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  1. The value of fully researching an action.
  2. Warped_1

    USS Wasp Found

    Sgt Schultz hearzzz nothing!
  3. Warped_1


    There is a reason why the Lyon shines at all levels. Second to only Nelson with all, and number one with the bottom grinders taken off. More then any other BB at the tier you need to be aware of what she can and can't do. She is primarily a cruiser killer. If shooting BBs, use HE except for the closest, juiciest, broadsides.
  4. Agreed, seems pretty random. I like the idea.
  5. I really enjoyed the IJN mission. Kami for the capture, Asashio for torps, and Harug for fires. Nice to have an excuse to play them again. Frankly, DD play in Randoms with the nerfed (neutered) CVs is fine. That said, our clan did participate in the CV CB test yesterday. We would all agree we would prefer to not have CVs in that environment.
  6. Uhhm, so. If they are so easy then even you should be able to play them well? Looking at your average damage with the Langly (the only one you have bothered to play) you don't seem to have grasped it. That said, I was mediocre prior to rework and don't have it figured out. They are no longer game controlling although I would argue the distance between great CV players and average is now larger.
  7. This also resulted in the blanket nerfs that murdered the low/mid tier IJN CVs.
  8. Warped_1

    Lex Takes on Tier 10

    @iKami My favorite view of my first Ranger game today. You lived.
  9. Just rare timing.... Tie goes to the runner, uhh, Lyon.
  10. Warped_1

    CV Torp's

    IJN torps were supposed to get an increased flood chance to offset their longer arming distance, but it got taken away with no adjustment to the other. Now they are just harder to use, do nothing torps.
  11. Warped_1

    How Many Ships

    Agree with this. I'm somewhere North of a 100 but really only keep ships that i can see myself playing again. It matters if it is fun, unique, historical, or maybe a mission boat.
  12. Warped_1

    45 planes shot down and No AA defence Expert Awarded

    There was no reason to disable early. They always had an opportunity to change it later.
  13. Out of upvotes but agree with this
  14. Warped_1

    Too many planes

  15. Warped_1

    Ban in Chat

    I especially appreciate the colorful tags. You will truly be missed. Goodbye OP.