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  1. i have over 3000 battles....and i havnt received the signal flags....
  2. ahhh i see...makes sense i guess. thanks
  3. was wondering why you get charged credits to fix you ship after a battle you survive???? i understand if it sunk but.....makes no sense to me.
  4. thanks guys, should i be using the 155s instead of 203??
  5. Looking for some advice....been getting my [edited]handed to me with this boat....either magazine gets hit or cit....and game over very quickly. Capt skills are: PT, PM, HA, EM, BFT, Vig....and boat upgrades are: MA mod 1, MB mod 2, DCS mod 1 & 2, TASM 1
  6. thanks guys for all the info....i just had two great games with her, 1st game got Fireproof/Dreadnought/Kraken Unleashed with 94k damage dealt for the win and 2nd game 113k damage dealt but took a loss. shes a beast lol
  7. well obviously lol, kinda have to grind myself to death first with this [edited] lol
  8. just got this sloth....any suggestions on the upgrades??? and any advice appreciated!!!
  9. yeah i like the WOT way too...
  10. thank you, just had to make sure i wasnt missing something lol
  11. Quick question.....i thought once a ship gains elite status it stops collecting ship xp and it all goes to captain xp..... if so, how do i set it to go to captain xp cause my elite ship is still gaining xp....
  12. thank you
  13. i havnt played my carriers in a loooooong time.....tonight i noticed i couldnt actually control my ship when pressing the shift key???? did something change???
  14. well thats your choice, but whether i use it or not i want mine to work...
  15. Nope....lol, without pressing enter first...just tab, it brings up the menu of the quick commands but when i hit my F# keys nothing happens....lol this is a stupid problem