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  1. K_Jinxs

    Russian Cruiser Event...Wow, just wow.

    lol since about 5 events back, the Return on Investment for "event" have been HORRABLE.... how is a Tier 5 player ever gonna get the tasks done.. It comes down to this... I can spend 4 weeks grinding and banging my head so I can open 10 crates and get 50 tokens... being RREQUIRED to buy a t5 paint job before I can get the t6 ships... erc... OR... Enjoy the next 4 weeks playing what I want till the ships come out, and then only spend 4 hours to grind Tier 1~5 ships the normal way.....
  2. What is extremely "challenging" about all this, is the constant bait and switch WG does... It comes out with a ship with xxx stats and based on those stats, an individual determines that it would a great ship to have and starts the grind, investment, etc to get that ship. Then after a person gets the ship (either through the grind and $$$), WG Nerfs it to the point that if a person had known the new stats, most likely woulda never gotten that ship.... and is now stuck with and minus the $$$ they shelled out for it (and maybe some premium cameo) It is comical that folks call this "whining" when they're not the one getting screwed, WG has turned into an organization where it makes sure it's premium players get that premium experience at regular players expense
  3. Well , for me this boils down to being in a t4/5 boat with little to no AA getting pulled in a t6 match where you're facing 1~3 cv's now is no fun.... A bottom tier ship facing a top tier cv is always bad for the bottom tier and WG just don't wanna take that premium experience from pay-to-win players...
  4. LOL some of the responses are comical.. just look at the "NEW YEAR" event...… for a fairly new person to make way in the current 'NEW YEAR" event. Just look at one of the requirements Week one Destroy 65 ships ( the other tasking for that week is just as daunting) Week two Destroy 90 ships ( the other tasking for that week is just as daunting) Week three Destroy 72 ships ( the other tasking for that week is just as daunting) Week six 130 hits to the citadel ( the other tasking for that week is just as daunting) How many hours per week do you think a person who just got their tier 5 ship is gonna have to invest to even complete one weeks worth of "New Years" event tasks.. These are unrealistic requirements where the Return on investment is no where even close.... For a seasoned players sure, some may/might/could complete theses tasking before the next weeks event unlock, Why even put the tier 5 requirement when no tier 5 player would ever hope on completing these tasking....
  5. K_Jinxs

    Mogador constructive criticism

    The challenge I'm foreseeing is when the subs come out, dd's will have the additional tasking of sub hunting, so the ambushing ability will be limited, additionally the sub sill see the dd which will make a French dd a target for any enemy ship . Another good indicator for me is that you don't see any French dd's in Ranked Battles, that should be telling folks something..
  6. K_Jinxs

    Premium Commonwealth Battleship

    It would be cool if it came from the new Soviet bb line, and close to the "Pan-Asian" theme since the Huanghe has soviet roots.
  7. Why is the T6 French Aigle not included for completing "French Destroyer" missons for the "French Destroyer" Event. I'm pretty sure on past events, ships of the same class that was being released was an option to play in the Event. I get it, you want folks to use the new French Destroyers for "French Destroyer" destroyer missions, but why no love for the Aigle..???
  8. Last I looked the Graf Spee is a German T6 not an American T9.. however since there is no REAL Georgia except the one after the 1901 Virginia class BB, it shoulda atleast be modeled somewhere using the Colorado/Iowa/Missouri mechanics...
  9. I look at the new requirements required to "grind" during the "Wave Event" to get the T5 Hill..., I think back to when I was new at this and appreciated the opportunity to get the T7/8 ARP boats, T6 Graf Spee, T3 Vampire, etc.. and I remember what it took to grind for those boats... Then I fast forward to this recent event and cannot imagine a new player being able to grind out all the requirements to get the a T5.... I have also looked at the one Millions Free XP required to get those boats and think back to when it was only 750k, For seasoned players, sure this is no problem, however, for newer players these new requirements (I my opinion) are getting outa hand.. It WAS a joy to open up the new Brit BB crates for a chance to get one and looking at how many boats I got for how many crates I opened, and now fast forward to the last Russian BB crates and opened over 30 crates and not one Russian BB, a lot of my friends have also noticed the skimpiness of crates dropping Russian bb's this time around, I guess WOWS is really pushing the player to cough up $$$ to get premium crates to get event stuff now-a-days because what new players could grind out is not what it is today... I ask the developers to look back to previous events and look at the requirements then and compare them to this recent event and ask WHY? You all want New Players, but once you get them, you make it nearly impossible for them to get event ships.
  10. It feels like no matter what tier ship I play, 80% bottom Tier, 15% middle Tier , 5% Top tier, like I said it feels like,,, It is very frustrating when you are almost all the times bottom tier and being deleted by top tier ships within one volley of salvos, and just as frustrating when you are bottom tier (survive) and do top damage and lose because the higher tiers are such poor players...
  11. In regards to the T8 Cleveland's AA, it's sad when you have def AA (w/ concentrated firepower towards the side of planes coming in against a T8 CV and a Japan T8 Akizuki shoots down more planes... (maybe an option to swap out spotter for fighters??) Which also reminds me, if under the old air warfare when you had Direction center for fighter, when the New Orleans (or any other fighter equipped ships) launched it's fighter, another one would launch, should under the NEW air warfare, when the New Orleans (or any other fighter equipped ships) now launches it's 3 planes, shouldn't it also be changed to launch another set of 3 planes ?? or atleast %50 more planes since under the old way it was %100 more planes.. for having the skipper skills "Direction center for fighter". The achievement "Clear Skies' still has not been reworked yet either...
  12. K_Jinxs

    Operation Narai

    thnks all for the reply so this is a real thing....
  13. K_Jinxs

    Operation Narai

    I have played Narai quite a few time this week in my Gneisenau w/ full secondary built w/ manual fire control for secondaries, Each time, my manual fire control would work for about the first 5 min, then I couldn't select anyone … anyone else experience this??? I have had the same experience last week in my T6 P.E. Friedrich with the same skipper skills....
  14. K_Jinxs

    [CV] Something's gotta give....

    Hey since we're talking about CV's .. Hey War Gaming how about fixing one of the "mission of the week" since the Narai mission allows a T7 CV but there are none anymore, either make it a T6 mission or T8...