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  1. Go home MM you're drunk!
  2. giovybez

    What Wargaming And the NA Team can improve on?

    super critical changes that will restore fun and balance and make the community a lot more peaceful: Make World of Warships Great again in 4 easy steps. 1. Remove CVs 2. Remove subs 3. Fix the guns on Roma 4. Restore secondary build for Siegfried
  3. giovybez

    4 cv per side joy

    I'd love to sit at a dev meeting where they are brainstorming for new ideas so I can pitch my idea. CVs that can crash their planes into enemy ships for big damage and a guaranteed 2ble fire. At this point nothing would surprise me with these clowns. For years people have been complaining about the glaring problems with cvs. They don't belong. So what does WG do... cruiser CVs, DD CVs, BB CVs, SUPER CVs. So why the hell not since all sense has gone out the window and they have lost all touch with the playerbase. Kamikaze CVs Wargaming! Make it happen.
  4. giovybez

    Where do I purchase Premium RNG ?

    yeaaa thats unfortunate and he was having a decent game too.
  5. How often do you get an enemy Kleber on your flank and it wrecks havoc lighting fires with almost every salvo? Rest assured that was never me and will probably never be me. My friends often hear me complain that I'll land 200+ shells with only a fire or 2 and they think I'm exaggerating. Well here are back to back games from this evening. WG if you're listening, Premium RNG... Stop laughing, pitch it to your boss. There is a lot of money to be made here. Oh by the way... fellas ..stop playing subs. Please and thank you.
  6. If anyone at WG is reading this...sub-less matchmaking for doubs. Pitch the idea to your boss. Its a win-win amigos, I'm telling you, make it happen.
  7. giovybez

    Flag waving

    Can't say I do, Spooky. Haven't really noticed a difference really.
  8. giovybez

    Weekend Spree - 20-22 January 2023

    After about 2 years, finally decided to finish the Mogador grind. I don't Free xp anything, I like to grind ship lines without skipping. In the end Kleber is fun. It needs a heal tho or better AA to mitigate the toxicity of Cvs. Seriously folks........stop playing cvs, its disgusting.
  9. giovybez

    What's the most toxic ship class?

    Most toxic ship class is CV. Yea subs can be irritating but at least they have to maneuver to get positioning and risk getting blapped when spotted. The CV however.... lol the CV is so toxic and so cowardly. They sit in the back of the map no danger to their ship. They spot at will. AA continues to be useless. Does anyone build into AA anymore? I seen and been on the receiving end of 30K damage + 2 fires from a single Malta drop. Bad boy then spins around and does it again. In return I shoot down 3 of his infinite number of planes. How is that not the most toxic, infuriating unbalanced garbage of any game you've ever played?
  10. Was pushing a low HP Benham into his smoke... yea I know bad move, but the match was coming to an end anyway. I was able to dodge most of his torps and caught sight of him 3.8km out. He was just starting to move so I gave the guns some lead, shots out AND.... lol uploading replay incase anyone is interested fast forward to about 1min 40 s from the end: https://easyupload.io/rir0mv
  11. giovybez

    Why do you play WoWS

    Cause I'm a masochist who enjoys being irate on my free time
  12. giovybez

    My prime drop rewards

    Is Congress one of those super common drops this year, I got it in my very first crate. edit: it wasn't Congress it was Constellation.
  13. giovybez

    New low - Team Killing of Subs

    I've been saying this from the inception.
  14. giovybez

    Can someone please explain to me (re: Huron)

    lol @ honor.