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  1. Cruiser_Chicago

    So what games are people going to now?

    Not leaving forever, just going on WoWS hiatus for a bit Some games I'm going to: RE2 Remake RE1 HD Remaster Metro Exodus Apex Legends Valkyria Chronicles 4
  2. Cruiser_Chicago

    Worchester or Des Moines?

    Both are worth grinding for, but personally, I feel like I feel like I have more carrying potential in a Worcester than a Des Moines. The shorter range radar does matter, but it's not the end of the world for the Worcester. Your radar to concealment buffer of 0.53 km is still better than the Des Moines' 0.78 km. You'll still get the jump on a DD quicker than a Des Moines can, albeit at a closer distance. Although if you're going to be hiding behind an island a lot, the shorter radar range is a definite downside compared to the Des Moines. The Worcester with IFHE has more consistent damage than the Des Moines, but the latter can pump out more burst damage if an opportunity to use her AP shells pops up. Worcester AP generally needs to be shot at a flat broadside within 10 km to deal considerable damage. The Worcester has a higher skill ceiling than the Des Moines. Although the latter probably has more outplay potential. At closer ranges, the Des Moines should smash the Worcester. The Worcester could theoretically win if she does a drive by on the Des Moines and out-turns their turrets. At further distances the outcome is decided by who has the better aim. The Worcester is very slightly more agile than the Des Moines. The Worcester's considerably faster turret traverse means that she can react quickly to unexpected situations, and there's also very little downtime between you needing to traverse the guns and continuously firing off a withering volume of IFHE. Against 16" BB guns and up, the Worcester is arguably more durable simply because she sits lower in the water and has a shorter citadel than the Des Moines. Against 15" BB guns, the Des Moines is more survivable without question. Sometimes when I play the Des Moines, I wish I was in a Worcester. Trying to brawl and bow-tank other ships is a terrible situation for the Worcester but a favorable one for the Des Moines. On the open water - advantage to Worcester, don't try to duel ships like the Henri IV and Zao at long range though Hugging your island waifu and only sticking out the front 6 guns - advantage to Des Moines
  3. Cruiser_Chicago

    Did anyone have a good experience with USS Seattle?

    Nope, the Seattle was an unpleasant grind. I performed better in the Cleveland. Being forced to show full broadside to use all your guns is one of my biggest pet peeves for ships in this game. This is exacerbated by the Seattle's fast rate of fire.
  4. Cruiser_Chicago

    A sharp increase in USS Black population

    If you don't have the coordination from your team to make the 20/24 sec radar valuable, she's arguably a worse version of the Fletcher. The Black has a top speed of 35 kts, which is very slow for a USN DD. The torpedoes can be hit or miss due to how slow they are. However, they reload so quickly that you can have multiple salvos of torpedoes in the water at once. More of a fear and area denial weapon than a consistent damage dealer. That being said, I can see the radar paying dividends in the upcoming Ranked Battles season, particularly in the upper echelons, and in coordinated division play.
  5. Cruiser_Chicago

    Which torps do you use for the Gearing?

    16km torpedoes They can be blind-fired, be fired safely outside of radar range, and have an amusing tendency of scoring collateral damage on unsuspecting ships. I once had my torpedoes sail right past a Montana I was aiming for and dev-strike an Atago that was just leaving the spawn. She wasn't even last spotted on the mini-map at all before the torpedoes struck. The longer range makes them safer and more versatile. The down-time in torpedo reload can be filled by spamming guns from smoke (or hard cover), spotting, capping, or other DD stuff, etc. Hence I specialize the Gearing for guns with the torpedoes as an afterthought.
  6. Cruiser_Chicago

    What ships seem like downgrades?

    Saint-Louis: Not exactly a downgrade, but she feels like very marginal upgrade over Charles Martel if you only look at base stats alone. This is probably a case of the Martel being too good for her tier, then the Saint-Louis being a bad ship. Friedrich der Große: You get guns that can finally overmatch 27mm at the cost of a larger and clumsier hull. Not to mention that the ship still suffers from German imprecision and a lackluster broadside of only 8 rifles. I don't think I've ever heard anything flattering about the FDG. Monarch: Short range, low HP, questionable dispersion, and less HE DPM and fire chance than the KGV; her only saving grace is her ridiculous cruiser-like concealment
  7. Well if you're in a Yamato, you don't want to get into a close range brawl with another BB ever. The Yamato handles poorly, and has a very poorly armored citadel bulkhead right underneath the front turrets. It's commonly called the cheek weak spot, and is very easy to hit. If a BB is angled towards you, you can opt to shoot their superstructure or fire a full salvo into his turrets to try and disable them. I usually just aim for the superstructure, but firing a full volley into turrets at closer ranges can incapacitate them, some more easily than others depending on the ship. For example, Yamato turrets are extremely durable from the front, whereas something like a G. Kurfurst or Conqueror has less armored turret faces. Aiming at a perfectly angled bow (or nose) will usually cause your shells to bounce unless you're in a Yamato, which can overmatch 32mm bow armor on most BBs. If you're really committed to a brawl and are going to do a drive by or "joust" with another BB, rotate your turrets in advance towards your starboard or port sides. That way when you sail parallel against the enemy ship, your guns will already be in position to fire into his citadel. I usually try to avoid these situations since the risk of getting rammed or taking catastrophic damage is very high.
  8. Cruiser_Chicago

    What is the very worst performing ship in wows?

