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  1. Aggressive Animals Mission

    so im on stage 4 of the combat mission Aggressive Animals..... Cause 70k of damage to ships with main battery and destroy 1 ship....Well ive done that twice! once with Pepsi and now with my NC.... no prize...wth. any suggestions???
  2. Gaede Capt. Skills

    thanks a bunch guys!!! yeah i kept Last stand....started playing my Maass and the Capt was only 50%.....1st hit i lost my engine and steering gears lol. so once he's back to 100% ill be good to go....got 2 CV kills in the game, burnt one to a crisp and torped the other...but thanks for the advice!!
  3. Gaede Capt. Skills

    id appreciate you taking a look. i always thought the Last Stand skill was important for DDs as engines and steering gears always get knocked out....then your a sitting duck....no?
  4. Gaede Capt. Skills

    sooo....what do you suggest? my Gaede has worked really well for me, but im open to any advice
  5. Gaede Capt. Skills

    Hey all, was looking for some advice on my captain skills for my Gaede. I just hit the 13pt mark and have 3 points to spend. my skills already are: Preventive Maintenance, Last Stand, Superintendent & Concealment Expert. Was thinking either Demolition Expert or Torpedo Armament Expertise....any suggestions???
  6. Resupply

    ahhh i see...makes sense i guess. thanks
  7. Resupply

    was wondering why you get charged credits to fix you ship after a battle you survive???? i understand if it sunk but.....makes no sense to me.
  8. Mogami

    thanks guys, should i be using the 155s instead of 203??
  9. Mogami

    Looking for some advice....been getting my [edited]handed to me with this boat....either magazine gets hit or cit....and game over very quickly. Capt skills are: PT, PM, HA, EM, BFT, Vig....and boat upgrades are: MA mod 1, MB mod 2, DCS mod 1 & 2, TASM 1
  10. Colorado Upgrades

    thanks guys for all the info....i just had two great games with her, 1st game got Fireproof/Dreadnought/Kraken Unleashed with 94k damage dealt for the win and 2nd game 113k damage dealt but took a loss. shes a beast lol
  11. Colorado Upgrades

    well obviously lol, kinda have to grind myself to death first with this [edited] lol
  12. Colorado Upgrades

    just got this sloth....any suggestions on the upgrades??? and any advice appreciated!!!
  13. Ship XP

    yeah i like the WOT way too...
  14. Ship XP

    thank you, just had to make sure i wasnt missing something lol
  15. Ship XP

    Quick question.....i thought once a ship gains elite status it stops collecting ship xp and it all goes to captain xp..... if so, how do i set it to go to captain xp cause my elite ship is still gaining xp....