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  1. Why you may actually need XVM

    You're better off just entering each match blind and playing with the hand you're dealt with. Focusing too much on other peoples' stats can lead to a defeatist or pessimistic self-fulfilling prophecy. Bad players, potato CVs, and enemy typhoon league unicum divisions are things you're just going to have to deal with. It's not called Random Battles for nothing.
  2. So who’s excited to earn DoY?

    I'm definitely excited for the DoY since the KGV is already my favorite T7 BB. I just wish they got rid of the sonar so the DoY can be buffed up to par with the KGV. The DoY/KGV aren't really suitable for spearheading pushes, so the sonar is just an unoriginal novelty. T7 being a nice MM bracket is icing on the cake.
  3. Forum changes

    MFW I open up the forum with the new WoWS - White theme enabled.
  4. You can use it, but you'll probably come down with depression or hypertension from the sea of oranges and tomatoes you'll find while using it. It's best to just go into each match blind and work your way towards a win from there.
  5. USN Secondaries are Bad They Say...

    Montana secondaries are actually decent. They reload pretty quickly and have a fire chance of 9% There's just too few of them per side on the ship for them to do any real damage besides lighting fires.
  6. This is why CV's make this game suck

    I remember playing a game once called Natural Selection, which featured asymmetrical gameplay where one player, as the commander, played an RTS whereas everyone else played an FPS. Like a CV in Warships, the commander in Natural Selection held the most important job on the team. Unlike Warships however, the team could vote to eject the commander, and replace them with someone else if they were doing a terrible job. Perhaps a similar feature could be added to this game? This is not actually a serious suggestion...
  7. Iowa worth AA build?

    Can you play your battleship without fire prevention or extra concealment? If you said yes, then an AA build might be worth considering. No better time to start than now, since people are going to be trying out the reworked USN CVs. I've seen a couple Lexingtons and Midways running around at high tiers already. At best, the AA build will give you and your teammates a decent amount of protection from planes. At worst, the CV will be deterred from striking you, prolonging your life so you can still influence the match with most of your HP intact. You need MM to give you a CV to fight first though... If you're going to spec the Iowa for full AA, don't slot in the 3 million credit upgrade mod that gives +25% AA DPS. Gun performance is more important for a battleship. Captain skills and the AA signal flag are sufficient enough.
  8. Whats with the sudden CV hatestorm?

    CV hate has always been there. It's just that the CVs might've become a bit more popular recently with the USN CV rework, so people are beginning to remember why they hate playing against them so much. That and getting a potato CV player on your team, whereas the enemy CV driver knows what they're doing can be quite infuriating. I had a match recently where an enemy Midway got de-planed and shot down a grand total of one plane throughout the entire match. It's not hard to predict how that game turned out for the enemy team.
  9. This is why the first captain on most of my BBs is full AA build minus the T9-T10 module. As a BB, torpedoes and HE spam can be played around. However, a death blob of CV planes has no counter-play unless you're full AA build or are fortunate enough to have a teammate nearby with DFAA that reacts accordingly. Even I'm guilty of playing my Des Moines and activating DFAA far too late to save a teammate because I didn't notice the planes ahead of time. CVs in this game are an all-or-nothing deal. Either you are full AA build, and somewhat swat away the cancer like using sunscreen during a day at the beach. Or you stay close to your team and hope they target enemy planes that fly your way. The CV is the shark and the surface ships are the school of fish that need to huddle together for safety. Selfish herd theory in action.
  10. AA build USN battleships

    The point of going AA build is to shoot down as many planes as possible before they drop their payload on your head. Your stereotypical USN BB with CE and AFT will only shoot down a minimal amount of planes from an equal tier CV before getting nuked. It's only when the empty planes are returning to the CV does the AA actually start shredding them, but the damage was already done. I've used stealth, fire prevention, and AA builds on my Iowa and Montana before. If a Taihou sends 12 TBs after me in my Iowa/Montana, and I only have AFT, I'm pretty much guaranteed to lose half of my HP without team support. With AA build, I will wipe out at least 8-10 TBs by myself before they can even strike me. If you want to give yourself a good amount of protection against planes without relying on your teammates, you need BFT + AFT + MAA. For my Montana, I have one captain dedicated to fire prevention, and the other to full AA. CVs are a rarity these days, but they're without question the most dangerous type of ship you can encounter on the enemy team. Personally, I can live without the extra stealth and fire prevention, but if I'm not running full AA build and a wild CV looks at my Montana with a lascivious gleam in its eyes, I'm toast.
  11. Graf Zepplin - what a joke

    The difference in AA power on the Montana (or any ship really) depending on captain build... Fire Prevention build with only +20% extended AA range: shot down 4 dive bombers out of 15 planes from a Graf Zeppelin strike and ate over 40k damage AA spec build with BFT + AFT + MAA + 20% AA range mod + flag: shot down all but one torpedo bomber from a triple TB Taihou strike, tanked the dive bombers When it comes to BB builds, fire prevention and concealment expert are really nice skills to have but they're not that mandatory to be competitive. All that really matters when playing a BB is hitting things with your massive guns, armor angling, and knowing when to disengage from focus fire. However, an AA build is almost a necessity when going up against a competent CV player. The point I'm trying to make is that I can get away without using stealth or fire prevention in my Montana. But if I go up against a competent CV or a Graf Zeppelin without my AA build, I'm screwed if it decides to target me. With these auto dropping "clap like a money" AP bombs that the Graf Zeppelin uses, and the upcoming USN CV rework, I'm putting the AA build back on my Montana.
  12. These things are perfect for organized play. Just imagine a Yueyang paired up with a Des Moines. The short duration but fast reload smoke Vape Nation generator will keep the Des Moines almost permanently concealed so it can safely provide close-range radar and fire support. On their own, they're a menace to CAs and BBs because of the deep water torpedoes. They're obviously not great at cap contesting without radar, but at least they get USN DD guns at T8-T10 as a consolation prize.
  13. If a Graf Zeppelin can already nuke my non-AA spec Montana with AP dive bombers, I shudder to think what the reworked 2/2/2 Midway is capable of. If I didn't need it for CW, my Montana would be running a full AA spec build. General rule of thumb vs CVs is that if you don't have DFAA or any AA skills, the CV can delete you with ease if they're competent.