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  1. wildgooseman

    So are we going to tell WG no for RU CVs?

    Can tell them whatever we want or don't want. Still their game to do with as they wish.
  2. wildgooseman

    What is Brawl even for anymore?

    Probably to give people something else to work on as there were no dockyard missions for this week.
  3. What you consider as "primitive old school" is still the standards CS departments work to as a standard. Just because people are now less likely to be polite the CS teams they're dealing with doesn't mean the CS teams have to take it. Also suggesting CS departments should take it because people are abusive to the service and health service industries isn't the winning argument you think it is. . I've worked in and along side CS teams from time to time as well as in the health care arena. CS teams will engage with people who are upset right up to the point that abuse starts. They are instructed that if/when this happens, hang up. It is 100% not acceptable. As for in the health service, try it and see how fast security is there. Carry on and find out how fast those security people are jumping on you.
  4. Second you start using any profanity to any games help centres you will, quite rightly, be ignored. By all means ask questions, give feedback or criticise. Start cussing, you've lost the argument and and the right to have it with them instantly.
  5. That's exactly the point. WoWs have seen how WoT has been able to suck a metric tonne of currency out of the game and have dipped their toe in the water to see if they can do the same. Not sure the levels are the same but in WoT there are lots of players sat on 6 figure sums of gold that they got via Christmas loot boxes (you get the gold if you roll a duplicate tank). The Black Market (auction by any other name) sucks a lot of this out of the game ensuring people are spending real cash rather than using their reserves.
  6. No it means that there would be 5000 winning bidders of gold on each server.
  7. Not really worried about the ability of a streamer. I'm looking to relax when I watch streamers, not remotely interested in the drama merchants.
  8. Notser is a good starting point. Usually a pretty relaxed stream and interacts well with the viewers. Not watched a lot of them but Mejash, Pops_Place and S3VYN seem worth a watch too.
  9. Not compared to World of Tanks.
  10. WG have seen the crazy prices people will bid in the WoT auction. People dropping 20k plus gold on 1 tier 8 tank and them selling out in seconds meant it was only a matter of time before they tried the same in ships. This'll be a test run to see if it's popular.
  11. No. I may quit the forums for a while though. So many posts from people crying over a ship that's been in testing for a handful of days. Makes finding the "I hate CVs" threads so difficult.
  12. wildgooseman

    No Super Container Today

    I got....
  13. I got really lucky
  14. wildgooseman

    Why WOWS drop Rental Ships we ALREADY Have

    The coding to put them in every port is easier than that need to look at which of the rentals we already have and having to track what to add or remove if people buy or sell them from the tech tree.
  15. wildgooseman

    An apology - very sincere....

    Real life comes first. We've all done it and will do again. Well done to your son too!