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  1. I go with MBM3 with DE, SE, and Vigilance, which is basically a gunboat build. Vigilance is there so I'm less likely to pull a Flambass and eat surprise torpedoes. Gearing torpedoes still take a long time to reload even with all the torpedo-focused perks. They're mostly fire-and-forget weapons that can score some hits here and there because of their extreme range. The guns paired up with DE and MBM3 are where most of my damage comes from.
  2. Amagi: I just can't get it to work

    1.8 sigma and wonky vertical dispersion mean that Amagi salvos are more inconsistent compared to something like the North Carolina.
  3. Times When SALT is Justified?

    When an advantageous match turns into a throw when my teammates or myself overextend and get picked off, or I witness something particularly egregious. Such as a Hiryuu player failing to kill a Roma with DCP on cooldown because they were using auto drops. Said Roma went on to sail into our spawn and kill our stationary Hiryuu. This about summed up my reaction. While salt does happen, I don't condone using it as an excuse to insult or attack other players.
  4. SGM2 is useful for giving you more precise control over your rudder. Sometimes you just want to turn just enough to auto-bounce those BB shells off your Zao's belt. Other times you may want to expose your battleship's rear turret ever so slightly without accidentally over-steering and flashing full broadside like a potato. DCSM2 pairs well with builds that revolve around Fire Prevention. It's also preferred over SGM2 in Clan Battles and tournaments since HE spam, fire DoT, and torpedoes are the main battleship killers.
  5. Tactic for incoming torpedo bombers

    Torpedo planes coming in from behind: Turn away or always try to keep your stern pointed towards them. This only works if the planes are far away from you though, as turning away against bombers that are nearly on top of you is the worst thing to do. Planes coming in from the front or are very close to you: Turn in towards them. Planes trying to cross drop you: Turn into towards the closest squadron, and focus AA on the planes that you aren't turning against (these are the bombers that will try to drop on your broadside as you're angling against the other squadron). If you have DFAA active, and you're 100% sure the enemy CV will not send his planes back near you, double tap "P" to force it on cooldown so your ability will recharge sooner for the next wave.
  6. GZ working as intended?

    The issue with the Graf Zeppelin (GZ) is that both her dive bombs and torpedoes deal extreme damage. Ideally against a standard CV, you can focus down the most dangerous type of bomber to mitigate the damage. For example, turning and focusing down torpedo bombers while tanking the dive bomber drops. That obviously doesn't work against the GZ. Focus down the TBs, you'll get dumpstered on by its DBs, and vice versa. The GZ is the kind of CV where you absolutely need friendly AA or a competent CV (lol) to back you up against the death blob that is German strike planes.
  7. Graf Zeppelin Test 1 - Your thoughts

    The fighter control is weak but the strike power is ludicrously strong if it's not kept under control. The torpedoes have high alpha damage and the German AP bombs can one shot ships more easily than the USN ones. It's probably slightly overtuned in its current state. One recent example of the left click meme bombs on a Kii.
  8. Montana

    Compared to the Iowa/Missouri, Montana gains significantly stronger belt armor, three extra guns, and slightly better AA. She's the staple battleship pick for clan battles and competitive events due to her more precise dispersion relative to the other 12 gun battleships. If a 12 gun battleship with good dispersion appeals to you, then go for the Montana. If you'd rather have a stealthier battleship that can (slightly) outrun a Des Moines with good stealth and AA to boot, stick with your Missouri.
  9. Dev Blog-Soviet T9 cruiser Kronshtadt

    This ship was leaked about a year ago as a tier 8 premium battleship, but it was later written off as a fake. Apparently the ship actually exists and it's now a tier 9 "cruiser" that has more HP than an Iowa.
  10. Ban the XVM mod!

    The XVM software might be difficult to ban since it's not installed and used the same way res_mods files are. MM stat trackers are bad because they can foster a toxic and defeatist sentiment among the players. "The enemy CV is Global Elite and my CV is Silver I? Might as well just exit to port right now and save my time," for example. Make a forum thread complaining about CV balance and you're sure to find them.
  11. I've been around since June 2015 where the Humble Bundle sold keys to gain access to the last few weeks of the CBT. I still remember the screwup WG made with Murmansk-gate.
  12. IMO, T9 cruiser balance is just awful

    Baltimore is a decent ship, she's just a dedicated support vessel compared to the kiting HE spammers like the Sant-Louis and Roon. Great stealth with 9.4km radar/9.7km concealment and 7.2km air detection/7.2km AA thresholds make you a valuable asset to the team. It's quite easy to sneak up on DDs to radar them, and CVs have to take AA fire to keep you perma-spotted. It requires a more patient and defensive playstyle compared to the other run n' gun cruisers out there. It's only when the team needs more damage than utility does the Baltimore lag behind the competition.
  13. What are the HSF Yammy Camos stats?

    It's the same as Yamato's premium camo but with slightly different EXP modifiers, and no +20% credit gain. I initially thought it had the credit gain modifier, but I guess my info was wrong at the time.
  14. I don't know anything about HSF, but they're giving out a really nice permanent Yamato camo for completing the collection. I can essentially earn Yamato's premium camo for free. A great incentive for me to push to the Yamato in the near future. Anyone that doesn't opt in is missing out.
  15. Want to beat on fleets of leet mushasis...

    Musashi is extremely vulnerable to high tier CVs, and DDs to a lesser extent. With AA auras of: DPS: 7.0 dps Distance: 1.2 km DPS: 73.0 dps Distance: 3.1 km DPS: 60.0 dps Distance: 5.0 km Even tier 7-8 carriers could probably strike a Musashi without too many issues.