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  1. I am curious how this will shake out in the low tier, DD charge the CAP meta. Low tier DDs really rely on torps to keep some distance in a knife fight. I don't see these fairing well that way and I don't know if the players will have the backbone to tell their team they ain't capping until the red DD is gone....
  2. I like the added diversity in ships.
  3. Very detailed list. Well reasoned. I recommend the CV which compliments the CV line you enjoy playing. For me it is the Kaga as I enjoy IJN play. That said, the thing I hate most is a competently driven Saipan.
  4. Also, you will play that Commander more, increasing his skill so eventually he will hit 19 points and acrue elite captain XP.
  5. I'm more in line with it will be "fixed" with more ships. Between IJN and US each has a ship or load out that will trump the other (sometimes sacrificing damage for plane kills or vice versa) and it determines a winner assuming players of equal skill. Having a third line introduced that provides a different strength will keep it interesting. I honestly don't really want WG messing around with it any more after their last "minor tweaks."
  6. Well, this used to be the case when the choice was just US or IJN, after the UK cruisers they feel almost tanky. The IJN BBs and cruisers have a very familiar playstyle to the point a shared captain between the two does well. Hard hitting, accurate guns that are pretty stealthy and quick. I like them.
  7. Actually got my first Yamamato kraken while he was taking an ARP Kongo for a spin. That accelerated load time was a riot.
  8. One of my favorites
  9. Wow, there seems to be an expressed bias out of the gate in just the question; plus the tone is likely to only result in answers from those that share in the viewpoint.
  10. I think Nagato is a better bullet proof BB then KG5
  11. I enjoy cruiser gameplay so I enjoy the shiney horse more. It's fast, turns, and has a faster reload. It also benefits from the current mm tends. That said, Tirpitz is fun and will generate more credits if that is what you are after.
  12. Yep, take the already low overall hit hate and cut out 1/2 the available targets.
  13. Super containers were never so frequent to have any impact on grinding a ship line. I do agree though it would be nice to see credits in them more often.
  14. Hmm, why can't I choose both? I personally think that using AP should be removed from the game. Those citidal hits are just tactics elite players use to remove us amateurs from the game. What, do they want me to dance around the entire game not showing my broadside? What fun in that? Anyway, to OP. I think it is stupid to have T5 CVs play against T6. Seems obvious, don't it.
  15. Thanks!