishing was directly involved in production process of this and many other videos with one goal - to bring more players to the game via organic interest in Naval History. Are you a vet? Did you know, you can verify your military status via id.me service and get some perks, including the exclusive Commemorative flag and USS Albany with exclusive camo? https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/world-of-warships-salute/ We recently added support for the veterans of Canadian armed forces and looking into further steps to recognize our vets or address some of the less talked about issues like mental health with our recent campaign in partnership with Stack Up. Having said all this, we have enough ownership over publishing operations, PR, marketing and direct line of daily communication with all guys in Lesta, who sometimes stay until 1am in the office to deal with time-zone differences. As for the turnover - this work in such pace is hard. Some people get burned out due specifics of working with 24/7 operations. Some are getting poached by other gaming companies with deep pockets. Some people leave because they want to want to work directly with developers in same office and realize that pure publishing is not for them. There are all kinds of stories.
  6. Boyarsky

    We Translate Our Articles into 13 Languages

    @RGINBC, are you sure that you try worldofwarships.com, not worldofwarships.ru? Also, do you use VPN?
  7. Boyarsky

    Victory Day Parade

    @JAKeller here's a replay:
  8. Boyarsky

    Public Test of Update 0.9.2: Round 2

    Hey guys, there is a confirmed technical issue that affects visibility of Mission #3 and its progress for some players. No need to worry, just complete the criteria and the reward will be delivered to your Main Account. If you are unsure about total Base XP earned, check the progress for Winter Season #3, it also tracks total Base XP earnings.
  9. Thank you all for coming and asking questions! Enjoy this video about the event!
  10. Queríamos sediar a festa mais próxima do Expo Center, mas outros locais recusaram-se a trabalhar com empresas estrangeiras. Este era o mais próximo que poderíamos garantir.
  11. Maravilhoso! Não queríamos arriscar perder alguém devido a um problema de pagamento. Mal posso esperar para ver todos vocês em São Paulo!
  12. Hey Odimet and Brooklin82, não está esgotado! Qual método de pagamento você está tentando usar?
  13. Please share the link to this Forum thread with fellow players around San Paulo area. We'll be monitoring it for questions or cool ideas, if you have any.
  14. Hey @HyenaHiena, would be glad to meet with you! Sorry, I don't speak Portuguese, but I'll have some folks with me who do!
  15. Boyarsky

    Cannot get into battle?

    Hi Captains, We restarted the servers at 1:30 ET / 10:30 PT. Looks like it helped. Tried myself - got into battle. Thanks for alerting us!