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  1. you could, theoretically get it without spending money. However the grind is not for anyone but the most hardcore of players. To be fair this isn't an unusual game mechanic as in some games incredibly rare items are usually only gotten by the most hardcore of players. Really this is more of a cash grab by WG and this should have been a campaign mission that would not have the option to "buy out". And no it does not have to be the "best ship in the game" but it should be worth the time and effort (like Yamato and Halsey). Really they did an excellent job of marketing this gimmick, but the execution after the test server was dog crap.
  2. Patraic_Emery

    Looking for new clan

    like i said i was available they just never bothered to say hey come jump in.
  3. Patraic_Emery


    I do not think that will be the case now however, take carriers for example how the captain tree has completely changed from prior to the CV rework.
  4. Patraic_Emery

    Looking for new clan

    Thing is i would be but they would be full up by the time i got on so i would play another game until i was needed.
  5. Patraic_Emery


    I'm curious to see what type of captain skills we can expect from SS captains.
  6. Patraic_Emery


    What I don't understand is why can't some cruisers counter them? Whats the point of hydro if it doesn't detect submarines? that being said i am excited to play with them
  7. Patraic_Emery

    Looking for new clan

    So as the title states I am looking for a new clan, last clan I was in was not very fun. They would not let me play what I was comfortable and confident in which made me look poorly. I am all for team play, but that is [edited]. Also the leadership was not very respectful to other members. Clan before that got mad when I would "play other games" during clan battles, yet they couldn't be assed to send me a message on discord that they would have liked me to join them in clan battles. That being said I am looking for a cool group of dudes, or chicks, or sentient beings, that are active and preferably in gale league or above. I may not be the greatest WOWS player alive but i have a high willingness to learn. I have 5 T10 ships, and ships of every tier as well. I mostly enjoy playing BB or light cruisers, but can play heavy and dds (and cv's if that matters) as well. I also enjoy playing CS:GO, Battlefield series, Star Wars, Endless Space 2, HOI4. If i could find people to play star craft and other strategy games too that would be legit. Oh and if it matters I am currently serving in the Navy and i live on the East Coast USA. Fair winds and following seas shippy.
  8. Patraic_Emery

    FINAL WEEK - Earn Exeter FREE!

    How TF is anyone supposed to earn the Exeter when I can not queue up against T4 CV's in a T5 cruiser? How is this even fair WG? It's perfectly fine to put my Lexington at T8 against literally a whole team of T10 cruisers but god forbid I get to play T4 CV's in a T5 CA. Not to mention literally nobody is playing t6+ CV's as they all just earned the Hermes.
  9. Patraic_Emery

    Caption the profile image above you.

    japan in a nutshell
  11. Patraic_Emery

    Pan-Asian Special Skills Commander

    you can always get Dasha
  12. Patraic_Emery

    Submarines, and Anti-Submarine Warfare

    With the new CV rework coming out it will be interesting to see how that mechanic plays vs subs.