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  1. Uh yeah? Frankly I would have played the last format of 1 v 1 without any other rewards if it was just a play mode. It's a game, not a job. I play because it's fun not because of the compensation.
  2. Warped_1

    Kleber is just trash now

    Well, I definitely hate still being the target of one so I would not place her into the garbage category. Maybe those that have played her can offer some suggestions to you to make her more competitive? She's not my style.
  3. Warped_1

    Premium Ship Review #137 - Indomitable

    Really Really Hoping that there is something unique to them....
  4. She's yours forever and ever and ever. Also note that you generally get the upgraded modules free (so select them) and typically she acts like a premium so you can dump any Capt into her.
  5. Warped_1

    Don't mention me !

    @Kapitan_Wuff has now embarrassed @LoveBote with his poor attempt at humor. You should apologize to @LoveBote as he was very clear in that @LoveBote was not to be mentioned.
  6. Warped_1

    Don't mention me !

  7. Warped_1

    Hood Tears up Planes

    Had to be that as well as a very obliging CV staying within the very limited range.
  8. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/123209-dry-dock-enterprise/
  9. Warped_1

    35k Coal Commanders

    If John Doe is only that much he is definitely worth it as a USN BB Capt. If not for the load but the buffed turret traverse. (The load is still pretty good for those times you have AP loaded but you see a DD sneaking your way)
  10. Warped_1

    When did the free aiming change?

    Wow, there have been some matches that would have been REAL handy.
  11. Warped_1

    Smoke screen credit

    And not understanding that a BB in smoke is just a torp magnet and getting spotted the moment you fire. Images of being chased by smoke spewing DDs...
  12. Warped_1

    Goodbye Gunter Lutjen.

    Thought about it but I don't sync well with GZ so don't really feel like dumping that much more to make it less mediocre.
  13. Warped_1

    I love the Irian, credit machine!

    One of my favorites in the game. Glad you like her.