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  1. Cruiser_Chicago

    Are You Looking Forward To The New Game?

    It looks like a worse version of Ghost Recon Phantoms. A free to play 3rd person shooter that was shut down 3 years ago, and it had egregious monetization and pay2win micro-transactions. I wouldn't surprised if WG tried to milk the heck out of this game as well.
  2. Cruiser_Chicago

    Why have so many good players.......

    Event burnout, tedious and time-consuming grind for resources (coal, steel etc.), NTC on the horizon, and the CV rework among other things... The game just isn't that appealing to play anymore unless you're dedicated to the clan/competitive side of the game.
  3. Cruiser_Chicago

    Buffalo Spec

    For the first 10 points... 1. Priority Target or Incoming Fire Alert - your choice 2. Expert Marksman or Adrenaline Rush - your choice 3. Superintendent 4. Concealment Expert You don't really need AA skills, particularly on USN cruisers, as anti-air DPS against planes is quite monstrous at the moment. That can change in the future as AA and CV balance is constantly in a state of flux. Sector AA and DFAA should be enough to fend off planes.
  4. Cruiser_Chicago

    T8 CW

    So it's basically old-fashioned T8 Supremacy League rules without the inclusion of CVs. That was like 2 years ago; talk about a blast from the past. There are also plenty of strong tech tree T8s just to name a few... BBs: Amagi and North Carolina Cruiser: Chapayev, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Charles Martel DD: Benson, Lightning, Akizuki, and Kagero (no CV) The only really dubiously balanced premium ships I can see at the moment are the Kutuzov and maybe the Lo Yang.
  5. Cruiser_Chicago

    review of AA skills?

    wowsft.com allows you to pick a ship and customize it with various modules, captain skills, etc. It'll also show you most of a ship's parameters including its AA defense values. So you can go in there and select the appropriate AA skills and see how they make a difference. It's a nice website for planning builds and looking up the parameters for ships that you may not be familiar with.
  6. Cruiser_Chicago

    So what ship does have decent AA?

    CVs, particularly the Hakuryu and the Midway, have the best AA defense. When you combine already strong AA DPS with automatic and player spawning fighter patrols, you have a ship that's difficult to get consecutive strikes on. Other than that you have the usual AA ships... Montana, Worcester, Des Moines, Minotaur, Kremlin, Grozovoi, etc. If you feel that your AA is still lacking you can slot in the catapult fighter consumable (instead of spotter plane) if the ship allows it. The catapult fighter quickly mulches through a set number of planes when aggro'd on an enemy squad. The catapult fighter usually doesn't lock on in time for the first attack run unless the enemy CV takes a long time to set up their strike. Don't replace radar for the fighter though.
  7. Cruiser_Chicago

    This is the entire CV rework right here..

    Just saw a clip on Reddit where another Worcester took a juicy 25.5k triple citadel hit from Hakuryu bombers two minutes into a match. The kicker is that the Worcester had already shot down 6 planes before this clip and had used DFAA to repel that strike. Without DFAA and solely relying on sector reinforcement, the Worcester shot down a whopping 0 planes before getting struck. Might as well start off each match in full reverse so you don't run ahead, get isolated from your teammates' AA, and get dunked on by an enemy CV.
  8. Cruiser_Chicago

    This is the entire CV rework right here..

    Unfortunately, the first strike from a CV pretty much always gets through your AA unless they potato into your flak clouds. If the CV was using the new and improved Slingshot Drop, then your only option to that is to "jUsT dOdGe" and pray to RNGesus. After LWM's post on AA DPS and iChase's video on the improved Slingshot Drop, it's clear that AA and CV balance still has a long way to go.
  9. Maybe Manual AA could get 20% increased AA range for the reinforced sector tacked onto it to make it a more appealing pick? Pre-rework AFT used to have this effect and that made it a pretty valuable captain perk for AA-centered builds. I think one of the issues with AA at the moment, among other things, is the lack of range. Especially since close-mid-far AA auras no longer stack their DPS together as planes fly closer to the ship.
  10. Cruiser_Chicago

    How to adapt to cvs

    An amusing trick to surviving against air attack in the late-game is to unironically cuddle up with your own team's CV. Carrier AA, the player spawned interceptors, and the automatic fighter patrols that they spit out to guard the CV will rip apart anything that flies next to them. In this meta, CV fighters are more effective at shooting down planes than a Des Moines with DFAA.
  11. Cruiser_Chicago

    Weakest BB line vs CV?

