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  1. " In open waters, a DD will spot a radar CA before the CA ship spots the DD. And even if the CA pops rader, the DD can stay out of range of the radar and still spot the CA. CA detection often forces the CA to use terrain. That same terrain provides cover for the DD. In this situation, sensor/shooter coordination is required. Doable in a clan division, but a crap shoot in solo random or pick up divisions. Know your enemy. If the MM shows a sensor/shooter division, factor that into one's play going into the game. If it's a clan division...be VERY careful. If there are no sensor/shooter division, then that doesn't mean you can get reckless, but it does allow you to push the boundaries a bit more." Yea this might work in candyland but in the real world by the time they pop radar and you turn to run for the isle 10 ft away 3-4 ships have like 40 rounds incoming and if 4-5 of those hit your down to half health. If your lucky they didn't kill the hamsters and you can hobble off to that isle .If your not lucky the took out your hamster wheel and you hit your repair and hobble off at 20-30 percent health . Radar is an overreaction to the BB fear of DD's I play both BB's and DD's about even so I have no bias ether way. personally when I play my BB I dont have this fear of DD's but maybe thats because I play them and know what to expect. anyhow since I'm sure radar is not going away I would like to suggest that you offer the DD's with smoke an alternative skill like a turbo speed boost like the one we have now but much much faster and it would only last like 5-10 sec giving the DD a chance to get out of harms way. another could be a flare that masks the dd in a bright light so you could see where it was but not the ships outline. or something of sorts for me smoke is useless you pop it radar whats the point. I play my DD's because I like the aggressive play style making them play the laid back sloooooooooooooooow as molasses meta is ruining the game.
  2. how about a mode like the one with the Rasputin ( Halloween one ) ? anyhow remove the ai ships have both teams start across from each other. give both teams a ship they have to escort to the gate. then throw some islands in between the teams. the team that gets the closest or goes through the gate wins. you could add some of those catapults on each side too.
  3. I'd be interested in joining. looking to have some fun in clan battles.
  4. New Monitor Help

    Keep in mind that the higher resolutions require a better graphic's card. this game's demands are not very high but some other games you run will bring you to a crawl if you card is not up to the challenge. I'm using an Asus Rog pg348q at 3440 x 1440 and the game looks great you can have the mini map at full size.
  5. Good job. I don't know why everyone calls it tk there not killing the team it's pk player killer. anyhow pk's have been around since pvp play started the only difference is every other game I have played give's you the ability to handle these A-holes like flagging them up after they attack someone on there own team so you can kill them without any punishment. here it's just trolls paradise they can ruin your game but you can't respond woot.