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  1. AdmiralOthuyeg

    Best DD line for knife fighting?

    IJN torpboats
  2. AdmiralOthuyeg

    Now this was a first (1v1)

    Next Ranked Season should be tier 1.
  3. AdmiralOthuyeg

    What's your birthday wish? - 16th - 22nd

    My fondest memories have to do with big battleships. I remember being totally new to the game and being super excited about unlocking the Wyoming. I was playing with my friends, who were also new to the game and oh that slow battleship felt so big. Looking back I giggle at myself, but the feel of big battleships kept me going back to them. My single fondest memory has to be the first time I sailed into battle in the Yamato. I had the Starblazers theme song playing and was in awe of the guns. What made it the most memorable moment were the sound of the guns and, back then, realizing that no matter what I encountered in battle, I was going to be able to do some serious damage. My wish, if I am one of the lucky ones, is the Georgia. I love the unique features on that ship.
  4. AdmiralOthuyeg

    'Super' container haul

    6x camos and flags
  5. I just created a ticket, which is likely pointing towards the same problem. The battleship main guns are not affected by the gun volume setting.
  6. Hello, Unmodded game. Issue: Gun volume -setting not affecting battleship guns. Tested on the Montana, Yamato, Bismarck and GK. The volume of the main guns is the only one bugged. Secondaries are affected by the setting. This problems means I have to turn main volume all the way down or my headphones do to my ear drums what the meteor did to the dinosaurs.
  7. AdmiralOthuyeg

    Is Yamato Worth It?

    It has suffered massively from the HE meta.
  8. AdmiralOthuyeg

    T6 Ranked Spring .... what's your ride?

    The Shinonome worked quite well. Tbh, I quite wish ranked battles did not end once you rank out. The battles are way more fun since most people are trying and playing for a win rather than just keks. You even see communication in ranked battles.
  9. AdmiralOthuyeg

    Ranking out party, join in.

    The title says it. This is the thread where you can have cake and party when you rank out. Also, name your main ship. For me it was the Shinonome.
  10. AdmiralOthuyeg

    If you could only keep three ships

    New Mexico, Bismarck, Harugumo For the KEKs
  11. AdmiralOthuyeg

    Ranking out party, time for cake.

    Hehehe, seems I spent 216 battles bashing my head against that special wall. Still a bit confused as to how I had 118 wins and 98 losses. Definitely did not feel like 216 battles at all. Feels like a silly high number, I do not think I played a total of 72 hours :D
  12. AdmiralOthuyeg

    Ranking out party, time for cake.

    Thanks. Where can you see that information?
  13. AdmiralOthuyeg

    Ranking out party, time for cake.

    Joined the season quite late having been away from the game for over a year. Never really bothered with ranked before, played a few battles ages ago. I had played the akizuki before going away from the game and had plenty of experience stored for it so I got myself a kitakaze and began the grind. Ranked out today. Wooop! Now, I am quite happy not to see another star in a while. Everyone, have some cake! Come share your own reason for having cake today.
  14. AdmiralOthuyeg

    Possible Solution to Radar

    No no no, just give radar to more ships. Obviously starting with russian DDs since they are so underpowered.
  15. AdmiralOthuyeg

    The music thread