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  1. Ever since I got the Puerto Rico I've been on a hot streak!
  2. Lego_Party_Australia

    #564 - 11/24 Stream - Poltava, Test Ships, Replay Analysis

    Finally featured on @Lord_Zath, o/!
  3. Lego_Party_Australia

    Weekly Combat Missions: Black Friday

    The mission is worded oddly. I also thought you could play 5 missions in a regular Scharnhorst and get the rewards, played 1 random, and 4 co-ops today and found out the hard way.
  4. RNGesus was with me tonight, and on my last resources crate for the day got one of my 2 missing HSF crew, and bought out the last one!
  5. I sure hope so, I'm at 33/35, and would be royally angry if it ended and could not finish.
  6. Repping the KS Group in this weekends Pumpkin Hunt. Pumpkin_134, try and sink me!
  7. Lego_Party_Australia

    The Pumpkin Smash Bounty - General Discussion

    See everyone on the seas this weekend! Pumpkin_134 over and out!
  8. Lego_Party_Australia

    #557 - KOTS IX Group Stage + Replays 10-12-19

    I'm just here because @Lord_Zath pinged me.
  9. Looking forward to KOTS, good luck to the other clans!
  10. Lego_Party_Australia

    MM at it's finest

    Should I spank @kevin2004 for you?
  11. Lego_Party_Australia

    Looking for [NOBLE] captains

    Dig the clan name, best of luck to you, sailors!
  12. Lego_Party_Australia

    Active, Experienced Player look for a clan!

    Best of luck in your search. Keep streaming!