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  1. Warped_1

    Santa crate limit? Support broken.

    Only so many funds going to Russia before they think you are being hacked.
  2. USS Melvin v IJN Fuso
  3. Warped_1

    Buffed Myoko is a monster...

    The buff came from a blanket change to the gun model. If they reverse that in a similar blanket change, it will nerf relative premiums.
  4. Warped_1


    If players that are good div with other players that are good their win rate goes up significantly. A good solo player is 55%ish, but add a few of those together and they can really carry.
  5. Warped_1

    Does this mean Kitakami will Return?

    Nah, sonar homing for DDs twin screws.
  6. Warped_1

    Musashi and Coal Compensation

    You have months yet, plenty of time.
  7. Warped_1

    Tier 8 against T10

    Little salty?
  8. Warped_1

    Stalingrad should not be made available for Clan Battles

    Thing is, they would only have the ships if they are experienced and good at competitive play, so, it wasn't the ships but the players that rolled ya.
  9. Warped_1

    PSA Black Ship prices etc.

    now if there were only night missions....
  10. Warped_1

    Which Premium doubloon BB?

    Ashitika is a blast, and a relative bargain
  11. Warped_1

    Yeuyang artillery stats?

    Sorry, the radar argument doesn't hold salt unless you complete the sentence by stating it gives up smoke to do so.
  12. Warped_1

    wrongfully penalized

    Always one of my favorite topics
  13. Warped_1

    Come Sail in SYN

    and then there is our fearless leader's school activities... Really, you should all just move along. The insanity is spreading.
  14. WG seems to have forgotten the DWT were a mixed blessing to balance the ship already. Problem is, I believe that uniqueness draws better players to use her which unfairly skews the numbers. In reality, is there statistical significance between the top three?