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  1. Warped_1

    I56 forget it

    The S-189s thing is you play it more like a DD. You have fast reload and hard hitting unguided torps.
  2. Warped_1

    Birthday Coupon

    Just make sure you apply the coupon before the purchase
  3. Warped_1

    DevBlog 421 - New Ship Distribution Methods

    Hmm, I'll throw out the obligatory "coal when?" post then. It's accumulating with nothing to use it on.
  4. Honestly even having the ability to designate a target (ala secondaries) with the chance it will do something would help. Probably more then you would want. Secondary accuracy to main battery so you can be spotted and shot from the moon.
  5. Warped_1

    can we do something about the planes

    Yep, I400 Premium is there!
  6. Warped_1

    New HP Omen Gaming Code

    Thanks, works! Free is free.
  7. Oh, most definitely! It would be best to just spam all the same ships on the same side. Why would we want to force variety?
  8. Exactly, although I use him in Premiums I have him trained in YY for this reason. It could be echoed in any Pan Asian DD regardless of tier.
  9. Warped_1

    Your go-to BB.

    Ashitika, cause it sees Omaha!
  10. Uhm, my use of Bearn during ranked took a significant chunk of karma.
  11. You haven't been paying attention, you have accidentally accrued positive karma! You are vulnerable.
  12. What I have found with the hybrids is they do make a nice spotter for your own guns. If your guns are already oriented roughly to the point of action you have a small bit of time after returning to ship that your guns have spotted the target. Shoot!
  13. Warped_1

    Bearn is back... much wow

    Yep, like you tell everyone you can support two caps, not three; but there is still that one person who goes off by themselves and screams constantly until they are under the waves....
  14. Warped_1

    Bearn is back... much wow

    Ehh, I can see why some like the interceptors but I have always chosen to just use fighters. The large radius plus large HP make them great for just parking over a DD in smoke. In addition (although sometimes it is frustrating) I sometimes drop the fighters so they can take out the fighters on cruisers or even a CV.
  15. Warped_1

    Bearn is back... much wow

    Yep, Bearn excels at T6 ranked. Bane of other CVs and makes DDs run screaming to A1.