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  1. I guess it is possible Warped but this is like the fourth time for a different clan since first of the year, just a slight difference in the tier at 10, but still not making sense anymore to me.

    1. Warped_1


      I hear ya, just seems weird I don't se a huge benefit there.  I would have expected a single ship to rack  up huge plane kills.  I don't recall now but did it even fly all it's planes?  Seems like old bot behavior.  

    2. Sere_Pj


      Yeah it does, the other CV that got reported last week did almost the same thing, but sent no planes just sat there during the whole game, while his other CV on the good team racked up the kills.

    3. Warped_1


      Not too hard to sync drop T10 carriers.  So few out there your pretty much guaranteed.