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  1. I just like the relatively quick pace of T4 matches.
  2. Aigle missions and Tokens

    A bit harsh... The OP was merely suggesting the idea of being able to buy at least a few credits forward the Aigle mission. Hardly a "get it for free" whine.
  3. Steven Seagal

    Ahh Kapitan my Kapitan. I humbly disagree. He is the perfect skipper for the Cleveland to drive some pep in the traverse and boost the shell switching.
  4. Torpedo Hit Ratio

    This, those really solid hits when it only takes one or two but you hit with four or five.
  5. Ultimate Troll Ships

    Oh, now I see your logic with your carefully crafted reply. You are definately right...
  6. Ultimate Troll Ships

    Must be reading different thread then I am. Most of the above are tech tree.
  7. Warships Shot displacement

    I think space combat sims will fire lazars with no variance due to weather, powder charge, barrel wear, etc. You should be good there.
  8. ole...thiago surdo sim vida amigos ok



  9. The Ranger

    Make sure you have all relevant captain skills and ship upgrades. Since everyone but you has multiple fighter squadrons you need to learn how to strafe, and break strafe. Use your AA cruisers, and get out of that ship as fast as possible.
  10. Thanks Niko

    Thanks for putting a human, uhh, canine, face on a large company Niko. You brought a number of great programs and contests up that really helped drive a positive attitude. You will be missed. Will never think of a corgi the same.
  11. Earned one of the 4 French BBs

    No, not now. You can accumulate XP to apply to the grind when the tree shows.
  12. Earned one of the 4 French BBs

    I'm not a huge fan of basic T5 slow battleships, but she isn't bad. Took her out twice and got over 70k damage each time. Nothing fancy, but nothing bad either. Pretty forgiving ship.
  13. You have to research the hull, but you don't have to buy the hull.
  14. Seems slower but they are still showing. I need two duplicates or one original to be done with it.