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  1. Warped_1

    Do well in CV = INSTANT Neg-Karma

    Ehhh, there are always a few of those out there. Overall your karma goes up with good play though period.
  2. Warped_1

    It's Funny How Everyone Was So Worried

    Not to be confused with a DD chasing a CV all over the map.
  3. Warped_1

    Matchmaking continues..

    Eh, no. Imagines game without end with invisible DDs chasing each other around. CVs would be even more effective without a clock and points.
  4. There are some really fun and unique premiums I enjoy. Some a tad OP (looking at you Enterprise). That said, the op perception of some are likely due to 19 pt Captains at lower tiers. Daring, Kremlin, Kitikaze, Harugumo, Montana, Audacious, ... are all ships I still enjoy.
  5. Warped_1

    Steel to coal

    Don't do it. I can "almost" seeing doing this if a ship is falling out of the coal bin and you can't get to it any other way. I can't think of a coal commander that is worth it and not just worth waiting for.
  6. Warped_1

    Compliments vs Report

    Ehhh, I have plenty of opportunity to do both but I choose to give out way more compliments then reports. Also, if you look at who you are reporting they generally have no karma to subtract from so....
  7. Warped_1

    Please tone down rocket damage on DDs

    6. Don't be afraid to use your smoke. Saving smoke doesn't matter if you are sunk. 7. I'd in smoke, don't just stop and park.
  8. Warped_1

    dockyard token

    If you have paid to skip three phases, and only have two phases remaining, you can finish by earning two more tokens. Now, in addition, every token you earn over those two gets you 250 steel.
  9. Warped_1

    New Code

    Still working...
  10. Warped_1

    Sick of endless carrier spam...

    The German dockyard has several missions much easier in CVs.
  11. Warped_1

    Can We Balance Out DWT DDs Please

    Ehh, one persons hobble is anothers advantage. While I have stayed away (played Cossack on my ranked DD matches so far) I think there could be some times when the large amounts of BBs all clustered together are a fantastic target. Plus, great spotting from Asashio. Like all ships though, sometimes you win, sometimes you loose.
  12. Hmm, is there anything other then Enterprise? Guess I'll open to watch ;-)
  13. Shout out for my buddy Kii ;-) You were a bit on the fence with her but her secondaries (not to be confused with Mass/Tirp) are a fantastic help at times when you get in these small maps with DDs running about. That, with her AA and those that forget her fantastic torp angles push her to the top.
  14. Warped_1

    Question about dodging TBs

    As a CV my strat is typically to do a bit of a distance drop with the anticipation that I will get one hit on the bow; BUT, would also prevent you from making circles with the outlying fish. I then circle around to hit you with three more fish as you are threading my down the throat shot.