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  1. Minimap and ship rendering problems

    I'd like to add that this is not a constant problem, but does occur often enough that it affects gameplay in a major way.
  2. Minimap and ship rendering problems

    Hi, It seems the new update has made it so that ships that get spotted will take ages to render or "load in". My game is running on an SSD and my system is well above required specifications. In addition to this, the minimap seems to have ships that go unspotted still showing as red outlines. This makes it seem as if you are looking at the direction of a ship that is spotted by a teammate but one that you for some reason can not see. These are separate as I have seen ships firing, their shells visible, and them becoming obviously spotted and then have had to wait up to 15 seconds for the ship to render in. This is a major problem as with enemies that are beyond normal spotting range, their gun bloom will drop to normal after like 5 seconds of them rendering in. This means, you have 5 seconds to aim.
  3. Torpedo Acceleration for IJN DDs

    I see no point in picking TA. The cost is too high. And it doesn't affect the main problem which is the detection range of the torpedoes.
  4. I'd say that for most lines in WoWS the big hurdles are T7 and T9 with T5 being a bit of an annoyance. T6 suffers from unbalanced MM, but many T6 ships still work somewhat but T7 and 9 have awfully many horribad ships.
  5. An update without a nerf to my shima? Something is up. There has to be something more to this. Maybe I should prepare to lose a turret or two in the next patch. Or maybe even a torp launcher.
  6. It does allow you to aim over islands and spots torps for you. Also, a fighter plane is quite useful.
  7. Enough with the radar B.S.

    They need to buff the Khabarovsk! It should get a radar and a concealment buff.
  8. Should CE be revamped and reworked?

    Your point about the cruisers is very valid. I on the other hand disagree with preventative maintenance not being worth it for DDs. -30% on module incapacitations is rather noticeable when playing aggressive and not having every shell slowing you or your rudder down. Maybe this is just a sign that the skills are good on lvl 1 since we are disagreeing and having to make that decision. I personally don't care to know that I am being targeted in my DD. I play shima so if I am spotted, I can be pretty sure I am targeted and most of the time it is very easy to read the map and tell whos targeting me. Poi!
  9. I have never spent a penny on dubloons or premium. I have received dubloons as gifts a few times, but my point is, you don't need to spend money if you can take the grind. I am now sitting comfortably on quite a few elite captains and the T10 ships that I have wanted. I mainly play shima and yama these days, just because I love those ships and the game to me has quite changed since settling down to T10 battles only for the past year or so. I only dip down to T8 to earn some credits to keep my ships supplied (T10 battles without premium or premium camo cost credits at a rate of about 1 - 2 million a day for me.)
  10. Should CE be revamped and reworked?

    Surely this isn't a "univeral" skill for captains? I mean, I have it on one captain because I had a loose point to spend at 19 points. T1 survival perk to me just seems much more important to have on any captain.
  11. Should CE be revamped and reworked?

    In my opinion it was actually a bad move. Not everyone took the skill. CVs, a lot of the BBs etc. They should have raised the skill to maybe even T3. It is a powerful data point that could have made it very worthwhile to spend points and customize your captain. Hard decisions are the important ones to make and making important decisions make the game more fun. Now every BB knows when a DD is nearby, as do every CV. It is one of the strongest data skills, almost as powerful as radio position finding. And in many ways even more powerful as the info it gives is definite.
  12. Should CE be revamped and reworked?

    I do not agree with this. The skill is at tier 4 because it is powerful and it is common to take because it is powerful. If you gave it to everyone, it would not be a skill anymore. And spending 4 points is 4 points away. You have to make a decision. Not all DDs even take it. Russians mainly. Khaba doesn't really care that much about a 10% reduction in detection. It would just mean giving those ships it for free. And giving it to all ships in general? Well, my AA build BBs etc would welcome a free T4 perk, but why should I get it for free? I chose to spend those points on another skill. Your idea of it being "universal" for DD is valid, most of the time. But giving it to all ships is not the answer. If you want to make the choice more of a debate, increase the usefulness of other high tier perks to concealment based DDs. Maybe make one of the survival skills give extra bonuses to DDs in order to make them more appealing. But it would have to be something that didn't massively boost ships that are already extremely off balance (*looks at khaba*)
  13. Special Russian Captain coming

    So, absolute beast on the Nikolai.
  14. The music thread

  15. Something I Hum Everytime I Sink A Yamato

    Every time I want to do well in my Yama, I play Uchuu Senkan in the beginning of my game session. Meanwhile, when the bias appears: And when the khaba stronk bias appears: And when in my shima (always feeling like the underdog):