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  1. BrianDavion

    British BB Split - Battlecruisers

    you mean UK right? US line has already been split and the US don't have eneugh Battlecruisers to fill a line, and even if they did it'd be 100% paper....... not that this has stopped WG *eyes the german and russian CV lines*
  2. I think rather then buff the transports HP, what I'd do is just add MORE of them. let the convoy itself be a bit of a turkey shoot. just make sure there are a few more turkeys
  3. On another note I'm of the Opinion the german battleships are the best BBs for this, my tirpitz did great on the attack
  4. BrianDavion

    Broadside targets take almost no damage?

    the problem with fires is it's just not FUN. there's no angling that prevents et nothing, so when some guy in a light cruiser spams shots at you an you're constantly on fire, there's no counter play.. IT'S NOT FUN
  5. BrianDavion

    Broadside targets take almost no damage?

    harmless? no but they should have something other then "lol fires" the problem with fires is they deal damage as a PERCENTAGE of your health, so no battleships don't have a "Greater ability to survive" in fact fires hurt them more then anyone else because the fire ticks ahrder AND lasts longer.
  6. BrianDavion

    Add Sub 1-401 to the mainline tech tree

    it's not a simulator but it's not a game designed purely for weebos. [edited] that noise.
  7. BrianDavion

    ReimuBakarei - Chkalov

    I encoutnered this ship in a game just now and........ does it not have any AA?!
  8. BrianDavion

    Broadside targets take almost no damage?

    personally I think fires should be nerfed to the ground and WG should stop designing ships around it. they should be a thing but "LOL HE SPAM WITH FIRES" should not be a legitimate stragety.
  9. BrianDavion

    Moltke in a nutshell

    it's an intreasting ship. but ugh that turret layout
  10. BrianDavion

    Its time to nerf Destroyers.

    the solution to that of course is to nerf fires on battleships so suddenly racking up big damage vs BBs isn't something any idiot in a light cruiser can do
  11. BrianDavion

    National Warships?

    IJN Carriers these days basicly might as well just ignore destroyers, my US CV I can use dive bombers to fight DDs.. and maybe do some damage, with IJN CVs the AP bombs just over pen without any dmg
  12. BrianDavion

    Anti Torpedoes' Incoming?

    nets where only usable when the ship was stationary.
  13. yeah opening up missions to t3 and t4 would ensure those levels where populated. by time I finish my missions for the day I'm done, I don't have time to do some low level stuff for fun
  14. BrianDavion

    Pacific Bundles, or lack of.

    I'm kinda enjoying this thing even if the rewards are meh so far, it's easy to do and it has almost a fun little story
  15. BrianDavion

    rocket plane changes leave carriers undefended.

    yeah when I take my Ryujo out I don't bother with DDs at all becuase dive bombers are the only way to hit them and the bombs just over pen. US CVs are semi OK vs destroyers but IJN CVs are basicly helpless