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  1. Best BB dd killer?

    If you've only got time for one broadside, you call upon the most accurate 12 gun battleship amongst its peers, the Montana.
  2. Dev Blog - ST IJN DD balance changes

    So now the Akizuki, Kitakaze, and Haragumo are teeny tiny light cruisers with the same HE penetration as 152 mm guns. At the very least this change will allow for some captain build diversity since IFHE is no longer a mandatory skill.
  3. USS Helena

    Helena is a keeper for sure. She's essentially an upgraded version of the old T6 Cleveland. She gets three extra guns, more AA, better concealment, better turret traverse, and the same troll armor scheme that can sometimes cause AP to overpen. I feel like she's a hidden gem that's been overlooked by many people who only wanted to rush to the Worcester from the T8 Cleveland.
  4. Worst Tier 9 Cruiser...

    Seattle, she's basically a downgraded Cleveland in every way besides AA, HP, and the perks for being a T9-T10 ship (access to repair party and upgrade slot 6). Buffalo on the other hand is an overall solid ship; she could've been a great one if she didn't have the worst maneuverability out of all USN cruisers in the game. If you hated the Buffalo, then the Seattle might be an unpleasant surprise for you.
  5. Emerald: 3-13 W/L record Leander: 14-21 W/L Worst T5-T7 grind ever
  6. Manual AA on Tirpitz?

    Tirpitz has the worst AA out of any battleship at T8. Adding MAA isn't going to stop carriers and AP bombs from nuking you to oblivion. This is a graph taken from LittleWhiteMouse's review of the Tirpitz showing the AA DPS values of various T8-T10 battleships (minus the French).
  7. For IFHE cruisers that take AFT (USN CLs), SI is preferable over DE for the extra consumables, especially for ships like the upcoming Seattle and Worcester. You only have enough points to take one 3-point skill. For every other HE spamming cruiser, DE is a nice skill to have. T9-T10 ships would probably grab SI first for the extra heal though. When it comes to DDs, DE gives you more fires per minute than BFT alone, but the latter gives you more DPM through faster reload.
  8. Welcome to the world of loot boxes and gacha style games. Asian countries like China and South Korea seem to be ahead of the West when it comes to regulating loot boxes.
  9. Asymmetrical gameplay always tends to be headache to balance from what I've seen in games like Natural Selection and Evolve. It would take one heck of a radical re-vamp if WG wants to revitalize the CV class.
  10. iChaseGaming Lots of great content and useful information can be found on his Youtube channel. His Captain's Academy series is a great resources for learning about the game mechanics. It's what I used when I first started playing this game around three years ago. Although some of it will be outdated. There's a few other hidden gems on there like using the mini-map to aim blind torpedo hits, or how dispersion is affected by shell velocity, sigma, etc.
  11. T8 Cleveland is Amazing

    Cleveland's AA is pretty good, but she's still bested by the Kutuzov and Baltimore in regards to the mid to long ranged AA DPS. Having over a third of her AA DPS in the short ranged 20mm guns holds her back a little since they're unaffected by DFAA.
  12. T8 Cleveland is Amazing

    I like my cruisers that can bring lots of dakka dakka to the table. T8 Cleveland might not be as strong tier for tier compared to the T6 variant, but I think the ship is still a lot of fun to play.
  13. This is Why Cleveland Needs IFHE

    Cleveland can't even penetrate her own armor without the aid of IFHE.
  14. Angling = Useless

    The Republique's guns will auto-pen your armor everywhere unless the AP shells miraculously auto-bounce off your citadel belt or gun turrets. T10 CAs with 30mm armor all around (except for the bow and stern) like the Zao and Hindenburg can bounce Montana AP shells when well angled, but they eat auto-pens from Yamato, Republique, and 457mm Conqueror AP. Russian T10s like the Moskva and future Stalingrad with 50mm plating can auto-bounce any AP shell in those areas. Des Moines gets wrecked by AP auto-pens by anything 406mm or larger because she has 27mm all around except for the deck which is 30mm. So even something like a fail division Colorado can pose a significant threat to your ship.
  15. Lemming mentality

    You can use selfish herd mentality to explain lemming trains. In theory, by huddling up with as many ships you can find, you reduce the chances of being singled out and focus fired by the enemy. Also, if you position your buddy on the periphery of a formation with yourself in a more central position hiding behind his back, you are theoretically less likely to be targeted by predators. It's why fish and birds always travel in schools and flocks respectively.