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  1. giovybez

    Thrust issues

    going to work feeling energized me: today everything will be ok walks into the office helpdesk call agaent: OMG Gio Thank God you are here!! The polycom in the provost's conference room is down and the president is supposed to have a meeting at 8:30, Wifi is down in the residence hall, the copier is down in admissions, printing is down in the 24hour lab, FinAid said that they are getting database corruption errors they need you to call them ASAp and there are 3 students waiting for you in your office. Their professor told them they should come to you if they needed help setting up a virtual machine on their laptops.
  2. giovybez

    Sleeping Giant - Hood Unleashed

    I tried to watch but the camera movement is giving me a headache. It's like watching a squirrel on crack play ships. Big cojones sneaking into the donut tho.
  3. giovybez

    Anniversary Stream Giveaway Link

    yup same for me. I'll try again later.
  4. giovybez

    What is this?

    Barrel firing ?
  5. giovybez


    Did someone say rum?
  6. giovybez

    Thunderer in a Nutshell

    Yup. Me too. Btw Mousie I prefer the quickie review to the in depth itty gritty review so much more. Nice work.
  7. giovybez

    This is not fun anymore

    Last night I was in 2 matches that resulted in miraculous come from behind victories. We had no business winning those matches. Was it over confidence on the part of the reds or potatoism?
  8. giovybez

    Coupons Thanks, But no thanks

    well damn and here I was super stoked to get a free coupon that I could use for discounts on lots of different items from the prem shop. Little did I know I was supposed to be pissed off and making complain posts. I need to learn the culture a little better.
  9. sigh* to be completely honest I'm pretty much trying to enjoy the game as much as I can now before the hot mess I'm anticipating when subs get here. :-|
  10. Beautifully designed port, I get a sense of warmth and tranquility. Very well done.
  11. giovybez

    Super Containers in name only

    ive gotten det flags in 2 of my last 4 SCs, (I have not started working on the Anniversary crates yet) but yea for the most part they have been less than super tbh.
  12. I feel sorry for the guy that has one t10 bote and draws a ramming flags SC.
  13. giovybez

    'Super' container haul

    not too shabby there Lert