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  1. ive had my share of loses that were super fun, very close matches where both sides expressed mutual respect for the other. I've also had my share of salty losses where what should have been an easy win is thrown away due to kill greed or damage greed. Thats not fun at all.
  2. Bring Back Better Bots!

    hes right you know
  3. Submarine Poll

    The gameplay I saw today looks great, no doubt subs will be fun to play. However I'm not sure if I want them in random matches. It's too soon to say but i would hate to have another class of ship that if MM deals you a potato, your team is instantly at a huge disadvantage. cough cvs. My $0.02
  4. Pirate Hunter Flag

    still salty I didint get picked for pirate duty :-(
  5. i kept fletcher udaloy and chung mu
  6. Help Lert spend 450 tokens!

    i was going to say RN dasha for upcoming DDs
  7. dude ive been dying to try out some 3ple Lyon Shenanigans.
  8. Alsace guns are crap now

    kinda sad I didint get to play it in it's broken state.
  9. Best use of anniversary tokens

    this is probably what I will end up doing too.
  10. congrats amigo! im so jealous right now.
  11. sooo sessy. remind me again what mission gets you the camo?