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  1. giovybez

    People quitting the game

    Absolutely! As much as I was annoyed by the carrier rework, I can honestly say that it wasn't so bad as to make me want to quit. BUT these subs...these subs irritate me to no end. Have you guys ever been chased from one end of the map to the other by a couple subs? Being pinged over and over and over until you are dead and not once having an opportunity to fight back? Thats the type of gameplay that would drive away even the most loyal players
  2. giovybez

    Get Down Mr. President.... Noooooo

    LOL I was watching it and doing NOOOOO in my head while it happened. Brave and noble attempt amigo.
  3. Ive seen CV do it a few times.
  4. giovybez

    Average Game Damage

    ^^ thats my yard stick too. I don't care enough about stats to go look up server averages and multiply them by 3 based on class and country then multiply that by the square root of the natural logarithm ln x^3 where x is your average damage divided by pi.
  5. giovybez

    Weekend Spree, 15-17 April 2022

    Did pretty good on Friday, took out Agir and had a decent undefeated streak. I'm pretty sure next time, I'll stack up a losing streak twice that.
  6. Sorry amigo. Thanks for being a good sport, God knows I would have been cursing out loud.
  7. giovybez

    CV Derangement Syndrome

    ya this morning I observed a full health Gearing lose a fight to a 800hp Halland cause I guess he was determined to get the kill using torps.
  8. giovybez

    Quick submarine poll

    yeaaaa it's gonna be a no for me.
  9. giovybez

    Subs are broken.

    Came off a match where a sub was chasing me popping torps into my stern at will, cant dodge cause he's like 5.5 clicks and has homing torps... LOL this game that I loveED so much now has torps that lock on to you and can make sharp turns. Whose idea was that?? Who asked for that? NOBODY. Anyways I turn around to chase decide to play aggresively. Finally got within spotting range landed a few shells he dipped under for a bit then popped right out 1.8km in front of me and unloaded a beeline of unavoidable homing torps for 45k damage... while my salvo for whatever reason did 0 damage even tho it was point blank. How is this ok? Where is the counterplay? Its a garbage design, wargaming you know its a garbage design cause people have told you its a garbage design. You took it out of the game cause you akcnowledged that it was a garbage design aaaaand stuck them back in even more broken that before. These subs do NOT belong in the game, it's irritating. CVs were already plenty irritating CVs were and stil are unpopular. Why would you want another class thats even more annoying to play against...wargaming.....wargaming... wargaing. If there any devs (probably not) that actually come in here.. for the love of God fix it. PLeaseeee. sighhh ok Goodnight everyone. I had to get that off.
  10. well damn that CV really wanted a piece of you.
  11. giovybez

    A Sad State Of Affairs

    ^^ port queens... every single one
  12. I'd like to sell my Roma and Kronstadt please. I'd literally take anything for them, a candy wrapper, a staple, a used cat..
  13. giovybez

    Yuro does Bearn!

    That was fun to watch.
  14. giovybez

    LOL SC!

    better than the flooding flags i got