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  1. lol @ "switch to BB", and lets all play battleships DD's are the already hardest class in the game, lets gimp them even more?
  2. Your points are about realism, I did not raise that issue at all. There is a difference between game mechanics that make sense and involve tradeoffs. We have shell dispersion, reload time and concealment value to balance the game. Sure proximity and hydro could also be LOS, but it is a secondary issue because of the much shorted range. Primary issue is radar of 10-12km range covers the objectives completely and cruisers radaring from behind an island is just too simple. 3 radar cruisers can pretty much chain radar every 30 seconds for more than half the game.
  3. This ranked season makes it clear that radaring from behind the island is broken. Radar should not be magic and using it should involve some degree of risk for the cruiser. Right now radaring from behind an island completely negates DD's main advantage of concealment, which is especially painful in central objective focused maps like Arms Race and Epicenter.