    If you're looking at all-time stats for WR and ignore low-tiers then Midway, Essex, Lexington, and Ranger consistently rank among the worst. Subjectively, however, I'd say the worst ship in the game is the Emerald.
  9. Cruiser_Chicago

    What is the best Tier X Cruiser to grind for?

    The generalist cruisers that have remained relevant ever since their inception are the Hindenburg and Zao. Hindenburg has a decent HP pool of 51.9k with USN BB/USSR CA melting HE shells, and powerful but situational AP shells. She has good base range and DPM for long-range gunnery coupled with turtle-back armor and generous torpedo firing angles for knife-fighting. The Hindenburg is the jack-of-all trades cruiser at T10 with her major downsides being mediocre speed, agility, and concealment. The Zao is your stereotypical long-ranged IJN HE spammer, but don't underestimate her strong AP shells either. She has the third best concealment of all T10 cruisers; complement that with 20 12km Type93 torpedoes and 12 203mm railguns, and you have a very deadly cruiser that can switch from sniper to ambush predator at will. Her weaknesses stem from her low HP pool of 40.8k HP, mediocre firing angles on the guns and torpedoes, and a large turning circle. If you prefer leveraging your concealment and launching long-ranged torpedoes from stealth, choose the Zao. If you want a cruiser that is equally good at sniping and knife-fighting, or have a vendetta against the Moskva/Stanlingrad, take the Hindenburg.
  10. Cruiser_Chicago

    Worcerster a little OP

    In my opinion Worcester is a bit overturned. I think she's pretty much the perfect cruiser to have if you're operating within 15km. 9.4km concealment and 9.9km radar, 7.2km air detection and 7.2-8.6km AA range - Good luck spotting this ship without taking losses Lethal IFHE DPM that is unaffected by angling. Sure the shells are slow, but leading distant targets can be rectified simply by zooming out two levels if you're using static sights. No more giving a whole screen's worth of lead to hit your targets anymore. Somewhat low citadel size for better survivability - Probably the most overrated part of the ship but it's still an advantage she has over the Des Moines and Minotaur. Radar + DFAA + sonar combo - No other cruiser line can bring this much utility Has higher arcs that can utilize islands better than a Des Moines, and also has the concealment to fight on open water I think she's the most versatile cruiser in the game. She has the concealment and low-ish citadel size to make charging at enemy DDs, and lighting them up with radar a worthwhile venture. After killing or scaring off your flank's opposing DDs, you can transition into a more traditional DPS role where your insane DPM comes to life. Combine that with your toolbox of consumables and you have a ship that has an answer to virtually anything. Just don't pick fights past 15km or extreme close ranges and you'll do very well in this ship. Personally, I felt kind of dirty while playing this ship because I think she's a little too good.
  11. Cruiser_Chicago

    DMM Flag found in patch, indicator of Kantai collab?

    >Kancolle collaboration in 2018
  12. Cruiser_Chicago

    Battle Royale

    It's called Arms Race, albeit only for T9-T10 ships. If you don't contest buffs or the large cap circle that spawns in the middle of the map, you lose the match.
  13. It may have something to do with the theory of loss aversion, where you strongly prefer avoiding losses over acquiring gains. Anecdotally, losing causes a more powerful emotional response from me than winning. Losing feels twice as bad as winning feels good.
  14. Cruiser_Chicago

    Des Moines or Worcester?

    I'd go with the Worcester. Within 15km, this ship can do any task a cruiser is expected to perform, and is probably over-tuned in her current state. The Worcester has it all: lightning fast turret traverse, stealth radar capability, sonar, unparalleled AA power, HE DPM that will melt anything, and a base gun range of 16.7km which is basically power-creep for a USN cruiser. The biggest flaws of the Worcester are hitting fleeing ships past 15km since your shells will fall short, and engaging targets head on due to less than ideal turret firing angles. The Des Moines is my most played ship, but I'd pick the Worcester over the DM any day of the week. You're arguably the most dangerous ship an enemy DD can run into because of your stealth radar+HE combo, and your DPM makes you a significant threat to everything else within reasonable distances. Just don't try to bow tank or CQC other ships (unless you're doing a drive-by) and the Worcester will treat you well.
  15. There's probably a positive correlation between higher ranks and better players, but rank alone doesn't indicate a player's skill level. Not everyone has the time or patience to grind through the slog that is Ranked. That and MM'ing people by rank would wreck queue times and make the game incredibly boring. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want Random Battles to revolve around ultra sweaty tryhard and defensive gameplay that prioritizes punishing mistakes over aggression. That sounds pretty snooze-inducing to me. Keep that stuff in Clan Battles and Ranked; the chaotic and unpredictable nature of Random Battles is what keeps the game fresh for me.