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  1. FoxHunter422

    5 times rank1 but 0 steel

    i dont know what happened, i got 5 times rank 1 before, however my account has 0 steel until now. due to update log, I think i should get some steels except the third time and fifth time.
  2. FoxHunter422

    Now the USS BLACK for FREE

    thats why the best players usually comes from japan and china. looks like american doesnt care about their team. look at the clan ranking and the player ranking. 70% ppl are japanese or chinese
  3. FoxHunter422

    Now the USS BLACK for FREE

    cuz the players are definitely noob. take a look at my black's stat
  4. FoxHunter422

    Now the USS BLACK for FREE

    i believe that only the best player can get black. my black has 90 win rate with 30 battles
  5. so now everybody can get BLACK for free by steel. that means we will get tons of black and radar in high tier room.
  6. I am really want to be a super tester, How can I?