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  1. This is a good question. Seems as though they could have just increased the reload booster to even 30 seconds but left the slot available and still left it a fun ship that was different... Now it is just a slow, big, destroyer.
  2. Actually, A Gallant does this role pretty well (if they survive). Their 40 knot speed and fast guns make short work of the boats and can scoot back in time to smoke the convoy for the follow-up bomber attacks.
  3. I would have liked to see Hara being DD focused. I have a feeling they will make Yamamato CV centric.
  4. I am SOOO tired of players sprinting to the port so you have 1 or 2 DDs "lost" from the beginning. Even called them out the last time and was told "you must not play this much, huh?" Grrrr
  5. On my PC it takes a very long time to open; but it eventually does.
  6. I was REALLY hoping they would come to their senses and not combine the Smoke and Reload Booster for Shira. It would have maintained the uniqueness of the ship just keeping the booster separate and allowing it to match the other 30 second reloads. Now, unless you want the ship of a thousand cuts should just stay with the main line.
  7. Well, you must get them much more often then me. Only ship I ever received in a super container was in the Santa crates...
  8. Well, that is YOUR choice. The other part of your question was how to deal with the TBs, and that is one of the tools out there. It's all a matter of how you want to battle your ship
  9. One of the things crucial to AA is how far the long range AA can reach. You can have a solid AA ship but you really need BFT/AFT to exploit it, especially at lower tiers. Failure to do so will leave you a no fly zone right above the ship, but that really only affects DBs at that point.
  10. Yesss, must sell these things. Agreed. Now who do we talk to about getting this done....
  11. I feel the pain. The upcoming nerf to my new favorite T7 DD I think was too much. I would have accepted a reasonable nerf to the reload speed (too me the 7 or so seconds is still pretty darn fast) but the combination with the either or smoke choice makes it a non player for me. I understand some players can pull that off but for me smoke is too important. If they would even make the DD have a bit better concealment or buff overall reload speed to offset it I would like it. This was just a blanket wack to the DD and somewhat defeated having a line of ships that played differently.
  12. I just love it when I get criticised immediately for ship choice at the beginning by someone only to end the match with a much more significant contribution.
  13. Because they had a low skill Capt as opposed to my 18 point Shokaku Capt. He did not know how to strafe. It was bad enough his team was heckling him pretty good.
  14. +1, great write-up. You are more patient explaining then myself. The T6 planes are fine performers when not thrown into auto drop Kamikaze missions and you illustrated it well. It's all about picking the target and the proper time to attack.
  15. Believe it or not my last "Clear Skies" award was while driving a Kaga. I just had another match where I owned a Saipan. Is this the rule, NO. But, with some smart playing of staggering your strafe, fighting over your ships, etc your fightes are not helpless. Honestly, the T6 gimmick is not really a big deal if you play smart. I haven't had so many multiple "devastating strike" ribbons in a carrier in I don't don't know how long, and I'm not that great of a CV player.