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  1. Cruisers rely mainly on DFAA to get rid of planes because their AA DPS isn't strong enough to protect them from planes by itself. Even a Des Moines would get run over by a Hakuryu/Midway if he forgets to turn on DFAA. Battleships on the other hand, are equipped with a larger array of AA guns that benefit more from the DPS enhancing skills such as BFT and Manual AA. All you really need to be a big threat to planes in a Cleveland (and most cruisers) is AFT and the AA range module to push your long range AA bubble out to 7.2 km. Cleveland's long-range AA also deals the most DPS out of all her AA auras, so she gets a lot of mileage out of those skills. BBs can get away with going full AA build because doing so doesn't affect their anti-ship capabilities (unless you're fanatical enough to get the 25% AA DPS boost on your T9-T10 BBs that is...). They also get great gains to their AA DPS because the skills are percentage-based (or flat increase for DFAA), and BBs have naturally higher DPS values to begin with. Whereas forgoing IFHE on the Cleveland to be a full-time CV bully does gimp your damage output against BBs and high tier cruisers.
  2. I got to experience watching 36k HP instantly evaporate off of my Montana from 5 dive bomb hits of a GZ test II. I'm not dealing with this nonsense in the future, so back to full AA spec for me.
  3. Selling the Kutuzov? That's not something I would be proud of. Even if I hated the ship, I would keep it for the premium benefits alone. Borderline overpowered T8 premium ship = great credit earner and captain trainer
  4. Minus the Preventive Maintenance, and adding in AFT to round out the build is what I would consider to be the standard all-around build for the Cleveland. Cleveland benefits greatly from the DE + AFT + CE + IFHE combo, but you have to sacrifice turret traverse to get it. With CE, Cleveland's air detection is 7.1km. So with AFT and the AA range module, you can start shooting at planes as soon as you're spotted. Essentially the build is: Priority Target Adrenaline Rush Demolition Expert Concealment Expert + IFHE + Advanced Firing Training
  5. This is what happens when you combine high HE alpha damage plus high fire chance. I can point my KGV guns at any one ship, declare "no fun allowed," and then spam HE at them every 21-25 seconds until they're dead or forced to flee into the recesses of their spawn. I did this exact thing to an Iowa on Tears of the Desert a few days ago. First volley set two fires on him, instant DCP, and then the second volley set two more fires. Afterwards, I continuously pelted the Iowa as it fled back to spawn. 28 shell hits did 40k damage, while the 8 fires melted off another 38k HP. I don't like to spread fires among ships like most people think RN BBs or CAs tend to do. I will focus down one ship with the KGV's ludicrous HE alpha damage and fire chance until they're dead or effectively taken out of the fight. DCP doesn't help very much if you're taking fairly large amounts of HE impact damage every 21-25 seconds on top of the constant fire damage over time.
  6. Fletcher is more of a torpedo boat than a gun boat. If you want guns, grab the Gearing. I would take everything that reduces torpedo reload, such as TAE, the torpedo reload module, and AR. BFT can essentially be replaced by AR since you get the same reload reduction at 50% HP. You might also want to swap out PT for PM because the torpedo reload mod will reduce the durability of your torpedo tubes, so that skill offsets this downside somewhat.
  7. Kii is a slightly downgraded Amagi that gains torpedoes and enhanced AA. If you don't care for either of those perks and don't need an IJN premium ship, then stick with the Amagi because she is the slightly superior ship in most situations. That's not to say that the Kii is bad though since she still has the same heavy broadside and troll armor when angled that the Amagi has.
  8. In my Montana, there was a Conqueror that beached himself and was broadside to me around 16-17km away. A full salvo into his broadside only scored one citadel. In another Montana game, there was a Conqueror showing broadside to me and being a straight line warrior. With three consecutive volleys into his broadside, I only managed to score one citadel. He was around 17-18km away. You basically have to hit their broadsides from medium to long range if you want to have any chance of hitting their submarine citadels.
  9. Full AA build Montana. With a waterline citadel and a strong deterrent against the occasional CV, I can't get away with a certain level of recklessness and aggression that would get me killed if I tried to do the same in a cruiser or destroyer.
  10. Charles Martel is the highlight of the line IMO. 10 second reload (this is huge), good range, and the first ship in the line to gain access to the improved speed boost (20% increase instead of 15%). What this means is that the Charles Martel has comparable reload speed and base range to all of the T9 CAs, but at tier 8. The skyscraper citadel and the paper thin armor (rudder included) are an issue though. Saint-Louis is essentially just a fatter Charles Martel with the perks of a being a T9 cruiser (heal and special upgrade mod slot), and Henri IV suffers a bit of overlap with the Moskva. Algerie is where the line starts to shine, but that ship is a bit too slow for me.
  11. This is just Wargaming's way of saying that CVs and to a lesser extent BBs, are imbalanced in some way shape or form. We're still probably going to see full cheese team compositions, but instead of 6 Grosse Kurfursts and 1 Hakuryu, it'll probably be filled with Khabarovsks/Gearings/Z-52s and DMs/Moskvas instead.
  12. From personal experience, you must have run into a full AA build Iowa if he was able to shoot down a lot of planes before they were able to strike him. The highest amount of planes I've ever shot down was 79 in a full AA build Iowa against two Lexingtons back in the day. Them not stacking their bombers against me probably helped out as well. Your typical stealth build Iowa that only has AFT usually only starts wiping out lots of planes after they dropped their payload. You got matched up against what looks to be a full AA Iowa, and you had no cruisers that could've helped you soften up his AA defense. This was more of a case of terrible MM than AA being imbalanced. Then again, a ship that has to give up perks like Fire Prevention and potentially even Concealment Expert just to maximize their AA theoretically should have a decent amount of protection from CVs.
  13. Back in 2015, the Cleveland had a notorious reputation and was probably one of the best cruisers in the game at the time. Huge range, split citadels, quick turret traverse, better MM, etc. She's been heavily nerfed since then, but the addition of IFHE has made her strong again.
  14. Cruiser: Des Moines with 732 games Destroyer: Akizuki with 282 games Battleship: Iowa with 344 games Carrier: Bogue with 24 games