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  1. lonesome45

    When to launch fighters

    When do you launch fighters? I have been waiting until I know my ship is the target of the bombers, but that means at least one drop before the fighters can engage. However, it usually completely blunts the second drop. If I launch when the bombers are in the area, I often end up wasting the launch and its a long time for a reload. I just don't have a good feel for when to launch.
  2. lonesome45

    Submarines are Coming

    There has been a lot I like about this game, especially the fact that wallet warriors do not seem to have a significant advantage. However, lately I have been playing less and less, mostly due to CV's and the overly complicated rewards structure. This should just about kill it for me.
  3. lonesome45

    Training Room Setup

    Thanks for the information. So to get the opponent you want, you eliminate the ones you do not want and hope it picks the right ones of those that are left. Pretty awful.
  4. lonesome45

    Training Room Setup

    I don't see how to select the ship type for bots in the training room. Is this no longer an option?
  5. A dd getting hit with 3 AP shells SHOULD lose half its health. CA's and CV's often do. Sometimes BB's as well. DD's should NOT be harder to dev strike than other ships.
  6. lonesome45

    Intentional Collisions

    In a recent match, I had the following experience. I was driving a BB when a DD went right in my path, causing an accidental collision. The DD driver apparently felt it was my fault, because from then on the captain continually circled and rammed me. The DD was low on points, so I guess the intent was to lose enough points to sink and turn me pink. If the match had gone on a few more minutes, he might have succeeded. I put in a report for unsportsmanlike behavior, but would like to make the report more complete. Is there a mechanism for reporting the full incident? P.S. If a moving DD collides with a friendly BB, it is not the fault of the BB.
  7. lonesome45

    Collections Bug?

    Why am I still getting "Three years of World of Warships' collection items after I completed the collection? Other collections have a 'stop collecting' button, but not this one. I have other collections that are not completed and would expect to only be getting items for them.
  8. lonesome45

    AA mod or Artillery Room for NM

    Personally, I prefer the AA mod. CV's are common at T6 and the NM is slow, offering a tempting target for TB's. Actually, NM AA is pretty good. With the AA upgrade, manual AA and AA flag, I have shot down two complete IJN TB squadrons trying to cross drop - without taking a scratch. While NM big gun accuracy is good, hitting anything at max range is problematic (or maybe that's just me). Anyway, I have the spotter plan for those relatively few instances where I want to take some long range shots. If you are in a T8 match you are not going to hurt the big guys at max range, anyway. Hitting CA's at max range is iffy. Your best bet is to hunt CA's and DD's out if sight of the big guys on the other team.
  9. I have been playing my Montana in clan wars and have been frustrated by the lack of damage I have inflicted. My aim is decent as I get plenty of hits, but a typical salvo results in 2-4 bounces, an occasional shatter and maybe an overpen or two for minimal damage. I have seen as many as six bounces on one salvo. The bounces happen more against BB's, of course, but I also see way too many against CA's. Normal pens with no damage seem to happen regularly as well. I realize angling affects the result, but I get also a lot of bounces when the opponent is close to broadside. I must be doing something wrong because I see other BB's getting plenty of damage against me even when I am angled. I have seen the videos on armor and damage, but it doesn't help much in my own play. So how can I deal more damage?