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  1. Does Salty Chat Offend You?

    I consider myself a halophile
  2. Epicenter on two brothers

    Give people the reason to actually rush middle!
  3. Epicenter on two brothers

    Title says it all. Please, make it happen!
  4. Confession on colours

    Might be the beer, but I laughed hard. No, that is not the point. The point is, I go look at those stats even if I don't go on the forums. I have a bookmark!
  5. Confession on colours

    but that is the thing, I don't really care about other people checking it as much as I care about my own daily "let's check the stats" -ritual. Even if I did, my stats are nowhere near good enough to properly boost the eP.
  6. Confession on colours

    Hi, This is my confession. The colours in my signature mean nothing in reality. I know this. But I still keep checking them and get annoyed when I have bad rounds, because hey, I might not have pretty colours! And if I get a deeper purple, and fail to achieve the same the next day, I am annoyed. Also, if I only have time to play a single round and it ends in a loss, I am super annoyed. The pain of being obsessed with pointless colours.
  7. Giulio Cesare

    I don't have one, but I think it does have a weakness. But it seems like a blast to own. I mean, an accurate battleship with non-[edited] armor. I'm okay with this. New York players on the other hand might not like the fact they have to deal with another good ship at their tier whilst they are sitting in the corner chewing on a stick.
  8. IJN DD status

    Ooooh, an internet battle! Can I join in? *raises 1000 shima games*
  9. Might not influence me personally, but still, good call on WG's part. Good will is very valuable and this is the way you deal with issues.
  10. Who have you seen in game

    I actually never pay any attention to names ingame. Even when talking to someone, I usually address them by their ship type... Then again, I never remember names in real life either.
  11. I've found that video tutorials are the best way to learn about new game mechanics and tactics in my case. Might be different for you, but explanations in text format just don't stick in my head as well. Youtube is your friend.
  12. My Teams Suck! (or do they?)

    Different ships, maybe. Maybe you are playing more object oriented. Maybe supporting essential teammates. Who knows?
  13. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13s6LtFslxFF_p7P7Yu671zlur8Gwc1niAN03wJnDj6U/pubhtml?gid=1887314214&single=true The reaction time to dodge shima torps is twice as much as gearing torps. For a similar reaction time, you need to compare gearings 16km torps to shimas 12km torps and the extra 5 tubes are kind of offset by a reload time of seven millenia. Gearing loads only a bit faster, but at least during that reload time the Gearing can still damage the enemy.