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  1. giovybez

    T10 free play meant to be impossible?

    so we agree that there is a tier 8 MM problem?? Because some people don't like to think so. lol
  2. giovybez

    le terrible in the prem shop

    lol @ waifuchan
  3. giovybez

    le terrible in the prem shop

    yeaaa it's a sexy bote but I'll definitely wait to see what Mousie says.
  4. giovybez

    So...Someone Reported Me.....

    Welcome to the World of Warships. You will get reported by team mates for carrying the team to the win. I was reported recently for "killing all the enemy ships."
  5. oh God yes. More coal ships PLEASE!!
  6. i answered honestly when i do die alone its because ive over extended usually when pushing with a group and I fail to notice when they ALL go full retreat the moment a dd is spotted
  7. giovybez

    What Is This For? Humor?

    lol i noticed it last weekend got a good chuckle out of it
  8. giovybez

    How many ship missions have you gotten?

    zero zilch nada
  9. Probably create a new account and start over from tier 1
  10. don't stop. I like to make sure I'm not the only one struggling to get a win in starchy waters
  11. yea its not that serious, I really dont care.
  12. Her RNG is not bad, the overpen is what I find frustrating and perhaps is what OP is experiencing. Too many times I should have punished broadsiding cruisers at mid to close range only to score 6 overpens. ichase and others who reviewed the ship when it came out talked about it.
  13. giovybez

    RIP Arms Race Sep 2018 - Sep 2018

    title of this thread made me giggle
  14. I also noticed that manual aa is no longer considered a viable skill for Hood, don't the rockets benefit from it?
  15. giovybez

    CV's that torpedo themselves

    i remember that episode