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  1. Warped_1

    Update 0.10.5, Clan Battles restrictions

    Well, my apologies if I have offended you. Personally, a ship that counters a couple of others is not that big of a deal. I probably just don't understand the game as well as you. Thank you for your time and feedback.
  2. Warped_1

    Update 0.10.5, Clan Battles restrictions

    I find these funny. I am curious as to Goliath of all things?
  3. Warped_1

    ST 0.10.6, soviet aircraft carriers

    Pretty much. Totally fake line just to "fill" it up. Thinking it would have been more fun to flesh out a South American line or something more real.
  4. Warped_1

    Super Mario Bros. Z

    OK, admitting I saw the title and expected Mario to be taking on zombies.
  5. Warped_1

    Need help understanding caps

    The only advantage is point resets become less if you take damage.
  6. Warped_1

    Allied Damage via Torpedos

    This has got to be bait. No battles. The amount of times you have to teamkill to get sentenced to co-op.....
  7. Warped_1

    The Reset Experience - my first time.

    Just shows why BBs are the easiest class, even a cook can hit a submarine
  8. The point is there is no need to discontinue one for the other. For the exact reason of "wow, I got a double strike" not being really a farming kind of thing; it should still get its reward. No reason at all to discontinue it. Not like having it remain a rewardable achievement is going to suddenly glut the game with the signals.
  9. Pretty much this. If you have a primary captain "John Doe" assigned to the Montana, he has BB skills. You move him to premium Wichitia (a cruiser) you now get to assign him cruiser skills. If you move him to Texas (a premium bb) he carries over his Montana skills (because you already selected BB skills).
  10. I see nothing redeeming in this. If they want to be creative and add extra rewards, go for it. They can do it already. Leave the immediate awards alone. Sick of all the grindy missions.
  11. Considering I'm usually the only one participating in my Clan and I typically will only squeeze in some games early on Friday, we didn't :D
  12. Well, you could just research the clan (pretty easily) before you join rather then responding to a "Join X Clan" message.
  13. Edited, decided I didn't want to play this debate :D
  14. Warped_1

    So if you torp a friendly at 9K is it really your fault?

    So, you are a DD, firing "around" a BB that's 11k away....