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  1. Pretty much fighting a Saipan and having them constantly alt strafe. Getting clear skies and high caliber in the same match but still listening to how you are the worst CV player they have ever seen because their DD got taken out by the red CV.
  2. I love the Zao but I think she is fine.
  3. I can now produce oil for the overlord!
  4. Come on WG, the Syndicate needs oil. I must produce oil for the overlord for I fear his wrath.....
  5. This, these premium T3 ships perform well over time before experienced players grab them and boost those stats... KA has fantastic armor which is easily mitigated by flame, etc. Inexperienced players don't recognize when to change ammo and are content to bounce rounds at odd angles the entire match.
  6. BB Amagi CA Molotov DD Kamikaze R CV Hosho
  7. Thinking my Kaga could do it as well if they would stay still for me...
  8. Pretty much this. When in works you can knock out any ship T9 BBs on down and people remember that. They don't remember the matches it donates planes to the red AA score.
  9. There is enough of a penalty just that they get stuck. Caught a Khabob that way the other day.
  10. This is the only thing I can support on this thread. Kaga does not need a buff at all but the election to not have Saipan lose a fighter in breaking off a battle was unnecessary. Let Saipan have a consequence to using this strategy.
  11. Seriously?!? Crap, thought it was any time you were actually targeted... Grrr. Thanks for info.
  12. Just this is useful... I frequently use this on torp equip ships to see which direction a ship behind an island is going and how fast. Also, you can apply psychological pressure to a ship by locking it up out of range, this sometimes makes them change course. If I am tracking a ship I usually only lock up a couple of times briefly so he doesn't see me actively tracking him.
  13. Not a bad time to pay for premium time as well. I don't normally but with the excellent signals and camos earned over the anniversary event it is fast track to add a couple more 19 point captains and ship grinding.
  14. I tried hard to like Akizuki but I just didn't like the death of a 1000 cuts.
  15. Well, they "used" to be more fun but now after T6 there is only T10. Shima is still a good boat being fast and sneaky but it takes more effort to be good at her.