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  1. Legendary Upgrades Reset?

    Hey guys are the legendary upgrade personal missions weekly resets? I was so close to getting one unlocked and now they're all reset back to 0 progress... EDIT: Disregard the progress comes back on relog.
  2. Tier 10 makes me want to rage quit

    Divisions play a big role and really skew the game in their favor by having 3 reliable ships. Then you have the elite divisions who min-max practicing clan battles all day and night, which chances are you're going to be the T10 to make up the numbers on the other team. Add in a healthy dose of players who are still playing like the old economy system where you have to deal damage to make money and dont want to get hit and pay repairs.
  3. cheaters

    The reason 7 days isn't enough, he's using his downloaded elite abilities to gain popularity and money through streaming and videos. Also factor in the time he spent using it undetected for almost his entire playing career shows he has the capability to keep using it whenever he chooses to do so, provided he doesn't upload footage of it. If you can't detect these programs, and donations and subscribers etc are funding him to use it(unknowingly), he needs to be banned from the community, as he's just shown a massive vulnerability in your ability to police and enforce fair play. Anyone can now potentially use these programs knowing they'll only be slapped with a 7 day ban, which is little risk considering these players like him have used it for years.

    Just enjoy yourself and have fun, ignore rude people and take on board constructive feedback. I play all types of ships, the most rewarding and appreciated by team mates is playing CV. If you look after your teams interests, you'll get a plethora of compliments and well wishes. If you play a selfish match, not spotting, farming damage, you'll likely cop abuse. As for mechanics, you'll have to wait for tier 6 to learn and practice manual drops/strafes. It is very difficult for you to cap, so support your DD's who are capping by striking targets they'll have to deal with. Good practice is not to strike their CV as they are your learning tool, at high tiers you will need to learn to play with your dance partner stepping on your toes.
  5. Nicely presented, after T6 the whole line is very strong and enjoyable and some of the funnest ships to play in the game.
  6. T8 CV economy, wth?

    CV economy was previously based on, lets estimate, 80% CV survival rate. That figure is just made up, the point is now every match is a 100% pay to service your ship flat fee. So all the economy tweaks which got us to this point, are made redundant and thus we're in the hole.
  7. T8 CV economy, wth?

    I feels you, lost all my planes defending our cap against a NO protected by a AS lex fighters. Sometimes you have to sacrifice to get the win. But hen, no credits unless you cheapskate out of premium consumables.
  8. It shouldn't come down to circumstance that you make any credits, he may not have any T10 ships in range, or a cyclone hit, or any number of things. At the end of the day he did the most to win that match for his team going by the XP, and is somehow not rewarded. We shouldn't have to play around doing stupid things in this stupid economy to earn any credits, it should just be a by product of playing well.
  9. Heres a CV at T8. Its like its balanced for optimal conditions and best credit gain scenario's, but when you do your best with what you're given and still can't break even, its a bit rough.
  10. 5.12 Pillars of Economy

    That is fine, everyone's personal charts would look different depending on which ships they play, or how good they are with each ship class.
  11. 5.12 Pillars of Economy

    Well its not a ranking against each other, rather than an evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses.
  12. 5.12 Pillars of Economy

    Well, if we're playing to win, there would be no point if they're already in spotted range of your own fleet. That said fighter would move off to scout for other ships, escort your damage payload, defend against enemy CV planes. In order to earn potential credits its a great idea. +1 To be honest I dont know how they judge the spotted damage. Do you spot them once and you're set until they're unspotted again?
  13. 5.12 Pillars of Economy

    Spotting and earnings is the theme, a dd spotting half a fleet getting fired on, vs a carrier spotting fleets movements are two totally different things. Thats the 1 point difference, its really about earning potential. USN Strike loadouts can have all its spott rights revoked against anything with fighters, sure an AS spec could spot better than anyone, but its a general rule you'll encounter more strike CV as its entertaining to play.
  14. 5.12 Pillars of Economy

    Yeh I thought about this, however its dependent on the ships. Its just a general rule of thumb that cruisers will be fired upon more, as in an IJN DD can go unspotted a whole match for example, however a russian DD will dodge the whole match.
  15. 5.12 Pillars of Economy

    Well not all CV's are created equal. A strike Lex will not leave its planes idling around other than to spot a DD, and the potential damage done to that DD is very low, so they get almost nothing from it. Compare that to a DD who is always spotting that flank, and lighting all those ships it see's up indefinately, and that is why I rated them such. Planes come and go, DD's stay is basically my theory. And to be honest, having wasted many a plane spotting for the captains firing on said ships, I may as well have reloaded some planes and come back and killed it.