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  1. so done playing with CV

    I used to play CVs and wasn't horrible at them, but the salt received from both sides makes it not worth it. I can't imagine a fix that will be enjoyable. I frankly wouldn't mind a "CV buyout" at this point.
  2. Sims Torps

    Sims does not have a very competitive torp armament, but that's OK because that's not really her "flavor". She is a fire spitting, highly maneuverable DD. She is not my fav but some can really make her work. Premiums are best when unique.
  3. Redistribution Cost!

    Honestly, it could be as "simple" as the upgrade modules for ships. You could demount or replace for same tier only.
  4. PINK, Who Cares Anymore ??

    I'm just wondering if anyone has actually gone orange yet. Haven't seen a rant on it yet.
  5. You should have gotten list of the "unsporting behavior" that resulted in the pink status. Are you sure you didn't have any torps in the,water that could have found a friendly? If it was a disconnect warning and you already had died, submit the ticket as above.
  6. Huanghe can be a riot. I think it is one of those under rated ships.
  7. Favorite battleship

    I just love the Lyon.
  8. team Kill penalty

    The reflected damage is what sunk the OP.
  9. As ranked is a "solo" effort we probably just need to get rid of teams and just have it be one big solo match. You get points for doing things specific to your ship class. The top half progress.
  10. thats why i hate this ranked

    Don't get me wrong, I think the economics of CVs stink and nerfed too hard in comparison to other ships when it comes to XP. I do have a few CV games so am not a hater. That said, when you bring a CV to ranked you are expected to be so awesome you not only contribute, but fully neutralize the opposing CV which would not be there but for you. I am nowhere near that good, but looks like you are. But when you are that good, you stand a higher chance of progressing through ranked then those of us mere mortals with surface ships. So, take a breather and chill. Happy sailing
  11. thats why i hate this ranked

    I don't think you can complain any more about him getting XP for farming damage then he can for you getting XP for shooting down planes. To each their strengths.
  12. Honestly, I am disappointed when I haven't achieved a dreadnought or fireproof when I play a BB. Your HPs are a fuel for the team that should be used the entire match.
  13. New spectator mode?

    Always appreciated I'm sure
  14. Catapult fighter crazy effective

    Well, the Omaha has some, and they could have been low/out as mentioned above, or T3/4 unupgraded planes, and some lucky rolls from RNG.
  15. Catapult fighter crazy effective

    Well, it doesn't hurt a catapult fighter holds an enemy formation over your ships AA.