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  1. To clarify, you got hit by 6 homing torps in either a destroyer or cruiser in Co-op? There was me thinking it was only battleship captains that like to sail in straight lines.
  2. wildgooseman

    Ship XP Required To Reach Tier 10.

    Yea I tend to reset both lines each double but I do miss the fun of playing the Aki and Shima until I get them back.
  3. If you're looking to reset lines for the research bureau the following show the least amount of XP required to get back to tier 10. It should be noted this is the path of least resistance and only includes upgrades required to unlock the next ship. Data is from the excellent https://wowsft.com website. RESET LINES - BY NATION RESET LINES - BY XP Nation Ship XP Nation Ship XP Europe Halland 737,900 Japan Hakuryu 617,340 France Republique 874,670 Germany M V Richthofen 617,920 France Henry IV 739,670 U.S.A. Midway 618,040 France Kleber 774,610 U.S.S.R. Admiral Nakhimov 618,370 Germany M V Richthofen 617,920 U.K. Audacious 619,100 Germany Preussen 871,810 Japan Harugumo 676,640 Germany Hindenberg 755,760 Japan Shimakaze 685,140 Germany Z-52 719,620 U.S.S.R. Grozovoi 711,220 Germany Elbing 752,920 U.S.A. Gearing 711,290 Germany Schlieffen 858,810 Germany Z-52 719,620 Italy Christoforo Colombo 875,950 U.S.S.R. Khabarovsk 724,720 Italy Venezia 732,550 Japan Zao 731,100 Japan Hakuryu 617,340 Italy Venezia 732,550 Japan Yamato 852,500 Pan Asia Yueyang 733,320 Japan Zao 731,100 Europe Halland 737,900 Japan Shimakaze 685,140 U.S.A. Des Moines 738,430 Japan Harugumo 676,640 France Henry IV 739,670 Netherlands Gouden Leeuw 777,500 U.S.S.R. Petropavlovsk 746,200 Pan Asia Yueyang 733,320 U.S.A. Worcester 747,030 Pan Asia Jinan 775,320 U.K. Minotaur 751,400 U.K. Audacious 619,100 Germany Elbing 752,920 U.K. Conqueror 875,900 Germany Hindenberg 755,760 U.K. Minotaur 751,400 U.S.S.R. Alexander Nevsky 763,200 U.K. Goliath 786,100 U.K. Daring 774,200 U.K. Daring 774,200 France Kleber 774,610 U.S.A. Midway 618,040 Pan Asia Jinan 775,320 U.S.A. Montana 850,730 Netherlands Gouden Leeuw 777,500 U.S.A. Vermont 846,230 U.K. Goliath 786,100 U.S.A. Des Moines 738,430 U.S.A. Vermont 846,230 U.S.A. Worcester 747,030 U.S.A. Montana 850,730 U.S.A. Gearing 711,290 Japan Yamato 852,500 U.S.S.R. Kremlin 886,500 Germany Schlieffen 858,810 U.S.S.R. Alexander Nevsky 763,200 Germany Grosser Kurfurst 871,810 U.S.S.R. Petropavlovsk 746,200 France Republique 874,670 U.S.S.R. Delny 724,720 U.K. Conqueror 875,900 U.S.S.R. Grozovoi 711,220 Italy Christoforo Colombo 875,950 U.S.S.R. Admiral Nakhimov 618,370 U.S.S.R. Kremlin 886,500
  4. wildgooseman

    Why is Wargaming forcing subs on us?

    Because it's their game to develop how they want to.
  5. Of those still available I'd say Cossack or Irian. Cossack is a decent gunboat and while only has 1 rack of torps you can get the reload down to a minute or so. Got the Irian from a SC. Had never been tempted to buy as most people were very negative towards it but I find it's decent, especially if there are missions to set fires or do burning damage.
  6. wildgooseman

    Why hate on the Subs? Beyond the obvious

    Well yes and no. Many 10's of thousands (maybe 100's?) play the game globally and this is less than 200 people's views from 1 forum where a large % of posts I see are people wanting to vent. To get a meaningful response a much larger sample would need to be contacted across all servers. An online survey sent to every account that has played WoWs since subs were first added outside of the Halloween mode.
  7. wildgooseman

    Why hate on the Subs? Beyond the obvious

    This kinda undermines you and stops people taking your point of view seriously.
  8. wildgooseman

    Why hate on the Subs? Beyond the obvious

    So what you're doing is confusing your opinion with facts and data which never works on any subject. Just because you don't like subs doesn't mean no one else likes them either.
  9. wildgooseman

    Why hate on the Subs? Beyond the obvious

    To be honest I stopped watching his stuff ages ago. While there's no arguing he's very good at the game, for me, his video's are nothing more than clickbait aimed at driving views by outrage rather than balance.
  10. wildgooseman

    Why hate on the Subs? Beyond the obvious

    Without watching the video does he say that they are OP and will break the game? I mean that's pretty much his opinion on everything I've ever watched of his....
  11. wildgooseman

    Why hate on the Subs? Beyond the obvious

    Do I though? - Yes. Show your research where 100% of the player base on every server says they don't want subs adding to the game. Or did I just state the obvious? - No. You made a claim based on your opinion not hard data. Make one argument for why they should be added into the game? I'll put that on you. - Adds variety to the game. Games need to evolve to keep people's interest.
  12. wildgooseman

    Why hate on the Subs? Beyond the obvious

    Yes. You've made the original claim so it's on you to back it up.
  13. wildgooseman

    wows modstation

    Modstation was up to date for this patch when I logged in about 6 hours ago, might be worth taking another look.
  14. wildgooseman

    One match is all it took...

    Kinda sums up the people complaining about subs. You have a choice, evolve with the game or find something else to play. And if they do and it doesn't support your narrative you'll then claim it was faked. Reality is there will be people looking forward to them and others not wanting them. The majority of the player base don't really care strongly either way.
  15. wildgooseman

    Completed the Mission set, yet no Jurua DD

    I think when you hovered over the image it did just say it was the captain but yea it wasn't clear just from the image itself.