    IJN BBs Other BB lines have far, middle, and near AA auras with flak intensity and AA DPS increasing as the planes get closer to the ship. IJN BBs on the other hand only have far and near AA auras. This means that IJN BBs will be spitting out paltry AA DPS and relatively few flak bursts until the planes are nearly on-top of them (0.1-1.9 km).
  12. Cruiser_Chicago

    Super Unicum Seeking Advice on CV Counterplay

    - Buddy up in an AA death blob to make yourself as unappealing as a target as possible. Although this tactic falls apart a little as the match goes on and allied ships inevitably separate from each other or get taken out. - If you have the Manual AA skill, you can swap sectors while the first strike is coming in to have your AA guns reinforced on the opposite side of the ship by the time planes do their second attack run. Without Manual AA, swapping sectors to "follow" the planes takes a bit too long and the DPS increase isn't very noticeable. - Play strong AA ships with appropriate skills to deter and punish CVs for trying to strike you. Although any CV with half a brain will just farm the rest of your team and save you for last when all your HP and AA mounts are gone. Better than nothing. - Turn in and slow down against torpedoes, turn broadside against dive bombers, and angle against rockets but don't go completely perpendicular or parallel to them. Your mileage may vary. Although if you're in a battleship you're kind've at the mercy of the enemy CV. Just pray to RNGesus that you don't get dumpstered on by Hakuryu AP bombs and take a triple citadel drop for 25.5k damage. That was certainly a shock to see when I was playing my Montana against a Haku. - It is usually impossible to stop the first strike from an equal tier CV from getting through with just ship AA. If you're a mid or bottom tier ship against a top tier CV, their planes will just laugh at your AA as they dump all their ordinance on your head. Bottom tier CVs on the other hand generally have their planes get mulched by higher tier AA. Sure there are ways to mitigate the effectiveness of sky cancer, but really, playing against CVs is a battle of attrition that doesn't favor the surface ship. AA will deteriorate in effectiveness, but CV planes regenerate and there are ways to mitigate plane losses (dumping your first payload into the ocean), so the aerial nonsense is seemingly inexhaustible and downright oppressive. Despite being someone that literally only plays AA heavy ships since the open beta, I don't find this meta with frequently occurring CVs in matches enjoyable to play. Might as well view yourself as an NPC target for CV players to farm off of when you queue for Random Battles.
  13. Played a few matches in the Flint with BFT/AFT for relevant AA skills... Squadrons from T6 CVs would basically get mulched by DFAA after the first strike. Against T8 CVs on the other hand, their planes could pull off consecutive strikes even when DFAA was activated immediately. I recently witnessed Enterprise rocket planes chunk down an Akizuki for nearly 9k while I watched and waited for our combined AA to do anything worthwhile. DFAA here felt useless for mitigating the damage that my allied DD sustained in the first few minutes of the round. At least in the old system, DFAA would panic spread drop patterns. Now planes either get shredded by DFAA, or they tank the damage and rain on your parade anyway. The morale of the story is... being bottom or mid tier against a T8 CV(s) really sucks. T7 is a fun tier to play, but double T8 CV matches are dreadful.
  14. Cruiser_Chicago

    Atlanta AFT v. IFHE

    IFHE is a must for the Atlanta. With it, you can brutalize any cruiser and almost all T7 and below battleships you meet with big penetration damage. The real question will be the inclusion of AFT or DE in your build. Since I have the Flint and not the Atlanta I opted for the former. The skills I use are: Priority Target/Preventive Maintenance Adrenaline Rush Basic Firing Training IFHE/Advanced Firing Training/Concealment Expert
  15. Cruiser_Chicago

    Dont get why people want to play t10?

    T10 has the most powerful ships in the game and you'll always be top-tier. Sure it can be a campy lemming train galore with bad economy, but I find the strong ships to be the most attractive part of the highest tier. Tier 7 is also a pretty good tier to play as well. Lord have mercy on your soul if you get a double T8 CV match though.