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  1. Why MUST i buy 10 containers one at a time instead of all 5 available to me at once? What is the benefit of only buying one? If you get the worst prize of 5 camos per crate, isn't 25 camos for $6 a deal? I won't buy now because the purchase is too tedious.
  2. Yes it's a necro, but I'll rez it anyway to get this one closed as well (Probably) I can only advise you to be more attentive with the type of battle and consumables you use there, simply don't rush to enter the battle without a check. On the opposite side, when you press the button, there is no need to make other 23 players wait for your additional decision. This applies to everyone in the queue. Currently queue works as intended. Generally none of us needs additional time spent waiting, even one second. You may contact me in PM if you have additional suggestions or start another topic. Thank you for your reply. I've never been in a Co-Op queue that didn't spend 25 seconds ... "Waiting for other players" Can we move 3 sec from the 25 sec onto the [Leave Queue] button?
  3. ATCC

    Campaigns in World of Warships

    On the Strong Willed campaign, 1st mission has 2 tasks that are Co-Op for a total of 3 out of 7 required stars. How can this campaign be completed if you can't get past the the first mission?
  4. ATCC

    How do I earn me Republic Tokens?

    And for new recruits to WoWS? How are they supposed to take part?
  5. ATCC

    How to earn republic tokens?

    So buy a premium WoWS so you can spend more doubloons on other random crap? What a WoBS!
  6. ATCC

    Economics of Savage Battle

    The after battle mission summary [Personal Score] screen show you the actual XP and Free XP earned after modifiers. Why does it show your PRE-DEDUCTIONS and not what was actually banked after a battle (after modifiers)? I see 60K on the summary AND on the mouse-over port [ I ] battle notifications, but on the [Credits and XP] page it's a (negative) number.
  7. Thanks for the video link KF. I thought WGing's CV change was to make CV play more fun, not frustrating.
  8. When do we get the old CV play back OR an option to play it the old way versus the arcade way?
  9. Exeter's Last Stand. Part 3. Stage 1/4: Cause 100K fire damage with UK cruisers that only shoot AP. What was the chance of AP rounds starting fires again? Oh, but you can use DDs and BBs. UK DDs die to quickly (very short smoke) and are not a gunship and BBs are so slow, they don't get to the fight before all the ships are sunk.
  10. ATCC

    Exit battle problem

    Do you have replays enabled? It will take 5-30 sec to convert the temp replay file to a named one. I want to know where the option to disable the second exit mission / exit game setting is. I can't seem to find it anywhere. It's like WG is crying that I want to go do something else with my life.
  11. ATCC

    Holy carp, got a SC.

    I currently have 85 Resource Containers and haven't seen a SC drop yet. What are the odds? 100:1? Also I found that there is apparently a 3 digit (999) limit to a ship's flag quantity.
  12. ATCC

    PEF Mission Bug?

    On the mission results screen, in the experience column, there is XP earned. Is this the base XP and on the next line Modifiers? The first number has been above 400 for me, but I'm not getting mission credit. Edit: BTW, where is the WoWS bug submission forum ?
  13. I don't remember loosing so many planes when making a run at a ship. Now I loose them all every time. DD to CV AA is seriously OP. I really hope WG is keeping track of CV DMG per mission. It aint first person when you're watching the tail. and it aint exciting either. Frustrating? Sure I go with that. No more manual AA defense so in coming torp planes and bombers sink my CV after a couple passes. I'm done with the CV test. Playing BBs to troll the CV testers.