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  1. Mirage357

    The Core issue with CVs

    At a rough guess 80% of the CV players I come across are basically just an annoyance that won't go away. I would rather face a good CV than a bad one. The majority of bad ones; can't strike properly, or aim properly don't understand the proper use for fighters don't understand positioning or spotting target identification (good targets vs bad targets) that their strikes can make players turn into or away from potentially devastating surface ship strikes, y'know that team play thing (e.g DD play is as much about spotting as it is capping and getting damage in) In fact the more items on that list that they fill the more they complain about their team when they are actually the one hindering the teams performance. You want the real info on the core issues with CV's? If they are a good CV player it's Rocket planes, CV spotting mechanics and non restorable AA vs Plane reserves. If they are a bad player...it's the simple fact the are bad at it in high tiers when they should have learnt better at lower tiers or identified the need to go back and try to gain more skill in the class.
  2. Lets go over this for a second shall we... German BB's gun caliber is fine not to mention they're about to get buffed. DD's well the two you mentioned, Khaba = still fun in randoms, Sims = not power crept at all, just have to adopt a different play style to what it used to be. CV = Look the entire class isn't even balanced correctly so lets not follow that white rabbit. 90% of ships that are actually power crept you haven't even listed and a large portion of them aren't power crept completely they just have to be played differently to the way they used to be due to the introduction of new things to the game.
  3. Mirage357

    I Wonder Why No One Wants To DD Anymore??

    Wait so this is complaining about less DD's....Well I mean at least 60-80% of the player base can't play the class worth a damn so IMHO this is saving people from a lot of "Why don't DD's do their jobs" posts.
  4. The whole point of ranked is for it to separate the player base by skill and attrition. Arguing for it to be easier is down right stupid. Want rank 1 but not skilled enough to get there? Play ranked sprint that is what they made it for.
  5. Mirage357

    CV Deplaning -- See it for yourself!

    Oh look another CV thread, where to begin hmm. Okay well lets see here, if anyone here is in the top lets say 10% of CV players across at least the majority of tiers in terms of skill and experience can you please raise your hands? If you were also in this category please keep your hand raised if not lower your hand please. Okay now that we have established who's opinions we should actually be listening to in terms of balance we can all sit back and take a moment to realize that our input is basically meaningless on the part of CV's. Next we can move onto the surface ship player, lets follow the same format, raise your hands if... lower them if...etc. And once again we have now established who's opinion we should be listening to in terms of balance for surface ship counter play. Next we move onto everyone that had to sit and listen. Okay folks in a calm and collective manner lets talk about what parts of the game are not adapted to the majority of the player base so that it can be further balanced to allow more players to be effective in their ships without making the top 10% of players too effective in them. For the most part CC = Ignored, Testers = Ignored, Spreadsheet = controls balance. What hope do most people have of affecting the balance of ships? Well that is simple if the majority of players play them too well they can get nerfed, play them poorly and they don't (or may even get buffed) Tl;dr If you want to see CV's nerfed get more people to learn how to play them better so it starts to show on the spreadsheets. If you want surface ship counter play don't bother taking AA and let the CV get more drops on you so it starts to show on the spreadsheets.
  6. Lol I can feel the incoming forum rage when I post these cause I've kept track a number of times. Akizuki 11 games before I started having losses. Kitakaze 23 games before I started having losses. Khaba was 8 games before a loss. Worcester 17 games then I lost 2. Smolensk 11 games.
  7. Mirage357

    Nikolay Kuznetsov - OP and too expensive?

    Aww that's cute more forum insults, try bringing something constructive to the 'adult' conversation next time.
  8. Mirage357

    Nikolay Kuznetsov - OP and too expensive?

    Oh look another short tempered forumite insult. If you re-read the post I did answer your question, the reason I didn't bother to read most other posts is because you asked for an opinion, I don't need to read other peoples opinion to be able to give you mine. Now as for reading comprehension may I turn your attention to this. "Looking at material and determining if it is fact or opinion allows students to comprehend material in a non-literal fashion. When students study a piece objectively, they look away from the non-literal meaning of the statement. Instead, the reader evaluates from a higher-order thinking level, which in turn helps them develop higher order comprehension of the text. Higher order comprehension skills are developed with the differentiation of fact and opinion statements while reading. When students make this connection, they look beyond the literal meaning of statements and read critically, thus improving comprehension." So if you had read my post properly you would have seen me answer you directly in saying the captain isn't OP and it isn't too expensive and I gave my reasons why. If you want a lesson in reading comprehension there are plenty of online courses you can take.
  9. Mirage357

    Long Queue Times and 9v9 Battles

    What else did you expect, people spam the forums about being bottom tier in their boat when the issue is actually how they are using it and not understanding game and XP mechanics, it's not the fact that they are bottom tier. The majority of the time the ship or WG is not to blame but the captain instead. Now WG has listened and changed MM so the posts are all filled with forum users crying about how they have to wait in queue to be in the same tier and they still play their ship in the same manner and get nuked in games leaving them spending more time in queue. tl;dr Thank the people that spam the forum instead of learning the game.
  10. Mirage357

    Nikolay Kuznetsov - OP and too expensive?

    The captain isn't OP the majority of players can't make it work in substantial or match changing way, and those that can are no more powerful than anyone using any of the other captains. In such scenarios you should learn to refer to that as STRONG, not OP. To call something OP you should probably consider all the possibilities and do all the calculations first before running onto the forums. As for cost the price is fair, you have to consider what is equivalent to the the initial grind that people did to get him. Things like this in the arsenal are not there for casual players they are there for the everyday grinders and the competitive people that played through the grind but missed out on him by a small amount because in reality if it was lets say 50K coal then the people that spent most of a month grinding for him just got ripped off. The captain is in fairness actually quite equal to the amount of coal that players can accumulate in a fairly short period of time if they play daily, there has been plenty of time to start saving. I managed to grind him for free during the event and if I could buy a second one right now I would be able to afford it. I don't mean to spread hate but this just seems like another thread about how I can't have it cause it costs too much so I'm going to go on the forums and express my outrage. tl;dr Kuznetzov isn't OP and the price whilst steep is also fair.
  11. Well to be fair it doesn't prove losing streaks it just proves that some games are losses. As for why worry about it well that is simple, because there are players out there that care about their statistics and how well they perform in boats. There are leader boards for each ship and people strive to be the best. For example, there are 6,667 people that have played over 40 games in the Kitakaze and today I finished my run and ended up ranked 19th. (40 games is what it takes to get on the Tier 9 leader boards) For people in my position it is rewarding to know you accomplished something of that nature.
  12. If you click on details in the bottom right of the section you see here when on the sight it will show you the ships used.
  13. I mean unicorns are really useful. Look what they helped me with. It has taught me how to deal with potato players in the same manner every match I'm in.
  14. be careful asking @Benched_ferlyfe to talk you'll never get him to stop, even when he is sitting by him self with no one listening.
  15. Mirage357

    MM having issues today?

    Seeing as no one bothered to pay attention... 8.10 changed how MM works...the match maker now spends time trying to construct a match where all ships are of the same tier, whilst also doing it's regular ship type balancing, it then moves into other tiers but also takes into account each persons time spent as bottom or mid tier in matches played. Feel free to remember to read patch notes.