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  1. Omaha used to be borderline OP, but she has been powercreeped significantly and is stuck in to many T6/7 battles. A Lyon just glances at an Omaha and gets a dev strike.
  2. I decided to do crates for the coal.
  3. Can't load into game and got penalized

    Happens to me as well on my slower computers. Check task manager for any resource hogs, close all other apps. Maybe run the fixer within the launcher?
  4. Credits follow damage AND Nelson is one of the hardest hitting T7 BBs. Learn to play her and you'll do fine. That said, i am kinda surprised you don't like the Shiney Horse but some ships don't click with some people. No worries.
  5. I can see the pain of adding another day; but just adding an hour or two will honestly be self fixing. Either there "will" be a benefit and teams will use the additional time or the queue time will be so long it won't be useful and nobody will play. Why not try?
  6. Well, you have a very impressive reroll account and are obviously a skilled CV player. That is my point. You can have a battle with a mix of surface combatants where the skill gap is a bit more diverse and the strategy covers for it. Facing a dominating CV the entire match forces a appropriation of Capt Skills and ship choices on the off chance you have to counter for it. You have my sympathy as someone who has invested in a playstyle that is not popular (I did it too) but you are one of the reasons that CVs don't belong. People want to play to the goal of the match, not just play the entire match trying to not get nuked by a CV.
  7. I invested enough in CVs I made it to T10; but I have no desire to see them in CBs. As they are now; they would too quickly dominate a 7v7 or 8v8 match. I am honest enough with myself to know that I would be fodder for those hurricane clans that have a unicum CV player. The skill gap is just too high. I also have no confidence that after the CV rework that anything will be better. Clan battles needs to stay where it is, maybe shift tiers or something; but no CVs.
  8. one sided event since first day

    Well, I play "a lot" but in the last couple weeks I haven't played enough to max the rewards. I will be shifting to Eagles when Sharks is finished in the next day or so; but I suspect a LOT of Sharks will be grinding them tokens to the bitter end.
  9. Three pages of people presenting facts and you don't get it. Enjoy your delusions. https://media.tenor.com/images/e246a36e3749ba36f18ff25eb9aeec2f/tenor.gif
  10. You really need to figure out how to look at the whole picture. Using that report the "worst" premium of the game is the Derpitz, Uhhh, Tirpitz. With over 10 million games played it flashes in bold print what has already been explained before. The numbers of people who buy premiums outside their skill level skew numbers. Of course, I'm willing to watch you defend the idea that there is no premium ship worse then a Tirpitz.
  11. Now that is an idea that makes sense.
  12. Funny, just strongly agreeing with you. The catty applied to the original attack on the poor guy who shared his battle results.
  13. Oh, my mistake, she is definately a horrid win rate so compared to the rest of the tier.
  14. Well, it was a catty way of clarifying a point when it was obvious. Also, Atago is pretty much in a statistical tie with at least four other ships. You can't really compare against Cleveland as her stats will be artificially inflated for some time yet. Atago is a solid, fast, cruiser that is very flexible and plays to the strengths of the IJN line. A premium does not, and should not, be OP to be good.
  15. Unsure of loyalty level?

    Not even Sharks could all play every day. There will be some overlap...