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  1. Better HE than the Zao? Better concealment than the Hindenburg? Why bother playing CAs anymore? /s In their current state, the HMS Montana and to a lesser extent the HMS Iowa are looking really good. Maybe a little too good in fact.
  2. In her current state, Conqueror will not replace the Yamato, she will replace the Montana. Her default configuration is 4x3 419mm guns. By taking the wannabe Yamato's guns over the HMS Montana's guns, you give up 33% of your gun power to gain the ability to overmatch the 30mm armor sections of the Zao, Hindenburg, Des Moines, and Henri IV. Your DPM, alpha strike, and fire starting potential per salvo will also nosedive when making this change. The ability to overmatch most T10 CAs is not enough of a benefit to warrant taking the 457mm guns over the 419mm guns IMO. Secondly, Conqueror with the -7% dispersion mod will have similar dispersion to a Montana with the -11% dispersion mod. 282m max horizontal dispersion with 2.0 sigma versus 263m max horizontal dispersion with 1.9 sigma respectively. However, Conqueror can take the RoF mod for a 26 second reload whereas Montana with the same setup would now have a derpy dispersion value of 296m. To avoid writing a short essay, Conqueror looks like a better version of the Montana in many ways aside from overall survivability and AA. Conqueror's biggest counters are concentrated HE spam and Yamato lol-pen guns because of her 32mm armor scheme.
  3. In her current state, the HMS Montana looks like a better option than "upgrading" to the 457mm guns anyway. You lose out on DPM, alpha strike, and fire starting potential per salvo if you switch to the 457mm guns. The only significant advantage to the 457mm guns is the ability to overmatch the 30mm armor sections on the Zao, Hindenburg, Henri IV, and Des Moines.
  4. If you want skill-based MM, match make the players with MMR (matchmaking rating) like DOTA and League of Legends does. Keep this type of system exclusive to Ranked though. Throw in a couple of other variables like number of games played and player performance and now you have a decent ranked system.
  5. Conqueror will get melted by 203mm HE spam and Yamato lol-pens every time she gets spotted (32mm armor all around). She also only has 8 guns, whereas Yamato gets 9 of them with much better precision.
  6. It depends on what tier you play at. It's not uncommon to see a 5 DD/ 5 BB/ 2 CA team composition at T9-T10. However, in the mid tiers of T5-T7, DDs seem to be less popular than cruisers.
  7. In April we observed many players experiencing connection issues with the contact list resulting in players unable to chat, blacklist or platoon. We have been working hard to fix the issue and last week we deployed a temporary fix that solved the problem for the majority of players. We are currently working on a full fix that should be ready for deployment in the future. In the meantime we are crediting all players this Thursday with the following Thank You package for sticking with us during these problems and for all the help you provided in diagnosing the issue:• 3 Days of Premium Time• 3x 2hr +50% Credit Boosters• 3x 3hr +200% XP BoostersThank you for your patience and for all of your help. We will update each Thursday on the status of the final resolution. Please keep sending us feedback and post to this forum thread if you are continuing to have issues:
  8. The current test-phase Conqueror actually has a fearsome array of 40mm AA guns. Her mid-range AA DPS is 527, while Montana's combined close and mid-range DPS equal out to 512. It's only when you factor in the Montana's long-range AA that the Conqueror falls behind (like every other T10 BB). The Conqueror would benefit greatly from BFT and AFT to give her some protection against planes.
  9. Stealth as a gimmick with powerful HE to deal with stubborn angled BBs sounds interesting. Better this than the previous abominations that had radar + DFAA on top of the features they have now.
  10. Khabarovsk is usually a bit too fast and tanky to kill in one fell swoop as a Des Moines. What most Khabarovsks do is turn away away and kite with their guns, which will annoy you to death if you try to pursue them. The best I can hope for in a Des Moines versus a a competent Khabarovsk is to fling enough shells at him to scare him away, and put me out of his gun range. If he comes back in to spam HE at me then rinse and repeat the duel again. The Des Moines should win the war of attrition over time. At least the Khabarovsk doesn't have the 10km torpedoes anymore. Those would make for some very unpleasant surprises if I started a fight with a Khabarovsk within 10km.
  11. Furutuka is a T5 CA that has a chance of bouncing 356mm guns when angled because of her 25mm belt armor IIRC. Her 76mm skyscraper citadel belt armor can auto bounce BB shells as well, but you're gambling with fate if you ever get into a situation where you have to rely on it for that purpose. She also has a 48mm deck which auto bounces every BB shell in the game. Furutaka is the most survivable T5 cruiser, just don't get caught while you're broadsiding or try to bow tank BBs. The other T5 CLs are all floating citadels.
  12. If you think you can get value out of RPF then go for that skill. Otherwise, Survivability Expert is the safer and more reliable option. Top it off with Preventive Maintenance to improve the durability of your torpedo tubes. The upgrade mod that speeds up your torpedo reload makes your torpedo tubes more prone to incapacitation, so PM helps counteract that effect somewhat.
  13. BBs need support from CAs/DDs or else they get torped/burned to death, or they play tickle fights with angled enemy BBs. This is why I prefer playing CAs and DDs over BBs since their playstyles are generally more autonomous and less rigid than BBs. They can also disengage from fights easier than BBs because of their better agility and concealment. Whereas if a BB commits too hard they tend to get stuck being unable to escape, and they play the role of the unwilling meat shield until they die.
  14. MY BODY IS READY! When the enemy ship gets away with 1 HP When you witness a devastating strike When you need to back out to preserve your sanity When you notice someone talking bulls*it When someone is throwing a temper tantrum (in the forums or in-game)
  15. This is the way ranked, especially at the highest division, has always been played. Ideally you play proactively until you can get the point lead. Once the first step is done, you engage the camp fiesta and sing Kumbaya around a bonfire until you win on points. Or your team can have the better marksman and you eliminate the enemy team before that happens.