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  1. Possible Solution to Radar

    No no no, just give radar to more ships. Obviously starting with russian DDs since they are so underpowered.
  2. Moskva Buff - Is This Really Necessary?

    They will give the kagero a buff. Increase reload speed of rear turret by 0.1s and at the same time increase torpedo spotting range by 4km. And call it a buff.
  3. Bugged? Or am I dumb?

    Oooh okay, that makes sense. So I am dumb. Thanks. :)
  4. Bugged? Or am I dumb?

    Hi, Is it just me or does this seem like something completely impossible? Requires T7 in a ranked battle.
  5. Thoughts on this Ranked Season

    This season is the first time I have played ranked. I started on sunday and have been able to make it to rank 7. What I can tell you is you need to find the ship that works for you and stick to it. For me on T8 it was the Bismarck and on T10 the GK. Both obviously not OP ships, but since they suit my playstyle in the close quarters combat that is ranked, they just work. My point: Find the ship that suits you and stick to it.
  6. Graf Zepplin AP bombs, holy s...

    The real problem is that these AP bombs completely remove the ability for certain BBs to influence their own survival. It is not good for gameplay to make it so that your game is completely dependent on teammates. It isn't like with DDs and normal aircraft. You can affect those to a certain degree by making intelligent decisions. AP bombs however are "Oh, your team didn't save you. Back to port. Also, 200K service cost for 2 minutes of gameplay." Another very similar situation is with cross dropped torpedoes and certain destroyers. My experience is with the japanese only so I can only say that there is no way you will survive if you go to capture (as the team demands, hey you coward shima!) and the enemy carrier goes for you. Well, you don't even have to go for capture as some CV players will hunt down those easy DD kills in the beginning. Unless your team saves you, which it usually doesn't (because hey, the fighters are needed to protect the torp bombers), you are dead and there is no way you can affect that. ("Hey, sit in smoke then." Some japanese DDs do not have smoke. Smoke does not stop torpedoes, and even if you do sit in smoke, usually you can sit there either until someone radars you or until the smoke clears and you get torpedoed, because you asking for air support in chat for the past 2 minutes didn't register and the planes hovered over you, waiting peacefully as your own AA struggled to kill a single plane.) I've even been shot by teammates for not going for the middle cap without air support in a CV battle.
  7. my GK seems to be getting me through the ranks
  8. Ranked Adventures

    Never played ranked before so I tried it today. Played enough to reach rank 10. Need to continue tomorrow.
  9. new MM is working !

    A lot of people seem to ignore one major thing. Less variety in the ships you face. +-1 would have teams consisting of fewer types of ships and risk making the game more boring.
  10. Minimap and ship rendering problems

    I'd like to add that this is not a constant problem, but does occur often enough that it affects gameplay in a major way.
  11. Minimap and ship rendering problems

    Hi, It seems the new update has made it so that ships that get spotted will take ages to render or "load in". My game is running on an SSD and my system is well above required specifications. In addition to this, the minimap seems to have ships that go unspotted still showing as red outlines. This makes it seem as if you are looking at the direction of a ship that is spotted by a teammate but one that you for some reason can not see. These are separate as I have seen ships firing, their shells visible, and them becoming obviously spotted and then have had to wait up to 15 seconds for the ship to render in. This is a major problem as with enemies that are beyond normal spotting range, their gun bloom will drop to normal after like 5 seconds of them rendering in. This means, you have 5 seconds to aim.
  12. Torpedo Acceleration for IJN DDs

    I see no point in picking TA. The cost is too high. And it doesn't affect the main problem which is the detection range of the torpedoes.
  13. I'd say that for most lines in WoWS the big hurdles are T7 and T9 with T5 being a bit of an annoyance. T6 suffers from unbalanced MM, but many T6 ships still work somewhat but T7 and 9 have awfully many horribad ships.
  14. An update without a nerf to my shima? Something is up. There has to be something more to this. Maybe I should prepare to lose a turret or two in the next patch. Or maybe even a torp launcher.
  15. It does allow you to aim over islands and spots torps for you. Also, a fighter plane is quite useful.