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  1. FoxHunter422

    Community Contributor Program: QnA

    Hi, I am a NA server player since 2015, but English is not my first language. There are two problems: my channel does not speak English and my major channel is not either YouTube or Twitch. For apply CC last year, I just created a YouTube channel and sync my videos, this channel does meet the minimum requirments. I have 7500+ subscribers, more than 350 videos and over 1.2 million views on my major channel. However, I tried two times for apply CC before, both failed. Is there still any chance for me? I am really wanna join CC family but each time result makes me very frustrated.
  2. FoxHunter422

    Holy Crap, I won an Atago!!

    Congrats! She was my first premium wife!
  3. I think the best choice should be Jean Bart. Salem basically is a "weaker" version of DM; George is fun to play, but if you already have game play experience on Iowa/Montana, this ship will not surprise you; if you choose Yoshino, why don't you choose Azuma? I think Azuma has more fun to play.
  4. FoxHunter422

    This is why I quit warships for a year

  5. FoxHunter422

    The iChase Case

    time to rip
  6. thats personal mission, ppl will recieve it randomly.
  7. what you say should be apply to cvs instead of all ships
  8. you mean pobeda? my average dmg of that ship is 150k. but she may get nerf soon. yes pobeda is strong, but the test ship do not record data to my account.
  9. finally................. but take a look at my exp. seriously wth is i can only win by carry team like this......
  10. today,still losing.....4 loses in a row but not cv cannot carry 11 noobs my exp even higher than winner team.... and i shoot down 81 planes................. rip
  11. oh thx man. trust me, i love this game and i won't leave anyway