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  1. giovybez

    WG Pro Trolling

    More hilarious were the jaw dropping 4 signals I got from my T10 snowflake crates. Some steel would have been nicer.
  2. giovybez

    Who have you seen in game

    Was in a game with @Ensign_Cthulhu We made an effort to fight for a cap in a dd and a bottom tiered cruiser vs a Cossack, a Fiji and 2 other battleships while our Bbs cowered in the back and one even was just sailing in reverse from the spawn for no apparent reason. EC died valiantly and I did my best to harass the push. Somehow we won that match...
  3. I’m sorry that some people are annoyed with the Dockyard still being present as a painful reminder of what was an offensive event and a deceitful cash grab. That being said, it’s something that is easily ignored. Come now gentlemen, really. Personally I’m grateful that it is still around. Over the holidays I simply did not have the time or the $ feria to get the Boricua bote. I’ve had a few pay days since then and now I’m able to afford the $62 I need to finish her.
  4. giovybez

    Don't forget about the Italian cruisers

    I appreciate this discussion as I am now grinding the Italian line. I’m always late getting into a tech tree and I’m also one who gets satisfaction from grinding from bottom tier up without free xping anything, not even upgrades. That’s how I do. I’m on Zara now and just unlocked Hull B. I’m not going to lie, so far these ships are pretty squishy... very squishy and SAP is toss up with little consistency in its ability to do damage on anything other than a dd. I do like the torp angles and the torp reload which has come in handy when in a last ditch rush vs a BB.
  5. giovybez

    Yoshino or Georgia

    Can’t speak on Yoshino but I can vouch for Georgia. It is fast and it is fun. I like that you can use it is a flanker taking advantage of your speed and fast reload or you can get inside and brawl with secondaries. I should warn you that It gets chunked pretty hard. It doesn’t feel as tanky as other brawling BBs.
  6. giovybez

    Nine Bundles, No Ships.

    I guess I shouldn’t complain. I’ve gotten T5 and T7 with tokens from the first 2 directives. I also rolled Hawkins for the initial dub bundle but won’t invest since I already got it from free rolls.
  7. giovybez

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    even if that ship's camo is atrocious??
  8. giovybez

    Sometimes you just can't get a win

    Ouchie!! Sorry amigo, I know that feeling. Some days breaking your back isn't barely enough to secure a win. smh.
  9. often I wish my random teams were bots.
  10. giovybez

    First Kraken Unleashed !!

    very nice work, amigo. congrats.
  11. giovybez

    How long will the dockyard still be around?

    literally spit my coffee out from laughing LOL
  12. The other night I was in a match where our friendly Mogami was torping irresponsibly. In one instance I could have easily avoided another carelessly dropped spread, but instead I decided to turn into them just to teach him a lesson. Later I felt like real hachepe. lol
  13. giovybez

    (???????) is ruining the game

    THIS ^^ yall remember the BFT \ AFT nerfs? lol Yall remember the death of stealth firing and the intro of RPF?