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  1. I would use that button and happily reclaim the captain skill points invested into AA.
  2. Amusing how some people get triggered by caps. "OMG stop shouting!" Ladies and gents allow me to let you in on a little secret. The characters on your screen do not make any sound. Quit being ridiculous. I actually prefer all caps, bigger letters make for easier reading. lol
  3. and here i thought this would be a cv thread..lol the title works
  4. ahh ok i think I get it now... sheesh
  5. giovybez

    Ship nicknames

    “Penned-sacola” “Yolo Emilio” “Port Queen” - Roma “Balance” - Smolensk “Scharnie” ”Duck” - Akizuki “Big Duck” - Haragumo “Sin - O P” ”Cocksack”
  6. giovybez

    Double Eight CVs....whoohoo!

    Earlier this week I was in a double T8 cv match in my little T6 French DD. Needless to say that did not go very well.
  7. giovybez

    Great Achievements thread.

    i wish someone would post the video Cher did on Mo.
  8. giovybez

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2020

    Great work! Thanks for sharing, that was an enjoyable read.
  9. giovybez

    Do any ships actually scare you...

  10. giovybez

    Karma and CV's (your laughing already)

    cv players complaining about karma. This is entertaining.
  11. Same. It’s free tho, not complaining.
  12. You hit the nail on the head. OP chose to make a meaningful impact on the outcome of his match by taking risks, very much unlike the CV. CV will spot you at 0 risk to his ship, he will damage you at 0 risk, he will reset you at 0 risk, he will secure a kill at 0 risk. Any and all damage a CV does is essentially free damage. That doesn’t sound very fair does it?
  13. giovybez

    Poll on leading causes of TK penalties

    Everyone feels like their TK was the other player's fault but in my case it really was the other player's fault lol. I smoked up behind an island and i was slowly backing up to get a sneaky torp spread out. Little did I know that a friendly Gearing was a second away from plowing through my smoke, trading paint with my destroyer and crossing in front of me the very instant I clicked to release. Sigh, then he tells me I need situational awareness.
  14. giovybez

    CVs are Fun and Exciting

    Quite satisfying to watch. Made my day. Thanks for sharing. 🙏🏿